Marilyn Harris  (Naples, Florida) - God Bless you, C.J.. You are a true hero.  Continued good luck with the second book.  I plan to read it,  and hope that it helps people in similar situations see that they can have the strength to break away.

Clifford Jones, Sr. - Great site, C.J! I have seen many interviews with you throughout the Media. Great that you are speaking against Child Abuse. I wish you well in the future.

Ernie B. Jones - I empathize and find inspiration in your story.  Thank you for so bravely sharing it, C.J!

Lessie B. Kenny - I saw you on the Blacks and Missing Website today, and wanted to "thank you" for the work you do on behalf of those children who come from an abusive background.

Jarvis Jones - You are a wonderful person, C.J., and your courage is really inspiring.

Ms. Jessie King - I am fascinated with your story, Ms. Brooks.  I am very much looking forward to your second book.  For some reason, I thought it was already out.  I looked for it on Amazon and eBooks - to no avail.  I will be purchasing it as soon as it hits the servers and stores.

Reverend Sterling B. King - I found your story incredibly inspiring.  Keep up the good work and thank you!

Mrs. Sheila Brown - Ms. Brooks, I just wanted to express my gratitude for your honesty, compassion, and courage. I heard about your appearance at the First Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., and want to thank you for taking a stand.   I'm sure it hasn't been easy, but what you are doing means a lot to me and the rest of society.  You have inspired me, I will not forget it. Thank you for doing the right thing.

David Hayes, Sr. - C.J., I just wanted to say that what you are doing is a wonderful thing.  No matter who you are,  it has to be hard for your family to leave you behind.  I support your cause and want to thank you for standing up for what you believe in. I'm sure you give a lot of other people hope.

Daryl Kingman - I look forward to your second book when it comes out. Thank you for being a voice for the African-American children all over the world.

Wendy Anne Whitehead - Honestly, this is an amazing site. You must be one special person. I can't wait to read your second book!

Mrs. Carlyle  D. Tucker - I thank you, on behalf my friends who did not survive the Child Abuse epidemic.

 Clarence Dye - This growing curiosity led me to your website, Ms. Brooks.  I’m glad it did.  I admire your courage at speaking up against Child Abuse.

Mrs. Mary Ella Reeves - Dye - I am astounded, Ms. Brooks.  I would love to read your book, and I will when it comes out.  I am glad that you blossomed out of the excrement that was your parent’s parenting. I wish I knew you as a person; you write well and I enjoyed the excerpt from your book, though it made me sad for you.

Charlene Dickerson - I  am glad to have found your site, Ms. Brooks. I am not surprised at its success. 

Minnie Coleman - I am glad you escaped the horrible life of Child Abuse.   I am glad you were able to get away.  I am hugely looking forward to reading your next book and seeing the documentary mentioned on this site. I think your journey is one which will inspire many to take the first step away from abusive situations, whatever their nature.

 Joseph Coleman, III - Ms. Brooks, I  am humbled by your bravery!   I'm glad you are free now and can tell your story! I hope you have found the healing you deserve !

 Harrison Lee Brown - I am inspired by you! Thank you for being BRAVE enough to tell your story. There is hope that comes from any situation.

James Searcy - Your decision to take upon this work was not an easy one, I'm sure - but you have allowed yourself to have many years of love and light through it.  I am so glad you got out of that hateful, abusive environment and are living a healthier, happier life. It takes years and years of hard work for an abuse victim to release all the bad stuff. I believe that the way you're going, this will indeed be possible for you. 

Mary M. Bonner - Thank you for having the heart to share and encourage.

Bridgette Odum - This is a very nice site.  I will pass the link along to others to view.

 Josephine Copeland - This will minister to me for the rest of my life.

Rolanda Williams - I am confident the Lord is using you and your wonderful ministry.

Justine McPayton - This is the most engaging website ever.

Gregory L. McVeigh - I simply cannot express how much this website means to me.  Purchasing your book – “I, and When” (A Disposable Child)  is the wisest investment I have made in a long, long, time.

Carla Matthews - I just finished viewing this website. Wow!

Renee Stephens - I just want to say that although I'd been acquainted with your wonderful writing style Ms. Brooks, I only recently really know how you make Child Advocacy come alive. 

 Jeffery Clark - I want to tell you that I am so thankful for this website.  I finally realized that my ears and eyes have sol much more time than the rest of my body.  I have been reading this website regularly while working, and I am moved to tears sometimes.

 Linda Bishop - I visit this website every day. When I am eating a meal, 90% of the time I have it on. 

 Channing Thompson - I have received the link to your website, Ms. Brooks, and can't tell you how much I  really appreciate it.

Theresa Maroda - I am so glad you were able to escape such a horrible family. You are an inspiration!

 Frank Marino - I am so very glad that you are now free C.J.  Is important that you share your story.  Thank you.

Minnie Marks - I am very proud that you happen to live in the same area as me. The District became a much better place because of you, C.J. You are an amazing person; keep on fighting the good fight, my friend.

Marlene Marks - It's so easy to hate. It's the lazy way out of things. It's much harder and more worthwhile to love, accept, and understand. You give me hope that we can all live in peace and that the hatred taught through ignorance can be overcome!!

Leon Marks - I can't tell you how happy I am to see the children of abuse escaping and speaking truth.  It really gives me faith in humanity.

James Mason - God bless you on your journey.

Earl Golightly - I can't wait to read your book, Ms. Brooks; will it be available for pre-order on Amazon or anything like that?

 Chandra Benning - I can't wait to read your book.  I was appalled and disgusted, obviously.  It's so reassuring to hear that you escaped and are now using your traumatizing childhood experiences to positively affect others. I wish you many blessings.

Geneva Marshall - I feel so sorry for you having gone through this, Ms. Brooks.  Such hate towards a child can warp a mind easily, especially if it is a young mind, without any guidance from a true place of morality.

Omar Markwood - I happened upon your site by chance today and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best and I look forward to your book with great anticipation.

Wilhelmina Goodwell - I have a great deal of respect for you. Thank you for what you're doing - your heroic acts more than make up for your parents’ acts of cowardice and hatred.

Amanda Gorski - I have been following your story, and it warms me to see such good actions arising out of the disgusting behavior that you had to endure. Thank you for every thing you do.

Elmer O. Bell - I have great respect for you C.J.  To choose life and healing after enduring years of severe abuse is an admirable thing. To reach out and share your story has opened the door to healing for many others. Much love.

Lawrence Alldredge - I have only just read of you today, and now I cannot wait to read your book!

David Angel, Sr. - You're an inspiration and a beacon.  If you can do it, anyone can. 

Pat A. Willingham - Good work, I wish you well with all future endeavors.

Paul Berchon - I heard you speak at the First Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., and was moved to tears by your story.   All the best in life as you continue to share your story.

Reginald Berchon -I just found your site through a Huff Post article about Child Abuse. Congratulations to you! And thank you for speaking out. I look forward to reading your book.

Ashley Williamson - I just have to say that reading about you has made my day.  I so appreciate the good work that you are doing.

Janet Atkinson - I just learned about you today. I'm thrilled that you got out and are speaking up about your toxic family. You are a hero.

 Kimberly Atkinson - Be proud and keep on making a positive difference in the world.

Reginald Richardson - Thank you for an eloquent, fascinating story. You are a brave and honorable woman. Thank you for sharing your story, and for taking your horrendous childhood and turning it into pure goodness!

Kenny Torres - I was really glad to learn that you were able to escape all that hatred and are doing something meaningful here. You are an inspiration - you restored my faith in womankind by proving that in spite of such a background and upbringing someone can overcome this and grow up to be a great person like you are.

Bridgette Barnes - I am proud to call you a fellow Washingtonian.  I am looking forward to more of your story, and hope that there is another book in the works. It would be a fascinating read.

Kita Blackwell - I just saw you in “Peas in Our Pods”.   We love you. Thank you.

Cynthia Robinson - I just want to say, you've become quite a role model for me.

Terrence Bickerstaff - Like you C.J., I grew up in an abusive household. When I finally escaped, I felt so liberated. Then I found out that you had done the same and I grew even more proud of myself, of you, and of the other people in similar situations that had the courage to run for it and free themselves. There is so much I want to say to thank you, but I just cannot find words worthy of it. I hope someday to meet you, as you are a true inspiration and you remind me that there is always a chance of an inner good in even the most hateful of people.

Lydia Baldarsarre - Thank you, C.J., for giving me hope. Stay brilliant.

Imogene Bartlette - I just want to thank you for being the person that you are.

Patricia Bartlette -  just want to thank you for sharing your story. I have a saying, "Most of the greatest crimes committed to children are done under the name of God." Your parents will one day have to answer for all the hate and crimes they have committed, and then let’s see who burns in hell. I was abused as well under the name of God. I do however believe in God because all the things that happened to me, I know God had nothing to do with.

Thomas Kingman - I just learned of you today, and I am so glad I did. Keep your head held high and always Live, Laugh, and Love!!!!!

LeRon Parks - I just wanted to say a simple word of my appreciation that you have stood up in this world. You make me proud.

JeVonne Parks-White - I just wanted to say that I admire what you have done and I am very overcome by your story of your life. I hope we shall be able to meet sometime, somewhere.

Ida White - I just wanted to thank you for your presentation at First Baptist Church.  It was an honor to hear you speak.  Thank you for your work.  I was moved and inspired by your words. I admire your strength and wisdom.

LaWanda Hollister - I learned today that you exist in the world, and I must say that you have given me so much hope. That you could break away from such a poisonous force and become an educated, decent, and sympathetic woman gives me so much hope from the future. You are evidence that extreme psychological and physical abuse can be overcome. I am certain that it still haunts you, but you are alive and making the world better with your life. Thank you so much.

Teeca Flores - I look forward to reading your book.

Mrs. Donna Reid - I look forward to reading your book and I wish you the best in everything!

George M. Jolsen - I love your website. I had honestly never heard of you before today, but it warms my heart to read that people have gotten out of that place. Thank you for all that you do.

Elmira Jolsen - I read your story, Ms. Brooks.  It was refreshing to hear someone with your background speak so freely. 

Michael Jolsen, Jr. - I really respect you woman,  keep it up!

Sandra Marie Diggs - You are one of the most emotional and touching speakers out there.  It was very moving to hear you at First Baptist Church.  I look forward to seeing you again.

Renee Parkinson - I am so proud that you are out there talking about your experience. I know how much it hurts because I grew up in the same way. I never looked back. I am now, married with boys and they are the best thing that happened in my life. You being out there talking about your experience helps kids to know that what is happening to them is not normal and I applaud you for that.

Alton Parkinson - I saw your interview and I have to congratulate you for your bravery and your open minded opinions. It's hard for me to understand what your life has been like, but it seems highly admirable that throughout adversity and persecution that you can still have the guts to walk out on the world stage and say your own piece. Good luck out there.

Virginia H. Thomas - I see many entries here are a year ago or so.  I hope you are still active, I hope you and those you love are well.  Carry on, and I'll keep following (and supporting) your achievements. 

Go C.J.!  Peace.

Antoine Carter - I think you're a great person. You are an inspiration.

Veronica Givens - I wanted to thank you for sharing your story on so many platforms. I can't begin to imagine the struggles that you faced but I salute you for your strength and your work on behalf of others who may be experiencing part of what you did. You do what many others are afraid to do. Again, thank you. I salute you. I only wish all of the best for you, and I can assure you that only the best will come to you.

Tisha Givens -  You are an extraordinary person.

Eldridge Givens, Sr. - I wish only the best for you. Your story is inspiring in how individuals in a horrible situation can rise above it and make a good life for themselves. I wish you the best in life.

Gregory Givens - May god bless you for the message you're spreading and for so simply and powerfully countering the message of hate.  Thank you for sharing your story and I will check out your book  I'm glad and relieved to see that there is still hope springing out in the most unusual places. Best of luck to you!

 Lethia Townsend - I'm nearly nineteen and just finished watching a speech you made on YouTube.  I can't imagine the atrocities you went through. I had a difficult childhood.  I think you're a really inspirational person. I'm so glad I found your site.

 Thomas O. Burke, Jr. - Keep fighting the good fight; you're an amazing equalizer.

Thomas O. Burke, Sr. - I'm so glad I stumbled upon your website. I also look forward to reading the rest of your story in your book and hope to get a chance to hear you speak in person some day. Thank you for what you do to spread awareness of these issues.

 Mary Friedman - I'm so glad you escaped. Not only have you made your life, no doubt, a hundred times better, but you have weakened this "epidemic". I’m so glad you got away, and that you're speaking out now. Best to you C.J.

Kenneth Burlington, IV - Thank you for your willingness to stick your neck out.

Franlyn M. Pierce, Sr. - Thank you for your courage and fearlessness, C.J.