-  Dr.  Barbara  A. Covington


BOOK  REVIEWS (Continued)


Majorie P. Bayliss -  Be strong keep the faith, Dr. Covington!  In Jesus Name!

 Onyekacki C. Demian - (Los Angeles, California) - You are an Angel.

Ronald Deuze, Paralegal (Marietta, Georgia) -  Know this:  Jesus died for all the sickness you had to endure, Dr. Covington.   He is your healer.  Trust God for your healing.  Keep writing, and stay sweet.

Brenda Baker (Silver Spring, Maryland) - Such a terrific reference work!

Andrea B. Keane (Washington, District of Columbia) - While the printed version is good, I would have expected the publisher to have an audio book version as well.  This would be the perfect companion for one's I pod.

Lucille King (Richmond, Virginia) - I knew that this was a book I needed on my shelf. I am pleased to have my own copy.  I will pass information about it along.

Richard M. Bell, Sr.  (Richmond, Virginia) - The book was taut, well paced, and fresh.  Very well written.

Oliver Hingman  (Bethesda, Maryland) -  Does anybody know about a German translation of this book?  I really would be glad, if I can get in German.

 Micheal Tannen  (Warrenton, North Carolina) - A great read.  Captivating.  I couldn't put it down. I give it five plus stars.

 Denise M. Brown  (Kingston, Jamaica) - This book is definitely written for a reading audience.

Kenneth Bronson, III  (Arlington, Virginia) - When I started this book, it was mostly out of curiosity.  I am happy that I kept reading.  Great work, Dr. Covington!  I look forward to more!

 Cecelia Washington  (Bethesda, Maryland) - Wow!!! 

Jason Elmore - This book - as I was told it would be, was unbelievable – a fine paperback production.  I find inner momentum as this book continues to reach readers at a global level.

Jacole Baker - My favorite part about this whole experience is seeing people review this book and read where they are saying these incredible things. When people understand the message that Dr. Covington is trying to convey, it’s really heart-warming,  because I feel like she is really making a difference.

Cynthia M. Cole - My favorite part of reading this book “was” being able to read this book, unlike the work of so many others. Great work, Dr. Covington! 

Reginald A. Stewart - I was reduced to tears to actually see an “Author” of such material actually bring it to a reality.  You can’t find good books like this anywhere.  It’s a long time coming.  But like change, it came.

JoAnne Hubbard - This book is  “top-notch” quality.  Kudos to you, Dr. Covington.  Keep up the good work.

 Dr. Robyn White - This book excites you about the subject, and gives you encouragement.

Mr. Richard Goad - I received helpful feedback.  Thank you, Doctor Covington!

Dr. Yolanda Reynolds c/o William R.L. Reynolds & Associates - I can still smell the newness of the freshly printed pages,  as I slowly read and reread each and every line.  I can honestly say there is nothing like seeing Dr. Covington’s name published on the front cover of this book.  I am a “huge” fan of her and her work in all areas.

 Dr. Jeremy Newkirk - This story is very close to my heart.

T. Jefferson - Bravo, Doctor!  Bravo!