Genea Baker - I am very much against child abuse. I do support your fight on ALL child abuse. I was a victim of child abuse as well. I have looked through your site, C.J.,  and some of the stories on there are just so horrible and heartbreaking.  I believe that your website makes people see the seriousness of child abuse and makes them want to do something about it.

The most terrifying story on your site for me was the one of the woman beheading her two children. That story really broke me.  All of your stories broke me.  I have a son of my own and I just can't imagine ever hurting him or someone else ever hurting him. If there is any way I could help end child abuse i will be more than happy to help some how.

Shanna Randall - My heart is breaking over and over reading these children’s stories. I wish that I could give them all kisses and hugs forever. I have 2 babies and I couldn't imagine a moment without them.

Nicole Simmons - My heart goes out to all the children that are being abused and or  have died in the hands of the ones that were suppose to love care and protect them.

Patricia M. Huelsman - God Bless you C.J!  Keep fighting the GREAT Fight.  I just wanted to say thank you to for this site and for remembering the tiniest victims to the older victims.  I will always think of the many, many victims of child abuse and neglect.


LaWanda Johns - Oh man ... this site is awesome!


Sylvia Boswell - I love this site Ms. Brooks.  You truly have a love for the children.  I accidentally came across it.  Thank you for all the work put in to this site!!!!


Shemika Young - C.J.,  what a labor of love and I thank you from the bottom of my heart because I realize the love, and the significant efforts that have been initiated with this website.


Donella Dennis -  God Bless you, C.J.,  and much respect to you as always.


Sonia Lincoln - What a fantastic site.


Khalil Johnson - Keep up the good work, C.J., and Keep On Rocking' the Dope Shit!


Jasmin Winfrey - I came across this fabulous website and decided to take some time to write something.  Great job at what you are doing at this site. Keep up the good work, C.J!  See you at the top.


Artistedes Oleda - I enjoy your site very much!!! A treasure trove of information. Thanks.


Rodney Wilson - I just love this website! You have done an outstanding job, Ms. Brooks!  I will be dropping by quite often.  Thank you!


Evelyn Ceja - After taking enough time to look at each of those little Angels I can’t do anything but cry over and over again. It makes me look at our 3 years old daughter and think,  " Am I doing everything as it is best for her?"


Thaddeus Wolfe, IV (Minneapolis, Minnesota)  - I wasn’t looking for this site, but I landed here.  I am glad I did.


Donna Robinson (Laurel, Maryland) - Just one thing is difficult. We have to break the cycle of child abuse. Teach parents how to parent and encourage our young people not to become parents at an early age.


Cherry Jackson (Boston, Massachusetts) - Listen to the child, because children know when something is wrong in the home. They tell us in a quiet way,  but we never listen.


Damina Bonneau - To answer your question,  I wish not just black children,  but all children weren't put in that position. Very sad and ugly feeling to go through that. Use my your much as possible.  Also if I had the money, I'd take an abused child and put them somewhere safe.