Kim & Garret Gage - Just wanted let you know that we are proud of your efforts and stability, C.J.  Keep up the good work!

Rev. Randy Kendrick - Your site looks really great.

 Aileen Carter - Keep up the good work!

 JoAnne Torres - I Love this site, I check on occasion just to remember how wonderful you are, Ms. Brooks.

Connie Steele - Congratulations! You have outdone yourself. Didn't think you could but you have! Totally awesome site. I’ll be visiting on a regular basis! Thank you for giving us useful information.

Nelson Davidson - Hello from Canada!  I was surfing for something on another website, and came upon your wonderful site!  This is really, really wonderful.

Dr. Preston L. Carmichael, IV (Guantanamo Bay) - Ms. Brooks, a very special friend turned me on to your website. I will be forever grateful. This site is a godsend.  A true work of  "genuine" genius. It has inspired me to continue to work on my family and keeping my children safe.  Thank you for being an inspiration and beacon to all black people.  I also have some photos I would like to submit.

Carole A. Dempsey - Your website refreshes my heart and spirit. Thank you, Ms. Brooks.

Charles G. Woods - C.J.,  I'm proud of this website!  Blessing to all who reads this! "To God Be the Glory!"

Earnestine Tate - I am very glad to sign your website guess book Ms. Brooks.  I think you have done an incredible job in your fight against Child Abuse.  May the Lord continue to bless you.

Demeca Pryor - I have not been to this website in a while, but I hear about it all the time.   So, I wanted to see for myself what changes that have been made. The site is has really progressed form the last time I look at it.  Keep up the good work, C.J!

Josephine C. Dale – Just sending a good word of encouragement to you, Ms. Brooks! Great work.  Keep going.  Ten years is not enough.

Dr. Theresa Sykes - Your work has just began, C.J.  I charge you to continue, like Marcus Garvey, Dr. King, Malcolm X,  and the many whom have gone on before us.  You are a continuation of them.  You have one advantage we have over them. With this modern technology, imagine how much more can we accomplish seeing that they had such limited resources!   I need not say more. Work it, Girl!

Anne Davies - This is a very nice Site, Ms. Brooks.  I am glad I came across it, and will pass the word along about it.

Anonymous - I must say THANKS for this inspiring site.

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Anonymous - This resource is priceless. I will tell all my extended family members about this site.

Anonymous - This site is really a great find. Thank you for your efforts. Wondering if you are still accepting more photos. Have several without names on them and most everyone that would know them have made their transition. Please advise and thanks again for your great work.

Anonymous - This site is so cool.

Anonymous - Truly the one, if not the best site I have visited.  Very well organized with attention to details.  Very efficiently written articles. It will be helpful to anybody who utilizes it, as well as me. Keep doing what you are doing - for sure I will check out more posts.

Anonymous - Very good job. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous - Very informative site. Thanks for the contribution to the World Wide Web, Ms. Brooks!

Anonymous -  Hope this site catches on and others will also contribute to this cause.

Anonymous - Good Job.

Anonymous - Very Interesting Site!

Anonymous - What a beautiful idea, to all connected, I thank you for the time and effort in putting this together. This will be one of my favorite places to visit, I will pass it on.

Anonymous - What a good idea. Great site.

Anonymous - What a website. I love it!

Anonymous - I was trying to find information on my grandmother's mother (who was a slave) in Edgefield, South Carolina and found your site. Excellent website, Ms. Brooks. Thank you.

Anonymous - What a wonderful site.

Lillian S. Marche'  - Wonderful site.

Anonymous - Wow!  This is pretty interesting. I enjoyed and it is obvious you have spent a great deal of time organizing and researching your web pages. Good job, Ms. Brooks. I will visit again.

Anonymous - Wow! Great information and many thanks for all the hours of work you have done to assemble it! I look forward to checking back often.

Anonymous - GOD BLESS you, Ms. Brooks, and keep the good work up.

Anonymous - You are truly a giving, loving soul from heaven - a preordained vessel to which God has entrusted. He has poured into you many gifting and talents. And in return you have been faithful to release these hidden blessings and bring them into fruition.

Dr. Barbara A. Covington - I applaud your sincere efforts to bring to light the plight of our African-American children as is relates to the life of abuse they suffer every day. There is no mystery about this subject even when there is no real effort by the media to shine the spotlight on what is already in our faces.

Your cause is one that all of us should care about. The plight of the abused child is one that so many of us don't truly understand. My understanding has grown due to the fact I am a new Godmother to an abused/abandoned child. For those of you who have not had the chance to know and meet an abused child who is a survivor the one question I would ask you is, "what can I as a parent, relative, pastor, or anyone in the media and anyone in the general public do to make this serious cause come to the forefront so that I may be the one who saves one child."

Those of you who are in a position to help this cause to come to the light of the world, please, I ask you to contact Ms. Brooks and support her cause and her passion to save the children from abuse and abandonment.

Just think about it, what would it cost you to join Ms. Brooks as she works daily to expose the plight of our children who live in the shadows of our minds. You won't be disappointed in your efforts to help in this cause. Contact Ms. Brooks to see what you can do.  Ms. Brooks, I am very proud of you and your sincerity. My prayer for you is that there will be just one who is willing to take a close look, who will see the need to bring One Voice, One Sound to the minds of all.   Congratulations on your well deserved awards! Keep working and praying that there is just one out there who is in a position to bring this cause out of the shadows of our minds and our world.

Anonymous (Becky) - I was saddened to see a particular name on your list of angels - are you able to tell me more about the death of Andromeda Kirkland Walls? I have lost touch with her family and do not know where they are currently living. I have not seen Andromeda for at least 3 years and have been worried about her. Thank you.

 Deavon Davis -  Adonous Green was my brother.

Dianne Brooks - You have reported a man by name of Cayden Lordrick Williams.  He has since changed his name to Cayden Justin Williams and has been re-arested in Pensacola Florida and Fulton County Georgia.  Please research and report.