Every now and again, we will receive a letter from someone other than one of our own,  that needs no explanation.  Here at One Voice / One Sound,  we are proud to  present to you  Ms. Mandi Rockwell, out of  Pensacola Florida, and the "extremely touching"  letter that she wrote to us on March 26, 2014:





Thank You,  Mandi.


Stan Moore, President / Stan Moore Fundraising Group  - Thank you C.J. for devoting your life to protecting kids.  I'm wondering if there is some way I can help you with your work.


Mike Styme  (Black Planet)  - I  just viewed your website on child abuse.  I was a victim of child abuse and it left its mark even into adulthood.   If you could answer this question.   What percentage of victims of child abuse goes on to have healthy relationships of a romantic nature?  (NOTE:  Question was not answered.)

 Sandi (Aaamore) (Black Planet)  -  Your generosity is a blessing, and I pray that God continues to bless you and your foundation with abundant success.  God bless you for making a difference spiritually and with your time.

The Jaz (Black Planet)  I don't like child abuse,  and I think it's really wrong.  I don't think there's a way to completely stop it, but I do believe there's away to attack such an issue.  I think it starts with drugs and alcohol and I’m well aware that children suffer a lot due to their parents using drugs or alcohol. I believe we need to make it more aware that drugs and alcohol isn't just harmful to your self,  but to every body around you. I know there's drug/alcohol rehab centers out there,  but I think they need be more known such as through commercials or even consider visiting schools to introduce themselves,  and give out flyers to children whom may have parents with drug/alcohol related issues.

I don't know about every parent,  but I do believe some parents truly love the child they are abusing,  but just are not aware of the proper way of parenting. Some parents actually grew up in a violent environment not just outside but right in their homes and it's just a normal thing to  them to abuse a child to the point it's just normal for them to act the same way around their children or any body.  I believe some times child abuse can stem from a immature parent whom probably just had a child at a young age,  and just right now isn't mature enough to handle the responsibility in which comes with having a child.

I believe we have to try to stress more what it means to be a good parent in our society and try to make it more urgent that having a child comes with major responsibilities and it's really built for a establish adult or at least a mature person.  I’m well aware that child abuse doesn't necessarily means it's the parent , but it could be the parent, best friend, good friend or even  another relative - and it also doesn't mean neccessarily mean violence is being used.    A child can be abused based on words alone and in my opinion it can be more dangerous than physical abuse at time.

Denise Evans (Lanham, Maryland)  -  This is a very difficult subject since many people would rather not discuss it or believe that Child Abuse is happening at such an alarming rate. Thanks for having the courage to raise awareness, C.J. You are doing the right thing.

De'Andre c/o Black Planet - Child abuse is a very sensitive subject to me. I don't have any children of my own but I have a strong love for all children and their well being. I've spent most of my adult life being an advocate for children especially our African American males and young ladies. 

I actually was faced with this situation recently because I had a relative that had problem with anger management with her newly wedded husband she reacted to a situation that not only turned the pages of her life,  but her children’s life for a while in a very negative way.  She lost custody and I took the classes to take one of the kids in for about 1 year until the courts allowed the children back in.

I certainly believe in rehabilitation and counseling and holding the parents to a greater level of accountability.  I believe that one of the best things I could do for families here was to create a program that allowed the parents to have a good time and recover from their busy workweek and enjoy quality time with each other and for themselves also preventative programs that allows children a place to share with other responsible adults or peers a platform to express what going on in their homes.

So many have been abused mentally, physically, sexually and it grieves my spirit to know so many young people get mistreated and grow up as adults with out finding away to find healing and forgiveness from what happened as a child,  and walk with fear and not having the ability to totally trust and truly love themselves and others because of the actions of other that choose to abuse them being it be a relative, stranger, friend, coach, scout master, church members, teacher, sibling, or even parent.

I would like to see a national movement where children could have like a television talk show that talked about these issues and give children the opportunity to express themselves thru fine arts, debate, and on the best ways to defeat this sickness.

I know of women very close to me that was molested by her father who was an upstanding citizen in her town when she told the family members they got angry with her. She tried to kill her self by cutting both of her wrists but God had bigger plans for her life. She has used that experience to help other young people to over come it. Music and Creative Arts was her escape and led to her road to fully healing and having a place to hang after school that she felt like she mattered enough. She now has a few degrees and is a high school principal.

I know that its such an epidemic in our nation,  but I do believe that after school and summer programs that allows young people to be creative is one of the best places for a child to feel free, safe and comfortable to express their fears and whats going on at home - but thru drama and role playing and counseling and mentoring,  its a great way for them to see how to problem solve and be preventative. 

As a Christian,  I do believe that Christ makes a big difference in helping both the child and the parents to find healing and have a change of heart and mind towards life.  I believe that financial planning and adult literacy programs, and adult-only programs that holds parents accountable for not settling for nothing less than their best,  helps parents to beat the areas of weakness in their lives. Its kind of late please forgive me if I'm rambling.