When a man or womans' first sexual experiences involve an imbalance of power or even an element of fear,  it leaves them with a twisted sense of what sexuality is all about. He or she may never learn that what they went through is inappropriate, or  either they do know,  but they just bury the feelings.

Not all abuse victims will become abusers - just the ones who never deal with the trauma they experienced but instead decide to revisit it upon others.  Essentially the Rapist /Abuser - in these case a Father or Mother - having been made to feel powerless over their own sexuality, suddenly finds themselves in a position where they can seize power.

Its not about the fact that they are his or her own baby.  It is more about the fact that they are weak and they feel like they needs to prey upon them to feel strong.  In this section, we remember those victims of Rape by their own Parent or Guardian.  None of the little ones lived through the ordeal, because their innards were totally destroyed.

May their souls rest in peace.

  • Donquan Rushin  - Raped his child over a  long period of time
  • Reginald Davis, age 18 - Raped his own 8 day old daughter
  • Rickeeta Johnson  - Assisted in the rape of  her daughter
  • Andre Birbal  - Raped his own 5 month old daughter
  • Arnold T. Ross - Raped  a friends' 8 month old baby
  • Christopher Ryan Richardson - Raped his 9 month old daughter
  • Angel Robles - Raped his  own  2 1/2 month old daughter