John D. Ryan, President and C.E.O. - Dear Ms. Brooks;  With 2015 now well underway, I want to pause for a moment to tell you just how grateful I am for your generous support of children and their families.   When I accepted the position as President and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, I knew that there was broad public support for our important work - But I never imagined how personally inspired I would be by special people like you who selflessly step forward to make a difference in the lives of families facing the most terrible crisis of their lives.

Because of generous donors like you, we have made countless children safer through innovative prevention programs such as NetSmartz, Take 25, Safe to Compete and now KidSmartz.  Our Team HOPE representatives have been able to provide strength and comfort to families in need. We have trained thousands of law enforcement officials on the investigative skills and resources needed to respond to missing and sexually exploited children cases.

I’m very grateful that we have now been able to assist the authorities in the recovery of more than 202,667 missing children during our 30 years of service.  Thank you,  for being such an essential part of our work to help reunite families and fight the exploitation of our children. I am honored to have the opportunity to continue working side by side with you for such an important cause.

Doree Osborne  (Silver Spring, Maryland) - Dear C.J.;  Great pain leads to passion and passion in God's hands leads to purpose. Know that God has a plan for you to prosper in spite of the pain of your past.  The pain of your past has rolled into passion which has put you on the path of your purpose - to be "the voice" for the little ones who can't speak for themselves.  Thanks for providing hope where there seems to be none.

Dr.  Kenneth L. Hurt - Such an action as this can save many lives, Ms. Brooks.  You should be beaming with pride - the good kind, of something done right.  Here's to a new direction and an excellent life for you.

Dr. Alexandra Aaronson - I'm trying to find my other comment so that I will not repeat what I wrote a few years ago, but I can't - so I just wanted to say again C.J.,  that I 'm glad to hear of a story like yours, and a website like this - a site where we as a people matter.

Dr. Lawrence Brown Jr. - May that goodness in you continue to shine!

Cheryl A. Smith c/o North General Hospital - At age Ten (10) C.J., you sized the situation up real quick.  Pure Genius – and I know, because I was present for your intelligence quotient (I.Q.)  “testing”.  (Smile)  Keep it going, lady!

John T. Herbert - Wow! What a wonderful website!

Roger L. Lallemente - C.J., you are a hero to us all, because of your actions. Everything on this website is moral, and I believe  that true goodness lies in your heart and soul.  We as a country should embrace the morals of this website, and come together to value the unalienable right of every African American child to life.

Esther Anne Lubin c/o St. Mary's Hospital - This does prove to show that  some people who have suffered this Epidemic can be sensitive loving and caring human beings. C.J.,  you passed a real test with your life. 

Rosemarie Ingleton - Congratulations C.J., and please keep up the great work.

Jean G. Ford - This is wonderful, C.J.

Bertha A. Peterson - Good people like you are the ones we need, Ms. Brooks.  You stand tall among us.

Mrs. Oluyemi S. Badero - You don't get to hear many "feel good stories" these days. This website is great.

Dr. Harrison Freedman - God works in mysterious ways.  The community thanks you, Ms. Brooks.

Lynn Patrice Bottenger - Now, this is what you call a great website!

Dr. Rosalind T. Cherry - Hopefully doing this good deed and being recognized,  for it will be the beginning of this the Silver Lining to a dark cloud, Ms. Brooks.  Stay strong, Ms. Brooks.

Dr. Rochelle M. Scott - Continue to do your thing for us. 

Nicole Parkes -I came across this website purely by accident.  I have to say I spent about an hour on it and I'm amazed at the work put into it.  Thank you for taking the time to read my words and more importantly thank you for this site, C.J. (Edited)




 Dr. Barbara A. Covington  (God Mother) - Please know that your work is so needed.   Thank you for shinning the spotlight on our children. You give hope and rest for many parents and to those of us who share your passion for any of our children who have suffered abuse.  May God bless you as you continue to allow the light of Christ shine on your work!

John R. Covington  (God Father) - I applaud your work in the area of Child Abuse. Your work in this area is so needed.   Our African American children are being abused and abandoned daily.  These children are abused by family members, strangers and friends. Abused children have many needs and they desperately need someone to love them and care for them.

Teachers, friends and family can do something to help stop the abuse or they can intervene for the sake of the child.  One way to help save our children is to take serious notice of children who look as if they are suffering serious pain or injury. When we see a child who is bruised -- Please let's do something about it.  Let's not look away!

When a child is removed from the home where there is abuse there should be a place where they can go for help and safety.  If possible, the child should be taken to a place where there is love and caring where their needs can be met.  Please continue the work you are doing. Please let me know if I can help in any way.  By bringing light to this devastating sorrow, you may be the Angel that saves a child. Thank you. 

Mario Elliott (Monroe, North Carolina) - The voices of children who have died because of Child Abuse, and who have born the scars of abuse, go muted in our society.  These little saints have been the victims of unfathomable horrors,  and the world seems to turn a deaf ear to their pain - but the God of heaven hears.   Precious to the Lord are the deaths of His Saints.  

Their blood cries out to God who is a refuge for the oppressed, and a stronghold in times of trouble. He has heard their voice, and their cries have come into His ears. He has sent the Abused Children of our society help by putting a face to the pain and tragedy of child abuse by raising up a website like this one.  Please keep up the good work. God has positioned you for such a time as this, to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves.


B.A.C.  (Maryland)  - Dear C.J.; It is not often that we meet a person who is the a survivor of abandonment and abuse and get to know more about them. I personally have had the blessing to meet and get to know a survivor of such tragedies and would like to share some of the lessons I have experienced and learned.

Learning to honor and receive the blessing of getting to know a survivor of abuse and abandonment is only the tip of the iceberg.  The iceberg hides what is in the heart of the survivor.  I, who am caring and who feels the hurt and pain of others had to step beyond what I thought I knew to a place that allowed me to see beyond the face.  Looking deep into the heart with a peak through the veil has allowed me to see more than anything the true heart of the survivor.  Now I not only step back when I feel the deep hurt and pain, but I take time, and will forever, to try to understand more so that I can love more deeply what is meant for me to feel and react to. Keep learning to trust in yourself and your heart Ms. Brooks. All blessings to you!


Dr. Barbara  Covington - Good Morning Ms. Brooks,
Sometime ago I wrote you to share how much I had learned about abused and abandoned children. At that time I thought that I had learned a sufficient amount of information to support my desire to learn more about this topic, I have learned a lot but, not enough to say I understand.

What I have learned and understand is that I have so much more to learn. It is not easy because there are little rooms which have been created by these children to protect themselves from the hurt and pain they feel. The rooms they create have strategies they employ to protect themselves when they encounter anything that may remind them of they pain they suffered as they were abused/abandoned. It takes a soft understanding heart to attend to the little heart that created all of the many rooms they have needed to survive. the only way that I can understand some of what I need to know is to create for myself a term that describes what they have suffered. For me to understand I created for myself the term "rooms".

As I continue to learn and to search for answers to what I desire to know as I continue to grow.  I am stronger for what I learn. I will continue to attempt to learn more about the sometimes forgotten child who we look at as if it is easy to become a survivor (to be a survivor) when many times they may still be working in any given room to help us to see them no as someone who has survived and it is all over. I sometimes wonder if we understand that they survive, but the fear continues.

Ms. Brooks continue to love yourself as God loves you, trust your heart, and know that God was always a step ahead of you in your survival and you can depend on Him to continue to be with you and to carry the Angel that has been sent to you to walk with you always. Ms. Brooks, through it all life is beautiful. You can rest in the fact that there are many who love and care deeply about you. I will communicate with you again soon.

Signing off with great admiration and love to you,
Dr. Barbara A. Covington