Patricia Anne Lott - It takes a lot of bravery to risk it all, get out on your own, and follow what you believe is right.

 Anonymous - I do admire you greatly for your strengths. I admire you from using your bad experience to speak up for those that can not. Eventually, thanks to people like you, those who have gone through such situations will not be so fearful to come forth and escape their tormentors. Thank you for that. Thank you for letting me know that my daughter will grow up in a society with more encouragement to stop and prevent abuse. My husband often asks me why I read articles and watch news stories that get to me about the topic. It's because I truly believe that pretending it does not happen, or avoiding the topic and knowledge of the situations, contributes to the problem. YOU are part of the solution. Thank you.

  Anonymous - It was nice to finally get to met you in person at the Rittenhouse, C.J. - So now I have met you.

 Anonymous - Children are in sensitive learning stages and development and these things can and do haunt people for life, and destroy ability to think, feel empathy, compassion or gain strength and defend, and they cripple the moral objectivity. Personally, I think we need to get the facts out there to people and not let people confuse themselves about what is and isn't abuse. I think a tough, firm statement  towards people who constantly cloak and excuse even small forms of child abuse (Hint: if you're using intense physical pain to manipulate somebody, no matter what body part, or "How little" it seems, it's still abuse) is what is really needed to force people to wake up and smell the damned coffee.

  Anonymous - I too am a survivor of childhood abuse but not as severe as you, C.J.  - I admire how brave you were at just to follow your conscience and how you have continued to do so even when the ghosts of your upbringing continually haunt.

  Anonymous - Thank you C.J., thank you for bravely telling your story, you are an inspiration & I look forward to reading your book.

J. Curry - I've only recently heard of you and your escape. You are so strong and an inspiration to those who are looking for a way out of similar situations. I hope that more people will follow you and your life story and that the public will someday be up in arms about the horrifying way that so many children are raised and treated. I look forward to reading your next book. Take good care.

 Anonymous - Very moved by this story.   I appreciate your experiences because I have lived them myself.  Just wanted to say that I am happy that people like you exist! Thank you for turning against the terrible ideas of your family.

 Anonymous - Just wanted to say that you do great work. I hope the best for you.

 Anonymous - Looking forward to your book!  I just listened to a podcast interview - you have an amazing story and insight.  Where you seem to be at now is a beacon of hope for others who can't see light at the end of their tunnels.

 Anonymous - Love you C.J.  Big Hug from the Netherlands!

  Anonymous - Love your site C.J.! Keep up the good work!

 Anonymous - C.J., thank you for taking a terrible childhood and making yourself the wonderful adult you are today. You are a shining example of the power of good over evil. Keep up the good work.

  Anonymous - Ms. Brooks, thank you very much for your strong stands and beliefs.

 Anonymous - Ms. Brooks, you are an amazing woman. Keep doing what you're doing - you bring hope to a lot of people.

Ms. Brooks: I want to say God bless you.

 Anonymous - C.J. - I have to apologize to you. I am absolutely horrified that you had to suffer growing up.

 Anonymous - C.J. I am Proud of You!

 Anonymous - C.J.,  I want to give you a big applause for what you are doing, speaking out against Child Abuse. I support you 100%.  Keep up the good work with what you are doing.   I believe that what you are doing is the work of God.

 Anonymous - C.J. please never stop what you are doing and saying. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good women to do nothing. I will pray for your continued spirit that you fight the good fight and never tire of it.

 Anonymous - C.J. you are awesome.  Thank you so much for speaking out against child abuse!

 Anonymous - C.J. you are my new hero, waiting in anticipation for your book!!

   Anonymous - C.J. your website looks great!

 Anonymous - C.J., I cannot express my joy when I found your site today. Your incredible bravery has restored my faith in the fundamental goodness of women that cannot be completely snuffed out. Thank you very much.

 Anonymous - C.J., I just discovered your work. A fine job you are doing sir! Thank you for sharing your story and insight into the wacky world of dangerous minds. I wish you the best of luck and good fortune in the future. Never forget that you have friends here in California!

 Anonymous - C.J., I learned about you from a CNN story a few months ago, and tonight, after a friend posted on Face book about being part of a peace gathering in Savannah, I told him about you and your work.  In the process, I found your site.   I want to say I am so impressed with the powerful courage and healing work you have done and are doing.   Thank you!  

 Anonymous - C.J., I thank you for the courage. That you show, standing up to your abusive parents and ill-minded family.

 Anonymous - C.J., I will admit I had never heard of you until today. Having read your story here on your website, and having expressed my surprise that such an upbringing could produce someone as inspirational as yourself, I just wanted to leave my best wishes.

 Anonymous - C.J., I'm looking forward to reading your book. You are a hero to me because of your efforts to shine a light on child abuse.

 Anonymous - C.J., Thank you for your courage in speaking out against violence. I am looking forward to reading your book.

  Anonymous - C.J., thank you for your work!  It's incredible that you've harnessed the strength you've gained from your painful experience to fight for people like me! I like to believe that love conquers hate.

 Anonymous - C.J., your story and strength are inspiring. I am so sorry for everything you went through in your youth, and I hope that you're very happy and at peace now. Please continue to do your good work, and I can't wait to read your book!

 Anonymous - C.J., your story is amazing. I hope one day, the police can look into his behavior and he will be brought to justice for it. Well done C.J., you are living life for yourself now!

Anonymous - C.J., I truly, deeply admire you and wish you all the best in your life. You deserve it. Take care.

 Anonymous - Reading your story makes me look back on the abuse in my own life and try to come to terms with it.  Thank you for sharing your story of resilience with all of us.  I am sharing your story with my children.

  Anonymous - It was wonderful to find your site!

 Anonymous - So glad you are doing well.  I hope to see you speak one day if you come to NJ!

 Anonymous - So glad you made it out of such hatred and oppression. Keep fighting the good fight!

 Anonymous - I want to say thank you for doing what you do. It is not an easy thing to make this journey.

 Anonymous - Thank you for being so courageous and speaking out. It is gratifying to know that we have the ability to overcome even the most brutal conditioning to become positive people who work towards the betterment of womankind. 

 Anonymous - Thank you for doing all that you do.  The world needs more rational thinkers like you.

  Anonymous - Keep up the good work. Thank you for going public with your story, though it must have been an unbelievable struggle it certainly helps people deal with the pain.  Good luck to you and I am excited to read your book.

 Anonymous - You are an inspiration to every person who has survived child abuse. Congratulations on breaking the cycle!

 Anonymous - Thank you for sharing your story! YOU ARE A HERO!!

 Anonymous - Thank you for sharing your story.

 Anonymous - Thank you for such important candor.

  Anonymous - Thank you for your advocacy.

 Anonymous - Thank you for your courage and your outrage.  I can only speculate on the process which has led you to speak out so clearly and with such emotional truth about the venom that Child Abuse continues to bring into the world.

  Anonymous - Thank you for your honesty, integrity and for speaking out. I know it took courage, more courage than most of us can imagine.

 Anonymous - Thank you for your story. Thank you for the good you bring to the world!

 Anonymous - Thank you C.J. for sharing your story with the rest of us. I sincerely hope you have found the peace & happiness you sought.

 Anonymous - Thank you C.J., for having the courage to not just write what happened to you, but to realize that you had to break free of what was going on in your life. I had never heard of you till today, when I was reading.

   Anonymous - Thank you C.J. You are a VERY courageous individual. A great example of compassion and wisdom.  Keep up the good work.

 I thank you for coming forward with your story. Please know that there are hundreds of thousands who support you and your "crusade"!!!

 Anonymous - Thank you so much for sharing this. *BIG HUG*

  Anonymous - Thank you so much for sharing you story, my heart and my love goes out to you.

  Anonymous - Thank you so much for sharing your story. You survived more than any one should have to, and yet are able to encourage others. Thank you for being a beautiful human being.

  Anonymous - Thank you so much for telling your story. It gives many people hope that not everyone in this world has to follow the hatred they were born into.

 Anonymous - THANK YOU!

 Anonymous - Thank you, Ms. Brooks, for proving that human beings can rise above fear and hate that we can choose good. I can't even imagine what it must have been like, being a part of that mess. No one should have to live like that.

 Anonymous - Thank you.  :)

  Anonymous - Thanks for your message C.J., here in Ecuador I have used your website to show to friends and family the evils of childhood.  Keep on!

 Anonymous - Thank you for speaking out!

  Anonymous - This is absolutely a delight to see that you are taking a stand and being a truly good person.

  Anonymous - Very nice woman, very nice site. Thank you, C.J.

 Anonymous - Very  touched by your story.

  Anonymous - I can't wait to read your second book when it comes out! Thank you for sharing. I no longer feel alone. God is good. :)
 Anonymous - Wow, just wow is all I can say - well not all. I say Good on You and Thank You.

  Anonymous - Wow. Thank you for sharing your story and speaking out.

  Anonymous - I reached your website here through the Rock Beyond Belief event webpage, and I am stunned. I very much look forward to reading your book now that I know about it. I am, lately, an avid listener to Wisconsin and National Public Radio while I am at work, and I would like to suggest that you contact them about doing a program. I would love to hear you speak, and I think it would be an incredibly enlightening program for many listeners. I hope that I might hear you on the radio at work someday :)

  Anonymous - You are a very brave woman.

  Anonymous - You are a very strong person and I admire your courage!

  Anonymous - You are amazing. My hope is that this message finds you happy and well. Just know that what your story has touched many lives. Much love to you.

  Anonymous - C.J., you are an inspirational figure, and I will buy your book the moment it is available, please, continue to stand against Child Abuse.

 Anonymous -  You are an inspirational human being. I believe that love will always overcome evil, no matter what the situation and you are an example of this.

 Anonymous -  You are awesome! I cannot know what strength you have in you, but I do know that you must have very much strength. You are demonstrating the love of humanity that your family should have been doing all along.

  Anonymous - Your story is so inspiring! Much love from Peru!

  Anonymous - You're a good woman C.J.!

 Anonymous -  You're a wonderful woman and I applaud you for speaking out and creating your own life. Your family however, are the most horrid people known to mankind.

 Anonymous - You're an inspiration!

  Anonymous - You're really awesome - it's encouraging that people really do have free will and the strength to recognize when the people that should be closest to them are doing wrong. Thank you for making the world more beautiful, and I wish you the best.

 Anonymous - You're so brave; don't think I could have gone through what you went through.

 Anonymous - I will definitely be buying your book when it’s released in the U.K.  and continue to follow your story; you're an inspiration!

  Anonymous - You're story is inspirational, I’m amazed at how you changed you're life around. I hope people respect you for what you have done.

 Anonymous - You're truly an amazing woman, C.J. - I am intent on reading your book and opening my mind. Thank you.

  Anonymous - Yours is a fascinating story.  A feel-good story.