Sulma (Redd) - I was a victim of extreme Child Abuse, Neglect and Rape in the care of my mother, as well as in the CPS system.  Your stories have touched my heart, and I am much more appreciative of my life after reading this.    I was abused by more people than I can count, but I still have my life - something that all of them tried to break including my sanity, and I still have that today.  Thank you, God and Ms. Brooks for allowing us to have a voice.  Much Love.

 Natalie Johnson - It's saddens me to know that anyone can harm the most innocent of all. It sickens me to death. There has to be a way to protect our children, and not the murderers. I am truly sorry for anyone who has endured the pain of losing a precious one to such horrible and unspeakable ways. My thoughts and prays are with you and your families. It’s just so sad.

Kenya Hairston - C.J. Brooks is a rare jewel , and is certain to make an impact in whatever venture she undertakes.

Christine McCoy - An eye for an eye.   It is very sad that these non humans can do such things.  Don’t they remember they were kids once?  They will never get away with what they have done.  One day it will catch up with them.  God bless all these wonderful children, and C.J. Brooks and her organization, One Voice / One Sound.

Rochelle Brockenborough  - Your website is wonderful. Thanks for just staying true to yourself.  Keep up the good work.  I will revisit as often as possible.  Take care!

Anonymous - I am deeply touched.  This is such a really meaningful effort.  Tell me what I can do to help.  I will explore more on this site.

Farrah Witherspoon - Please let me know how my company can help you in this fight against child abuse.

Anonymous - After reading the information,  I think you're doing a good job by getting this out in our community.

Kathleen DuPont - This is my new FAVORITE place to visit.  This is a wonderful site, and it seems to be the BEST and ONLY one online commemorating African-American Children who are being abused.  Keep doing what you are doing, and continue to keep it "real", C.J.!

Damian Blowe, Sr. - Now this is what I am talking about!  "Big Ups",  my  Beautiful Black Sister!   

 Vernon Keith Jones  (The Bishop) - Wonderful site.  I know that you are going to be a complete success. - Grace and Peace. 

Anonymous - I appreciate the opportunity to read and get a better understanding how child abuse affects out future.  If you abuse one, it touches more than one.  It took me three days to read through the material.  I will be back because there is still more to learn.  Again, thank you.

Anonymous - As we continue to walk this walk, I pray with you that child abuse will cease and all will understand how children are a blessing and will begin to treat them as such. No child should ever feel hurt, afraid or unloved. Child abuse is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is NOT what God intended for our children.

Beatrice  (Hyattsville, MD) - Hi C.J.  - I absolutely love the site.  I encourage you to continue to shed light on child abuse in our community. As I flipped through the ledgers and was excited to know that you are tackling predators that may not have our children's best interest, or the uphold the model that you are trying to create.  Keep it up!

George "Deac" Miller - I support the extremely important cause that One Voice/One Sound Inc. is advancing. As am African American male who wants every child to live a fully blessed life without abuse or neglect of any kind, I do work to support our children through education, mentoring, and every way that I can. Now, I will be even more vigilant, not only to help provide for the needs of children and protect them, but I will spread the word about this cause. I challenge all people to join this campaign to stop child abuse, period. WE MUST save our children from predators. The lack of technology or skills are not excuses. One on one conversations with our friends will go a long way to make the change we need. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.  God bless you.

Mikah Miller MA, NCC, LAPC - This is a wonderful website! Thank you for your ministry and being the voice to so many that go unheard! Have a Blessed Day!

Christy Thomas Spann (Dothan, Alabama) - I pray that all the children affected by abuse will gain the strength they need to grow beyond their circumstance. May they find courage to stop the cycle & May they find peace & wisdom that surpasses all understanding.

Pastor D. Burrell - I am an advocate for the children. Father, open our hearts, eyes and ears.

Melodie Monroe - I can not find the words to express how touching this site is.  Some of the stories have been really hard to stomach.  I can not believe some of the crimes committed against our children, our future.  Our children are a dying breed- and if we don't start speaking up for them and protecting them, and punishing those that harm them, we will have no future.  Thanks once again.

Sade' Brooks - Thank you so much for creating this awareness website and being faithful advocates of the fight against child abuse. Also I am very thankful to you for adding my younger brother and sister: Shakur and Shayla Sikyala to the list of names. They were here on Earth for such a short while and such a significant part of me. They still are a very large part of who I am today, they taught me how to love unconditionally. They were angels on earth and now are angels watching over us with my mother.  Love, Peace, and Blessings forever.

Carla M. Curtis, Ph.D.  c/o Ohio State University - This is an area of personal and professional interest to me and one I remain strongly  and purposefully committed to addressing.  Best wishes in your endeavors.  

Anonymous - C.J. Brooks, I want to commend you for being so courageous and so strong. Thank you for being the voice for so many of our children that can no longer speak for their selves.  My mentor - Rev. Mother Nawanna Miller directed me to your website.  I was speechless as I surfed through the web pages.  Our children are a dying breed, and it’s sad so many die at the very hands they thought would protect them. God has placed a very large task ahead of you.  He has given you and your work on this site the opportunity to be the voice for our beautiful angels. I would like to personally thank you for featuring two little special angels that are very near and dear to my heart to your site. Shayla (3) & Shakur Sikyala (5) who entered the into the God's Heavenly playground on August 6, 2010.  God Bless You!!!

Minister Wendi Robinson Stroud - God bless you in this endeavor,  CJ!

Tasha R. Moore - You have my support!

Rev. George C. Miller, III - Sister Brooks: What a compelling sight and mighty work you are doing. You have my support. I lift you in prayer for God's blessings upon you and your ministry. I share the faith and hope that child abuse will end, now, in the Name of Jesus. I pray for the recovery of all survivors. I pray that all will get on board with your cause and share the site with others. That is the least we can do. Thank you for the evidence and example of your exemplary courage. I plead the blood of Jesus over the works of God through you.  In the Name of Jesus - Amen!

John Miller - C.J. Brooks,  I support your work, immensely. Much to my regret, it is most necessary. My siblings and I grew up helping my Mom with Street Ministries in Washington D.C.. That experience is yet one of the most profound impressions of my life. Because of Christ and the ministry to the homeless, my determination continues to help all those to whom God sends me. Your website, One Voice/One Sound, is one of those impressions that are life-changing, as well. I will share the site! Watch; pray; and do all I can to stop child abuse. May you find peace in knowing you are not alone in this commitment. I cannot do less than my very best to help the children to live the best life; and remember those who are now in heaven. Thank you!

Carolyn Moore (North Carolina) -  I will visit often to stay educated & updated.  I feel deeply that it is our responsibility to be aware and care for all children.

Paige Johnson - Thank you for the changes you've made to the many lives you've touched. Your impact on this website will do wonders!

Emma Turner (Houston, Texas) - We all lose when any one of us is lost or taken away by evil and senseless acts of cowardice. But as the scripture reminds us, weeping may endure for the night but joy is gonna come in the morning. Let's bring that joy by loving and protecting our children and other family and friends from the horrors of violence and crime. Let's make sure that no more blood is spilled and no more lives are jeopardized by stepping up and stepping in whenever we see acts of violence being committed against our loved ones. Let the evil ones know that we all stand together against them. Peace unto all. Love unto all. God's mercy and grace over all.

Mrs. Jenkins - Child Abuse is so senseless.  So many of these beautiful children died at the hands they thought were supposed to protect them.  Please keep up the good work. I definitely supp0rt your cause.

V.C. Miller  - Every parent should view this site first and share it with their children. That's what's up!
For real! That's what my Mom did. Our entire family is reading the information and signing the guest book. This website will show your child how blessed he or she is; and why he or she must help to stop the abuse of our generation. It made me sad to read the information and see the pictures. It also made me more determined than ever to watch out for others in my school who may be in trouble with child abuse. If it is God's will, someday, I will be a pediatrician or a teacher because I believe that is my calling. Right now, all I can do is all I can do. I can and will share this website to stop child abuse. Thank you Ms. CJ.  - We love you, though I have never met you.

L. Bishop - C.J. Brooks is a master at using her skills and talents.  I have benefited from her, and have had the blessed opportunity to introduce her to others. Listening to C.J. is extremely similar to experiencing a nice cool breeze on a very hot day—refreshing, relaxing and renewing. She has a unique and special gift as an advocate, which helps you to know that things are possible.

S. Baykoucheva - Ms. Brooks is an excellent team member and facilitator.   I had the opportunity to benefit from her. She is an excellent communicator; listens to the concerns and develops strategies to address the presenting problems and empower participants to move from discussion to action.  Ms. Brooks assisted with bridging the gap on many occasions.  She is skilled in conflict resolution, leadership development, public peaking, and team building.  It was a pleasure to work with her and benefit from her expertise.  I wish her the best in her endeavors.

Roddy Heights - I have known C.J. Brooks almost all of my adult life.  She is not only one of my Clients, closest and dearest friends – I also consider her my sister, confidant and one of my personal advisors.   I thank her for enlightening me in many areas of my life and in my journeys.  I could go on and on about what she become to me.  If Ms. Brooks can impact my life in this way, she surely will have the same affect on others.  I write this with all my love and admiration.

Victoria Taylor - Over the past seven years, C.J. and I have been good friends.  I‘ve had the pleasure of seeing her demonstrate her gift to motivate and inspire others. C.J. has had audiences to their feet praising God for her distinctive delivery and presence. Without a doubt, you will leave any occasions where she has spoken with a ‘life lesson’ that will remain with you forever, with her being a Child Advocate.  Even though she has touched the lives of many through other organizations and networks where she has been affiliated, she is headed in a direction which without a doubt her voice and spirit will infiltrate throughout the universe.

Keith Watts, Esq. - C.J. the consummate professional with a keen ability to clearly articulate.  The children could not have stronger mind thinking or a clearer voice speaking for them.

Jessilynn  (J.J.)  Johnson - It is without hesitancy that I wholeheartedly attest to C.J.’s stellar qualifications as a Child Advocate.  Her background as Survivor of the Child Abuse Epidemic uniquely qualifies her for an extremely wonderful Child Advocate for our African-American Children.  Not only does she bring her academic genius into her work, but also she laces it with a heart of compassion, and a commitment to equality.

 C.J. has been involved with this work for many years; she has the finesse and savvy to complete any goal that she has set forth.   As an articulate woman, she is able to captivate audiences from the outset, whether it is online, or holding a microphone.  She is a fantastic person for this type of work.