Nonnie  C. c/o Blackplanet - I read your profile, and then came to this website. I want to thank you for advertising this link. I this is an awesome site. I am a survivor of severe Child Sexual Abuse, and I recently learned that a man I spent fifteen years of my life with has molested my Baby Girl from age 9 to 14. This went on after she turned adult and long after I left him.

I think the best prevention of Child Abuse is educating people on the issue. This is the most un-discussed issue among people until something to happens to someones child,  then they talk about that. I would also like to thank you for posting Relisha Rudds' story and photo. This case haunted me so badly. I posted her information on my face book. Our community needs to understand. It truly does. Thank you for having such an inspiring profile, and advocating for our children. You are awesome!!! 

Denise Evans (Lanham, Maryland)  -  This is a very difficult subject since many people would rather not discuss it or believe that Child Abuse is happening at such an alarming rate. Thanks for having the courage to raise awareness, C.J. You are doing the right thing.

Eugenie B.  Howard  (Ohio) - I work with young people everyday. I try to as much as possible give them the love, support, consistency, and modeling before them the importance of being precise, prompt, prepared, polite and productive. Encouraging them to love God,  Themselves,  Family and Community. I still believe in the village concept.  We've lost a lot of our values morals and ability to work together as a people from the white house,  to the church house, and to our own front doors - but I believe this next generation will be forced to have to come together in order to survive. I just pray that my life will be a living legacy and that legacy will live on when I’m dead and gone in the lives of the young people that cross my path.

Education is a very large tool that will help prevent abuse.  What my parents did to raise my siblings would be considered Abuse today,  but I thank god for every whipping I got,  because it was done out of love.  So many of our kids today our getting a beat down by the system by being taken out of loving homes.  I pray for this nations young people,  particularly our African American Males, that they would see their potential,  and walk in it and begin to set a different trend across our nations like our forefathers,  and stand for something.  I preach that to our young boys here all the time.

Gary and Karen Selman, Fellow Servant Leaders  c/o  Your First Call Advisory Group C.J., - I praise God for your compassionate servant leader's heart and your years of faithfulness and dedication to being a voice for abused children. I celebrate your leadership, writing, advocacy and Social Media/Internet gifts and talents and the calling that God has placed on your life to build awareness of child abuse and to prevent this ugly sickness that touches far too many lives.  I look forward to building a relationship with you both online and in person should God bless me with the opportunity to do so.  I urge you to subscribe to our devotionals, and pray that God will use them to encourage you.  May God's abundant blessings, grace, and favor rain down upon you.
B.A. Covington  (Maryland) -  I completed the reading of your book!  A very special read!.  I applaud you for your successful efforts and your sincere dedication to your mission to bring action and attention those who cannot help themselves, our little babies. You have chosen to attend to a very serious problem in our communities.  Your website is filled with any cries from our children that were unheard by our ears.  The light that you are shining upon the little ones and the not so little ones is a blessing.
Continue to let your voice be heard all over so the we will not look away from a child who is or may be experiencing abuse. Continue because when we are faced with the truth we must take action and let it be known that we have witnessed a child in pain.  Whether we witness the signs/symptoms of abuse in our churches, on the streets, the grocery stores, and yes, in our schools we must not ignore and turn our heads away.  If we don't speak out and report abuse our children have no voice that is heard. 
For those who may have been abused as a child, it may be extremely difficult to speak out, but the fact is, if you remember the pain you experienced, how can you not speak out so that another child can survive.
C. J., in your book you wrote a heartfelt poem entitled, "Just Rolling With It".  This poem, in my opinion is the essence of your struggle to bring light to the devastation of child abuse.  Your strength is to be celebrated!  Your desire to help a child find his/her way out of the abuse is worthy of celebration.  But YOU, C.J. are the one who must be celebrated for your love, caring and passion for the children.  I am reminded of a beautiful song written by the late Whitney Houston by the entitled, "What About the Children"?  You have answered that question for yourself by your dedication to help end child abuse.  Thank you for being YOU! I am truly honored to know you as my friend! 

Anthony Brach - As a regular reader of your website, you should be congratulated on a job well done! Many thanks to you for your efforts, Ms. Brooks!!

Aubrey Layne - Beautiful website. Would love to hear from you.

Bernard J. Heavey – Greetings to you, C.J. - You have a dynamic and spirited site.  God bless all your endeavors.

Cheri Henderson - God Bless you in all the great work that you are doing for His children.

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Sherrita Burris – Your site is truly special. Ms. Brooks. May God continue to bless your work.  God Bless You!

Joseph V. Simon – Keep up the good work here.

Louise Green - May God continue to bless you in your efforts, C.J.

Melba DeLozier - Thank you for your site!

Michael Jarrell - Nice website!  You are doing good work!

Paige Nunley Barber - Nice site, Ms. Brooks. Cheers from Canada.

Pamela Coffelt - Looks great.  I appreciate all the hard work you do, Ms. Brooks. God Bless you, Sister!

Cathy and Tom Haas - This site is wonderful!

Sharon Layne - site looks great, C.J.!  Thanks for all you do. We love you!

Tamara Swift - Thank you for opening your arms, and your heart.

Patricia Ross - Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work. God is so good as evidenced by this site.

Kaye Kee - This site is truly a beautiful. So many people will be able to enjoy it.  I think it is a wonderful way to witness to others.

 Wallace Spradlin - Keep pressing forward, Ms. Brooks. God Bless.

Floyd Robbins – C.J., we would be honored if you would visit and sign our Guest Book at christiandatemate.com. Please tell our readers about your ministry.

Ingénue Blackwell – WOW!!  Very nice site, Ms. Brooks.  Keep up the good work!!!!!!  It nice to see such sites promoting life.  God Loves YOU!!!!

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Tonya Brown - Message: Great website. Keep up the good work.

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Minister Johnnie Wilson - This is a very informative website. God Bless!

Wanda Russell - What a blessed website, C.J.;  The essence of your vision & goals have been displayed here beauifully. Our prayers are continually with you & your ministry!  We love you.

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Danielle Hall – This is superb, C.J. I love it.

Shandon Wheeler – It was a pleasure to visit your website, C.J; Peace & Blessings.

Sharvette Mitchell – Keep up the great work for our children, C.J. - you’re the African-American Communitys'  best kept secret!