Jackie Streeter - I believe that there is no such thing as bad children - There are only bad parents.

Reid Simmons - Where's the national (Black) outrage for that 1 year old baby in the picture or 5 year old Brianna? Must they have been murdered by someone white to get us to march, scream, and demand an end to this carnage?  Our hypocrisy on the issue of violence against black people is killing us as sure as those bullets are!

Marie Alsop - I pray daily your continued strength,  and for our youth Ms. Brooks.  May God continue to give you the strength to go on and continue being their One Voice.  Happy Eleventh year Anniversary on the World-Wide Web, From Capitol One Bank!

Pauline Phipps - Neighborhoods being searched for abused children should be considered.  We must learn from this to keep a very watchful eye on the children,  knowing that extreme and unpredictable events will increasingly be the norm.

Nolan Epps - Poverty,  young parents,  lack of mentors, lack of Birth Control and more  all contribute to this behavior towards our African-American children.  Your work is appreciated, Ms. Brooks.  Stay strong for them all.

Virginia Wright -  Parents need training to know how better to take care of their children.  This education is not happening. Parents lack the skills to teach about violence,  who may be distracted for various reasons and sometimes are themselves traumatized by such violence.

Whatever the reason, Child Abuse is indeed epidemic and requires a systematic approach. In order to assure that all of our children are kept safe regarding this issue, the schools  for starters, could to take the lead in supplying this important social emotional learning.

Dr. Terrence Brantley - For some communities, Child Abuse Prevention is no more important than teaching math and English.  Schools bury their heads in the sand when focused on this issue, and I agree with you C.J., that this is not right.  Abused children unfortunately are learning to accept the unacceptable or worse, and  they may become perpetrators of community violence because no one expressed a concern or provided tools to understand Child Abuse.

Schools are well situated to provide this type of education.  They need to stop pretending education on this matter is not needed when in fact there is plenty that can be done. You are doing a "GREAT" thing.  Keep going, and stay strong, Ms. Brooks.  We need more like you.

Nathalie Dockery - People should stop abusing our children !!!  I am with you, C.J.

Catherine L. Payton - You are doing a fantastic thing here Ms. Brooks.  Keep doing what you are doing, for it is indeed working.

Marianne Battle - We all know about the studies and statistics of Child Abuse; however, along with the studies should be plans for improvement.  God Bless You for your work, Sister.  Keep your head up.

Nettie Harrison Excellent - but for too long this information has been made me sad.

Barbara Clarke - Thank you so much for your persistence in the struggle to win assure safety and respect for every child.

Sylvia Anderson (Annapolis, Maryland) - I had no idea that so many children in USA are killed due to Child Abuse.  This has got to stop.  Thank you for your voice, Ms. Brooks.

Incandece  DeboleThis is all so very sad, what children experience in this day and age. One would think we live in a third world country with rebels fight their government for basic civil rights. Instead we live in a country where an inexperienced person can hold a murder weapon,  just as easily as holding a pen.

Jakayla Hope (Baltimore, Maryland) - I am looking forward to reading  your next book, Ms. Brooks. I also pray for your strength.

Mendolyn Christine Jackson  (Washington, D.C.) - Too often, people believe that children grow up in  a "perfect family".   I think it is very important that your story is told.  I pray that God has shown you that HE is nothing like your parents.  It's a pleasure to read your story.  Keep speaking out, C.J.!

JoAnne L. Jones - Abounding love and admiration to you, Ms. Brooks. You are a true inspiration and certainly one of the most courageous people.

Lexus Rena Lyttle - Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and attempting to make a difference. I wish you happiness,  peace and love always.

Dr. Leland Rothschild - I just want to say that it must have taken tremendous courage for you to do what you did, and to continue to do what you are doing.  Keep up the good work, Ms. Brooks!  

   Elaine Hairston - I appreciate what you have done for our community, and your due diligence against the Child Abuse epidemic.  You are an inspiration to me.  I am honored that you choose to speak on our African-American Children’s’ behalf.  Keep it going!

 Earl  Louis Grace - Before visiting this site, I did not believe that such hate could exist in a whole family, or even a partial one.

 Mrs. Nancy M. Grace - As I see it, you are courageous in two very important ways.  Firstly, you were able to escape from an abusive home and are now forging a wonderful life for yourself.  Instead of being the perpetual victim, you have shown remarkable resilience.   You are a blessing to many, C.J.

Johanne E. Jones - I believe it is anecdotally, if not statistically, shown that abuse can be a cycle with victims becoming abusers or continually playing out the abuse in self-destructive lifestyles. Secondly, and I'm not sure many people understand just how much courage this takes.  You have renounced Child Abuse for the “Evil” that it is.

Thank you for being such an outspoken and brave woman, C.J. - you are truly evidence that Child Abuse Survivors do not lack moral fiber or believe in just "nothing". The work you are doing is so important and I am wishing you all the best and every success from Australia.

Arlethia Wright (Alexandria, Virginia)  Beautiful site!  It's always gratifying to watch your progress, Ms. Brooks.  Always.

Sela D. Hughes  (Strayer College / Virginia Campus) - Thanks to you Ms. Brooks, I now have such proof that someone who came from such a horrid situation - indeed a far more oppressive and abusive situation than anyone just hearing about it could ever imagine - can be,  and is such a valued and treasured member of the African-American community.

Germell Brown, Jr. (Indianapolis, Indiana) - I am finally beginning to gain some semblance of a positive self-esteem - something that was never possible in my former environment rife with self-condemnation and loathing, before visiting your site, Ms. Brooks.  People like you give me hope,  and thus I thank you for everything that you're doing. Wishing you all the best of luck from Ireland!

Betsey A. Lee  (Annapolis, Maryland) - C.J., I Came across your interview in the AFRO Newspaper in Washington, D.C., and then I found this site.  I also read the excerpt from your book.  Wow! Great writing.  You really hooked me, and it sounds like a compelling story to read.  Good luck to you.   

Amos and Cora Lee Bolden (Fairfax, Virginia) - Congratulations for separating yourself from such an unbelievable situation. We are sorry that you've been forced to deal with such a thing, Ms. Brooks.

Mrs. Kim Arnold (Bethesda, Maryland) - C.J., God bless you for your very important work for our children.  God Bless You, my Sister! 

 Catherine Worthington - I pray for you and your work.

Danny and Deitra Bolden (Boulder, Colorado) - Excited for your upcoming book, Ms. Brooks!

Ricky Spanks (Atlanta, Georgia) - Glad to see what you are doing, Ms. Brooks.

Reverend Theresa Demarras  (Childrens' Hospital / Washington, D.C.) - Glad you made it over the wall, out of the darkness and into the light.  Keep your head up and stay strong in your determination, Ms. Brooks.  You are helping us all, more than you will ever know.