We remember the Pierre Children:  Lainaina, Lance and Landon - Drowned  in the Hudson River in New Burgh, New York after being placed in a minivan and driven into 45 degree water temperatures totalling ten (10) feet by their own mother LaShanda Armstrong, who was upset after arguing with a man - their father. We also remember Masters Raijon Daniels who was horrically abused and eventually murdered by his mother, and Kymell Owens (Louis Mosley) who was in the process of being adopted, but was beaten to death before the process could be complete.   May the souls of these beautiful young Kings and Queens shown here on this site, and the rest who suffered like them,  forever Rest in Peace.

It never fails to be the headline of the day, whenever a horrific case emerges of parents killing their children. While our shock at such stories is understandable, it seems to go against everything we intuitively feel about the parent-child bond. Parents kill their children in this country much more often than most people would realize by simply reading the headlines or even hearing about it on television.

By conservative estimates, it happens every few days and at least 50 or more times a year. Our reluctance as a people to believe that parents are capable of killing their offspring is what hinders our ability to recognize warning signs, intervene and prevent more tragedies - And so the problem remains. There are six major personality profiles of Mothers and Fathers who kill their children:

1.  The Mentally Ill Mother or Father: A woman or man who may be acutely psychotic, having serious psychological disturbances starting from their own childhood or parents, which may be instrumental in causing their own psychological problem to surface.

2.  The Retaliating Mother or Father: A woman or man who is jealous of their husband or wife, and envious of the child because of the attention that it receives from others, whereas the mother or father may have had little or no attention in their own childhood, which leads to a disturbed, immature, non-giving relationship with the child.

3.  The Depressed Mother or Father: Research shows that more than a third of the mothers or fathers killed their children under the influence of depression or what could be an extended form of suicide: "I kill the one I most love - my child." Thus a child is particularly vulnerable when a depressive illness is present.

4. The Unwanted or Unexpected Child.