Aaron Michael Dozier, III - We're seeing why the entities serving black communities are so messed up right here in this thread.  A white man allows one of  his employees (or more) to inappropriately touch a patient, and the rest of the white community - instead of being outraged over that atrocity, just ignore it.  You people who support and defend the ones destroying the trust and dignity in your neighborhoods just because they're the same color that you are, you are the problem today.

Mrs. Cecelia Lodge - These comments should have already have spoken volumes LOUD and CLEAR. People are tired of individuals AND communities making excuses for foul behavior.  Zechman, and the rest who want to cover this incident up “still”,  need to be fired.


Burjea  / Washington, D.C.  (Black Planet Member) -  I found your question on Black Planet quite intriguing.  Normally, I would not go to this length to contact someone, but I wanted to answer your question.  Child abuse is the worst because it marks the child for life.  Things that happen in a child's young life are usually permanently embedded in their mind and heart.  A child is the most delicate of humans, and should be protected at all cost. I feel that a child abuser should be punished.  If I knew someone abusing a child, I would intervene on the behalf of the child, and contact the authorities.  Take care.


Richie /  Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (Black Planet Member) -  Well,  "Child Abuse" is bad,  and I feel anyone who does that should be severely punished.


Marvell  / Birmingham, Alabama (Black Planet) - I detest child abuse. As far to what I am doing to stop it,  I am in my daughter's life.  No one can abuse her if I am there.  Also,  I mentor at risk youth. I try to build their self-esteem so they will hopefully grow up to not abuse their kids - and if I see they are being abused,  I report it to DHR.


Gregarious Woman / Ames, IA (Black Planet) -  Your website is very detailed and informational about Child Abuse.   I'm glad that you are  very supportive to those in need.  (Edited)


 Frank Lancomb / (Blackplanet) - Your endeavors are interesting. Willful Child Abuse should be punishable by prison terms.  At the hospital where I worked as a security supervisor, we saw families that needed education in properly raising a child. We assisted staff during emergency custody situations..

Mark Riddler  (Warned Robbins, Georgia)  -  C.J., want to say I love what you're doing, I’ve always looked forward to doing the same or similar.  I personally feel Child Abuse is horrible, one of the worst forms of evil.  I also feel it's the main reason we have so many angry/evil people amongst us.  We've always been aware of the serious types of abuse but there are other forms that need just as much attention.  I'll use my situation as an example.

I grew up on welfare so I was able to eat for free at school.  Around age 10 my Mom got a good job and I no longer qualified.  So from the 5th grade on I had to go to school hungry, sit there all day and watch others eat lunch. I've heard the experts say it's nearly impossible to learn-concentrate-focus on an empty stomach and that was pretty much my school years.  To make matters worse, starting around the age of 13-14, I played basketball 3-4 hours everyday and sometimes longer, it was my getaway plus I was good.  By the time I was grown I had developed serious stomach issues. I was forced to stop playing and told not to lift anything. It’s not easy to find work with no degree and physical restrictions, yet I’ve managed quite well.

All that to say, children are in school hungry everyday and we expect them to learn thrive and succeed, not likely – not like this.  Children are being neglected and abused in so many different ways it's scary.  Anyone that can bring the issue more to the forefront has my support.

Again, I love what you're doing, we need more like you.  If more successful folks would give back it would make a huge difference in our communities.  It would get the love flowing again, that's what's been missing.  Most of us grow up with no love and are expected to be loving adults.

Keep up the good work.

E. Huff (Ames, Iowa)  c/o Aidpage) - Child Abuse is wrong.  No child deserves to be harmed in physical or mental way.  I followed up on your website.  Very touching - and you do an excellent things! you're a wonderful person!  Keep it up! you have a big heart.  In a way,  the things I'm wanting shouldn't even be a thought in my head, when there are starving, neglected and beaten children in this country who doesn't deserve it, just because the parent/parents don't want them or don't love them, or whatever the case may be. I should be thankful for what I do have.  You have a huge heart! I am happy to hear that you survived cancer!

Struggling Monk c/o Aidpage - Child Abuse is a horrible thing. It's all around us. The problem is CPS usually ignores what's real. No child should be abused. They shouldn't have to suffer from adult choices. I think punishments should be harsher to people who abuse children, and people should be more outspoken for children who we think are not getting treated right.

 Justforthefunofit in Maryland c/o Black Planet - Child abuse is one of the worse if not the worse things someone can do,  in my opinion. I just don't understand the mind of someone that find pleasure or thinks its okay to mentally or physically abuse a child.  Being a parent I cringe anytime I hear of an innocent child being hurt especially by someone they trust. The thought of that child losing his/her innocence and being unable to trust due to the fact that and adult mistreated,  them sickens me.

Poem Power / Bronx, New York  (Black Planet) - I'm sure with anything there are more ways than one to get a solution. Child abuse can be stopped by. Either make hard penalties for people that come to court. Like taking the child away for good the first time the case goes to court. Another way would be start a program for kids that end up making a baby the mother and father make it a rule. That anyone that gets pregnant must. Go to a special school teaching everything about. How to be a great parent. The school must be long like 2 years long for anyone that come to the hospital and is found to be pregnant the father must take the class also.

John Xereas, c/o Riot Act - Greetings,  I hope this note finds you well.  Found an article titled "When Media Attacks" on your website.  I am writing because I am in the midst of a Federal lawsuit (I am the Plaintiff) and I strongly believe The Washington City Paper is involved on much the same level / formula as this article ... with many of the same players (Austin,Wemple).   Am looking to get in touch with you ... not to be involved in my case but for insight ... and / or the attorney the who represented  you for much the same thing.  Thank you very much for your time and consideration ahead of time.  Keep up the great work.