PROVERBS 23: 13-14


 Withhold not correction from a child.

Thou shalt beat him with a rod and

deliver his soul from hell.




While the extreme of Child Abuse is murder, Authorities declare a child's death to be murder only under the most extreme and blatant of circumstances.  Words alone cannot convey the horror of physical assaults upon children in our society.


 The various means by which adults murder their infants and children are by shooting, stabbing, bludgeoning, burning, poisoning, strangling, and suffocation them.  Head trauma, strangulation and drowning are the most frequent methods of filicide (the killing of a person's own child). Fathers tended to use more active methods, such as striking, squeezing or stabbing, while mothers more often drown or suffocate their victims.  One father put his son on a drill press and drilled a hole through the heart."


The less fortunate children are those who do not die as a result of abuse, but must live in pain and fear throughout childhood. More than 5 million children have been kicked, hit or punched at some time in their short lives by their parents.  Over the years, over One Hundred, Twenty Five Thousand (125,000)  children were beaten to the point of injury by their parents.   More dramatically, over Forty Six Thousand (46,000)  were threatened or injured by their parents with a gun or knife.


The number of children abused in the United States is increasing every year.  This increase can be attributed to the growing unwillingness to report child abuse.  A full blown epidemic of child abuse among our young children is occurring in this country.  It is beyond all rational explanation how the killing of any child could be considered to be an accident and that the person who killed a child can be considered  "a basically good and decent person."