-  Dr.  Barbara  A. Covington




By  Dr. Barbara A. Covington,  Author

  • Hardcover:   112 pages
  • Publisher:     Self -Published  (February 7,  2011)
  • Language:     English


What do you do when in the early years of your marriage you are faced with an uninvited illness called “Schizophrenia?" 

 How do you manage a husband who has been stricken with the disease?  How do you take care of a baby, your home, and work - and remain sane?

This book is both informative and inspirational.  The members of this family eventually learned to understand God's Majesty, and what the Holy Spirit is in their lives.  

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C.J. Brooks - Founder / C.E.O.  One Voice / One Sound - (Maryland) - Sometimes a books’ title says it all.  It’s succinct.   It’s eye-catching.  It calls you to open the pages. Then the hoped-for result happens—it captures your attention and draws you into another world until the final words release their grasp on your devotion to its ideals, leaving behind challenges, encouragements, and longings.

Dr.  Barbara Covington is that kind of writer.   She draws you in by her wisdom, her wit, her window into her life - but mostly by her devotion to the gospel and its application and implications to daily life. The theme of her book is love.  The setting is her role as wife. The stage is her home and church and community.  You would think that the main character would be her husband.  But from the first pages, it is clear that the main character is Christ.    Dr. Covington’s Autobiography is proof of her inner strength, and is pure testament to the power of writing.  This book is excellent.  I am honored to have a personally autographed copy.

Charwin  Nah c/o Metropolitan Baptist Church (Washington, District of Columbia) - "Wow"!!!

Ryland Howe, Esquire / Accountant, William Reynolds & Associates (Atlanta, Georgia) - I second that emotion - "Wow" !!!

Ananda O. Sealy – In challenging societal structures, Dr. Covington clearly succeeds in altering literary structures.  While told with a winning combination of wit and wisdom, this is a paean to the powers of storytelling to build bridges across divides, and heal what has been damaged.

Dr.  Bridgette N. Gaily - I chose this book for some reason, from the army of others like these which are on the shelves at the moment.  In reading this very well written and compelling life story by this woman, I cannot help but be thankful for finding this book.  Thank you  Dr... Covington, for your inspiring life, and for sharing it with us!!!

 Belinda Tompkins - I was stopped on a bus as I was reading by a woman who was interested in what I was reading - and after a short discussion, she told me that she had just read a book that pulled at her heart strings and that she was a religious woman.  She mentioned that what she had read was unbelievable and that I should get me a copy as soon as I could, so I did - and I was blown away, as this is the first time I have come across such a thing.  I wish Dr. Covington well, and I recommend this book to everyone.

 Dr. Elliot P. Bridges - If you only read one book in your lifetime about Schizophrenia, make it this one.  A number of books about this have been published, but until now there has never been one that told the story by someone from their own perspective.

Frederick L. Hughes - Over the years, I've read just about everything that has ever been published about this.  I can honestly say that this is the best book ever written on the subject. It is very well-written and, despite the challenges undoubtedly created, the narrative flow is extremely cohesive.  A great read from Dr. Covington!

Bishop Allison Davies - This was a difficult book to read.  There were parts that made me cry - but I'm glad Dr. Covington had the courage to write this book and tell the truth about what happened.

Rev. Jillian Niles -  I believe that Dr. Covington is so very brave for writing this book.  It must have been so traumatic for her.  It is a wonderful book.  My Prayers will be with her always, and for Ms. Brooks and this Child Abuse Ministry.

Kemberly A. RoCourt, Esquire (Atlanta, Georgia) - Masterfully Done.  I will be ordering my copy of God’s Grace - In The Midst of the Storms.  
Mary E. Holloway - The letter and the book were the most heartfelt and warmest description of  a person than I have ever read.   Thank you for being so candid! 

Reverend N. L. Miller, Pastor -Institute for Christian Discipleship, Inc. (Austell, Georgia) - The  "warning" about how great this is was insufficient!  This letter is absolutely beautiful.  You are amazingly wonderful.  It gives me peace that you are letting the real you show. 

Kevin A. Cephas, Esquire / Accountant  c/o William Reynolds & Associates (Atlanta, Georgia) - Bravo !!! 
Mrs.  Aja  D. Howard  c/o National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, Maryland) - This is an important Book for our time.  While it was extremely well written and heartfelt, this book will be a classic that many will refer to for years to come.  Thanks for sharing such a book with the world, Dr. Covington.  I hope it helps save lives and make people understand the impact of Schizophrenia.
Mr. Leon King, III - I expect to read the second edition of Dr. Covington’s' books very soon.  Reading this one was very insightful.
Mrs. Linda N. Everson - This true and frank story about the author's experience with Schizophrenia was refreshing, and vastly informative.
Mr. Spiro Karadimas  c/o Computer Logic Systems, Inc.  (Washington, D.C. – This book is engrossing and significant with today's  as well as yesterday's society.
Mrs. Petrola B. Lawson, R.N. – This book is very enlightening and thought provoking as well.  Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down!   Dr. Covington shows a sharp growth in scope and development, with the showing of ideals and issues.
Treavor Meadows, Esquire  c/o William Reynolds & Associates  (Atlanta, Georgia- This work poignantly and successfully communicates the author's feelings on Schizophrenia.  Her potential for “deep and interesting" writing really shows up with this first piece of fiction.
Dr. Addie Lee Brimage - I think this is as close to a "must read" as there is.
Thomas Boyer, Jr. – This book touches several topics that many individuals face during their lifetime.   Dr. Covington’s' book demonstrates a long struggle she had with herself and the people around her.
Beverly J. High, Esquire c/o William Reynolds & Associates (Atlanta, Georgia) - I know others would find this book as helpful as I did.  I recommend this book to everyone.

Cote’ A. Bingham, Esquire - c/o William Reynolds & Associates (Atlanta, Georgia) - I found rather shockingly that Dr. Covington’s’ experiences are not far put from my own,  and I suspect also not far put from a lot of people's. This is “excellent” reading for anyone and everyone.
Charles O. Putnam, Sr. - As I read this book, my mind went back and I could see myself through the eyes of the author - for many of the situations she describes in the book were experienced by me as well.  I can imagine that many people will also see themselves in this book, from the same places as those of the author.  I found reading of these experiences somewhat cathartic; however, it also pointed up the need for every one to read this book has even heard the word Schizophrenia.
Gregory M. Ardmore - I commend Dr. Covington for writing this book.  It is a piece of non-fiction literature which is sadly, much needed in these times. A fantastic Read!
Rosalind Crewe c/o Howard University (Washington, D.C.) - I was truly moved when I read this story.  This story is one that we unfortunately do not hear enough of.  

Dr. Phineas Brazleton, Esquire  c/o William Reynolds & Associates   (Atlanta, Georgia- I hope that his story is able to touch the lives of many.  It was excellent reading.  Kudos, Dr. Covington! 

Margaret O. Warren, Esquire (Atlanta, Georgia) – This book is truly an eye opening and candid account of Schizophrenia.  It is truly an example of a courageous spirit who rose above adversity and heartache, to become a shining example for everyone.  My heart goes out to Dr. Covington, along with my Prayers.... and thanks.

Raymond L. Goldstein, III (Esquire) c/o William Reynolds & Associates (Atlanta, Georgia- I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know what it is like to have to struggle with Schizophrenia.

Dr.  John Bellincourt  (Naples, Florida) - After reading this book by Dr. Covington,  it brought back to me past memories that still haunt me today in my dreams.  This is a great book and I am very happy someone had the courage to write it.  I can relate to almost everything in this book.  I praise Dr. Covington for her courage to speak out on Schizophrenia. This is the best book I have ever read, and I can say I've gotten to know Dr. Covington before I have gotten to "really"  know her.  It is my sincere pleasure to give this book a 5 star rating.

Renee Mason (Minneapolis, Minnesota- Hopefully, this book will give hope to a lot of families, healthcare providers and more.  Thanks to Dr.  Covington for sharing such a personal story about her experience with Schizophrenia, and giving hope to those who need it.

Marquette Gross, Esquire c/o William Reynolds & Associates  (Atlanta, Georgia) - This book is a must-read for anyone with any interest in the topic of Schizophrenia, whether a victim or just a wish to know more about the subject. 

Charlene Gray (Vendor) The Washington Post - With heartfelt honesty, this book outlines a lifetime.  Dr. Covington proves this over and over again with incidents drawn from her own life and experience with Schizophrenia, and it doesn't get better than this – Ever.

Dr. Jacqueline Ashton, Esquire (Richmond, Virginia) c/o William Reynolds & Associates (Atlanta, Georgia) - More than just the veracity of this book is its presentation, we have to admit.  We were into the depths of understanding just as soon as we opened the cover.  We Congratulate Dr. Covington today on a job well done!

Mr. Rickard Ashton (Richmond, Virginia) - “God's Grace in the Midst of the Storms” by Dr. Covington will forever have a deep impact on its readers, because it elevates our understanding of Schizophrenia to a much higher place.

Dr. Raymond Goldstein, Sr., (Emeritus) - William Reynolds & Associates - God’s Grace is packed with reference and enough science to keep its time travel plausible.  It rings with a uniqueness that transcends the tropes of "Time Travel".   A great, great read.

Dr. William R.L. Reynolds, Sr., (Emeritus) - William Reynolds & Associates (Columbus, Georgia- Dr. Covington's story about her life connections during her husbands' illness is a marvel - a "true” book.  The story is an "edge up” to every other book covering this subject, because it produces ectoplasm that can sooth and even heal everyone who reads it.  I recommend it to anyone wanting to understand the subject of Schizophrenia in its entirety.

 Dr. Phillip Olivier Bannister, Esquire c/o William R.L. Reynolds & Associates  - This book is "sharply" written.  Phenomenal!




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Ailene Denise Winsome, Paralegal  (Atlanta, Georgia) - Dr. Covington radiates from within herself!  Stay Strong keep the Faith!  (From a survivor)

  Dr. Sheila Pierce (Atlanta, Georgia) - May God keep you in his healing hands for the rest of your days, Dr. Covington. Your book is phenomenal.   Keep the Heavenly Father in your heart and on your lips.  Amen. 

 Earline Benson Watts, Paralegal  (Atlanta, Georgia) - Keep smiling, Dr. Covington, and keep it moving.  Don't let nothing get in your way, because God is in control.  A beautiful book.  A great read.  My daughter is introducing it to her class this semester.

Christina Boler,  Paralegal  (Sandy Spring, Maryland) - You are a beautiful lady, Dr. Covington!  Praying for you sweetie, stay strong.

Rachelle Kingsley, Paralegal  (Washington, D.C.) - You shall live not die, and proclaim the goodness of the Lord AMEN!

Mary Brantley-Redding,  Paralegal  (Richmond, Virginia) - Hey sister,  I'm on that journey.  Own it,  lean into it,  and don't take not one step back.  GOD loves a fighter.   Prayers sent up for you.   You made it through, and therefore you encourage the rest of us greatly.

Dr. Phillippa Decuir  (Washington, D.C.) - Indeed!  You are the same beautiful person you were before this.  Keep that smile on,  and God Bless you,  Dr. Covington!

 Mrs. Dorothy Walker  (Washington, D.C.)  - Very beautiful reading, Dr. Covington.  You are God's beautiful child.  Just keep trusting and believing that He is, He can, and He always will.  Be blessed.

 Franci Frederico, Paralegal  (Washington, D.C.) - You remind me of my daughter who has Cancer and is also a beautiful person, with or without her hair.  She is a survivor and so are you!  Keep God in your heart and on your lips, Dr. Covington.  Amen

 Daphne Ringer  (Arlington,Virginia) - Schizophrenia is a beast!  But you are so beautiful!  Nothing can take away the beauty you have, inside or outside!!  Sending prayers to you.

Dr. David Price  (Alderson, West Virginia) - Amen.   I don't know what's it like to have Schizophrenia, but I have seen how it changes lives. You are in my prayers, Dr. Covington.  May God bless you and keep you.

Dr. Patricia Krupski  (Washington, D.C.) - You're a wonderful writer, Dr. Covington.  You show Schizophrenia who the boss is.  Bless you,  and keep strong.

 Rhonda Fraser, Paralegal  (Olney, Maryland) -  May God pour his anointing spirit upon you and heal you in Jesus almighty name.  Just have faith honey,  for faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  You will be fine,  sugar.

Dorothy A. Valry, Paralegal  (Washington, D.C.) - Don't give up, Dr. Covington.  God will see you safely through.

Dr. Virginia A. Morrison  (Baltimore, Maryland) - AMEN!   I have always heard it said, "beauty comes from within".   May God continue to be with you.

Angela Williams Turner (Beltsville, Maryland) - Amen to you, my beautiful African Queen.  Stay strong & may "GOD" bless & keep you grounded in "HIM" despite your situation.

Dr. Eric A. Davis, Paralegal (Atlanta, Georgia)  My sister you are beautiful.  Our father did not make any mistakes in making strong women like you.  Be blessed.  

 Irene Murray Hicks, Paralegal  (Warrenton, North Carolina) -  Amen.  God is good.  He's still keeping us no matter what we're going through.  Continue to look to Him.  He made us and He knows all about us.  He’s not going to let you down. 

Cynthia Hill, Paralegal  (Silver Spring, Maryland) - God Bless you for writing this book, Dr. Covington!

Ellen Renee Davis, Paralegal  (Chicago Heights, Chicago) - Amen!

Dr. Marcia Oswald  (Conyngham, Pennsylvania) - God is in control.  He is a great healer.  Have trust, faith and belief in him.

 Melvin Stitts  (Mitchellville, Maryland) - What a beautiful lady you are, Dr. Covington!  I look at the love and life in your eyes,  and realize your true love for life.  Going through what you have just made your inner self shine on your face.  What a look of determination and favor!

Robinette Morrison Amen to you for allowing the Lord to use you to present to others - those that are blessed,  and offering hope to those who need it.

Barbara A. Rich - You are beautiful.  May God bless you, Dr. Covington.

Janice T. Lindahl Remember that true strength isn't just on the outside of you, but on the inside of you as well.  God Bless You, Dr. Covington.

Frederica Arnold, Paralegal - Demons are crumbling as we command in Jesus name!  Thank you, Dr. Covington!

Sharmekia Lindsay - Amen!

Odetta M. Baker - Praying for you, Dr. Covington.  You are loved and Beautiful,  in the name of Jesus Christ,  and to the glory of the Father.

 Helen Marie Coppola (Richmond, Virginia) - Believe in the faith and strength that is within you!  Keep believing in yourself,  and the Lord will always be by your side!  God Bless you, Dr. Covington!

Sharon Williamson (Washington, D.C.)  - Amen. Y ou wear it well, Sister.  Remember God Is a Healer!

 Ruth A. Guandazara (Washington, D.C.) - Amen.  Receive your healing, Sister.  Receive it!

Eula M. Sharpe (Atlanta, Georgia)  God continue to bless you, Dr. Covington.

 Dorothy Winfred - Trust in the Lord because he loves you so much!

Shawna Greenlee (Silver Spring, Maryland) - Amen.  I have been there too.  Bless your journey,  Dr. Covington!

Deborah Simms - Gods’ got you!

Shelley Anne Johnston, Paralegal (Atlanta, Georgia) - Schizophrenia picked the wrong goddess to mess with,  Dr. Covington - No matter what the outcome,  your soul is victorious!  I can see it in your eyes. "God is strong with this one!"

Heather Wolfe - You are wonderful inside and out, Dr. Covington! 

Andrew Taylor - Your inner beauty sparkles in your eyes, Dr. Covington!  Yes, God is able!

 Georgia Anne Torrien (Washington, D.C.) - You are indeed beautiful, Dr. Covington.  Not only outside,  but most importantly from the inside.  Your book is wonderful.  Keep writing!

Valentina Perez When you have Christ in the heart,  it radiates from within.  Keep him there,  and you will have that peace that surpasses everything else.  God Bless You, Sister!  Amen.

James Lucio Keep the Faith and keep on keeping on. God Bless you!