Abreyu Khan (Mitchellville, Maryland) - I want you to know that I read the story on Uncompromised, III Ms. Brooks, and want to tell you that in my opinion, that woman truly sounds like a maniac. It doesn't make sense for someone representing any learning facility to behave in such a manner towards you or anyone else. Thank you for posting.

K. Levelin (Safeway / Washington, D.C.) - You have been doing this for a long time. It’s nationwide. It’s a movement. A Good movement, going on all over the world. It needs to be done, because it is wrong what they are doing to the children. It’s just wrong, you know? This is very good. Very good.

Sheila Roberts (Petersburg, Virginia) - Really, C.J.? Someone actually came from "one" state" to file a "Peace Order" against you in another state where they don't even work or reside? Sounds like every bit of a Stalker to me. Sounds like she wants your attention "real" bad. This tops every bit of "craziness" that I personally know that you have gone through since starting this cause, like you don't have enough to do with this kind of work and all for the Children (God Bless Their Little Lives, and the work that you are doing for them). You stay strong, my sister. Women like that won't last.

Ernestine J. Smith (Baltimore, Maryland) - This is so much valuable information to take in. You are a blessing. Keep Up The "God" Work!

Dennis Irving (Regina Sask., Canada) - I praise God for His work through you in this very unique website. To date, this is by far the most Spirit led site I have ever enjoyed! God's blessings continue to guide your work to further His Kingdom.

Randy Winchester (San Antonio, Texas) - This type of web use may be the last great tool to take the message to the whole world. Appropriate use of technology!

Dawn Bell - It's about time something anointed got on the web.

JoAnne St. John (Wichita, Kansas) - What a treasure chest, I am glad that the Lord helped me to stumble upon this. Keep up the good work.

W.B. Howard - Just a note to say how much I have been enjoying the One Voice / One Sound website. You are doing a great job and God will surely bless you.

Lee Anne Dove (Newcastle, Australia) - I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that I've been looking!!!!

Fawny Anne Turner - Thank you for your web site. I live in a small country town and this will help my small group of Christian friends with Child Abuse Prevention. Bless you.

Noel R. Capule (Bulacan, Philippines) - I've enjoyed all I've seen so for. Would like to see more. Thanks and may God continue to bless the work on your hands.

Robert L. Miner - After I get out of the Marine Corps I want to be a youth minister. I am surfing the net to see what things I can pull up and share to my students. It is good to know that there are some good things on the Internet. Thank You!

Leon D. Brownwood - I am the Assistant Director of Music & Youth at Zephyr Baptist Church in Zephyr, Texas. It is good to see that there are good resources out there for people seeking information about this Epidemic. Thank you.

William McLaurin - Very nice and informative Website. It’s nice to see people who care about others!!

Mr. Patrick Garcia - Ms. Brooks, your website is looking great. I am sure that it will help many people. Keep up the good work.

Roberto Maynard - I think you are doing a great thing giving people a place to tell their stories. I'm the boyfriend of a survivor of child abuse that you have on your site, and I know it made her feel good getting her whole story out.

Barbara A. Roca - This is a very good but a sad site that is unfortunately very needed.

Gerardo Antoine - Pretty good C.J., you really did a great job.

Gwen Fabre - I received the news of your site here via E-Mail. Thank you very much; I will be sure to tell my survivor friends of your site. Very informative; thank you again.

Margot Bailey - I commend you on creating a place for survivors to seek comfort, solace and understanding from other survivors. The site has a non-threatening appeal. I can appreciate that.

Keisha M. Bullock - Thank you for making such a website. It is these types of sites that have put me on the path to healing.

Mrs. Nichelle Rivers - I wanted to thank you for writing and to say that I am grateful that there is someone out there who does understand.

Beverly Thompson - Very informative site. This is a place for both victims and survivors to release their emotions and relate to each other.

D'Juana Wilson - Thank you for introducing me to this web site!!! You are helping so many people. And I thank you for caring!!!

Kimberly Delong - Your Website is very touching as well as moving. It is great to know there are those who are willing to help others while trying to deal with their own pain. You have done really well keep up the great work.

Stephanie Chauffer - I just took a look at your Website and I want to thank you very much for the work you have done, how nice! I find your website very colorful and tastefully done. I am sure you will have many visitors feeling the same. Take care and keep up the great work!!

Sharon Gardner - I really think that this Website will do some people some good. If there is anything that I can do I would be more than happy to.

Julius Brown - After visiting your web site, it was obvious the reasons you should have an Award placed on it!

Carolyn Ramirez - This is a very worthwhile Website! I didn't know there were things like this out here.

Kris Harris - Just found this site.   So glad I did!!  Finally, surfing paid off!!

Marcella Morgan - This is such a wonderful thing,  and I should have known that coming from your precious heart. You my friend deserve to be treated like a Queen.

Cheryl Brown - Certainly enjoyed your site. I can see you have put a lot of work into this keep it up and I will visit later with more input for you. Being that I am victim of abuse I can give you much input for your topics. This really is a great site. I am sure that it gives support and help to survivors of this abuse. I pray that women affected by this will gain help from your Website. This is a great resource for many abused. Keep up the excellent work.

Annette Greer - I was so glad to find your Website. I am glad to find a place for the support that I need right now. You are the answer to my prayers.

Pauling Haughton - I am myself a person that has been abused. I am just now trying to face all of it. I am not sure if this is the right way but it is a start for me. I want to thank you for caring. Not many people now days seem to care. They just look at it as if it happens to everyone and it is no big deal. It does not matter who you are, or how many people it has happened to. It hurts just the same. Thank you.

Diedre Freeman - I think what you are doing is something great. Every day, I work with victims of violent crimes. Major crimes. And they need a special place to come and talk and just be themselves. This is wonderful.

Jeanne R. Collins (Fort Worth, Texas) - Just stopped in to see how many changes you have made since my last visit. The area in memory of those who inspired you looks wonderful. All of the changes look good keep up the good work. Oh by the way. I will be happy to put your banner on my Website if that is ok with you. Have a great day.

Catherine Rouse - Great to see others speaking out and not allowing our past to be the secrets that the abusers wanted them to be! Keep up the good work.

Deborah Cassese - Thank you for printing the words of so many survivors. Maybe now I won't feel so alone in my pain, for maybe there are decent people out there in the world who care.

Tamika Cullum - Just wanted to say hi, and tell you well done. Your site is great C.J; Please keeps up the good work.

Louis Johnson - I would like to congratulate you for having expanded your horizons, supplying the survivors somewhere to feel at home. Keep up the good work. We have chosen not to be victims but to be survivors!

Francine Paul - This is a really great Website!!! I was searching for info on making statements for my domestic violence support group class and wound up here. Keep up the good work, C.J!

Rosetta M. Williams - I am doing a research paper on child abuse, and I would like to know the date when your Website was published. Your site really touched me.

Barbara Stephens - This site has been an eye opener. Keep up the good work.

Shelina N. Taylor - I work with teens at a teen shelter as well as do volunteer internship and attend school. Working with teens, I have discovered that Child Abuse is a common factor among many and as I wanted to find some summarized info regarding this subject, I decided to search on the Internet. Thank you!

Gregory Gross - Glad somebody is taking the time to help others! Proud of you, Ms. Brooks.

LaVionne Chase - I was looking for information for a school project and I found you. This is a great spot. I am going to tell my daughter about it. Keep up the good work.

Karena Toland (Washington, D.C.) - Ms. Brooks, I know your former Supervisor, Mrs. Holmes. She told me about this just before she died. I haven't read much yet, but I will-and I will pass it on to lots of friends. This is a great place to visit; you have done an excellent job with your love and caring about other people’s lives. Together we must all stop this horrible abuse of our children.

Wayne A. Greenridge - You are doing a wonderful job, Ms. Brooks. I know the stories you must read are disheartening, but everyone is benefiting so much. Thanks for caring about us and making us feel like our lives are important.

Jarrell Biltmore, Jr. - I think this web site is great! It informed me on many things I never new before. Keep up the good work, Ms. Brooks.

Anthelina Howard (Washington, D.C.) - I think you have helped a lot of people with the stories and comments that have been shared with everybody.

Burnette Lane - I work as a counselor for delinquent adolescent females in a residential facility in Heresy, MI. If there is anything that I can do to help your efforts, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Romulius N. Jackson (Silver Spring, Maryland) - I came across your Website and have taken comfort from the words written there. Keep up the good work.

Joyce Anne Freeman (Bethesda, Maryland) - This website is helping me deliver a workshop to new freshmen college students, and teens in my Girl Scout troop. Thank You, Ms. Brooks!

Bernadette Caldwell - This Website was very useful to me. I was doing research for a report on Child Abuse, and I went into many web sites, but this one was the most helpful.

Carlene Dominique - I am a survivor, and you can survive and get on with life. I am trying and working at that everyday. I would like to talk to and get to know other survivors. Email me. Remember God loves you and you are not alone!

Toddi Adunlami - I would just like to say that you are doing a good job. I am a survivor. I’m 16 and was abused and kept it a secret. Thanks for the extra boost.

Katrina Smith - I am thrilled I have found this site and plan on coming back. Great site. Keep up the good work.

Lexisey Bryant - Wow. I don't know what to say. I'm just stunned after reading the stories. I couldn't imagine people going through these events. For people who have been Abused, I pray for the well being of all of you. I'm just having chills after reading these stories. I think they are very good tools to paint a very intimate and vivid pictures to this great human tragedy.

Aaron Stevens (Silver Spring, Maryland) - Thought I would check out your web site, Ms. Brooks. I was extremely impressed. Keep up the good work, and you have all the best of my wishes.

Camilla McKelvey - This is a very good Website. As a survivor myself, I like seeing all the help that is out there. Keep up the good work. And everybody hang in there, it does get better, I promise!!

Renita Myers - This is a great way to tell others that they do not have to go through this alone!

LaWanda Riggins - I was looking for poems and I ran across this. I never knew that there was a site like this. It has helped me by reading the stories and poems. I thought that I was the only one who felt like that, having been abused myself. A lot of the stories have in them what I have been going thru. Now I believe I am ready to talk to some one about it, I just want to thank you for having a site like this, C.J!

Kem Rocourt, Esq. - This is a great web Website, keep up the good work. I was abused as a child and was never allowed to talk about it and resolve it ... so websites like this are my only release of the pain. Keep up the good work.

Cheryl Watson - Keep up the good work. People need this king of help. I've been abused since I was 5 years old and I’m getting help by talking to people. This is the greatest think that somebody could do for us. Thank you!

Raymond Taylor - I like your Website. You're doing a great job. Keep it up.

Nataya Brooks - I think you are doing a wonderful job by having this site. God knows that we survivors need the understanding that can be gotten from fellow survivors.

Phyllis Covington - Thanks for putting up a website. People that have been abused such as myself need good support. It's been a little over two years and I’m still not over it. It haunts me everyday. Keep up the good work!

C. Feller - What a wonderful resource listing you have. Thank you so much for providing it.

Katrina Harrell - I am a survivor of childhood abuse. I was searching the web for a chat room & found this site. Hearing others stories and knowing I was not alone was refreshing. You have done a wonderful job on the site, keep up the good work. I commend you for everything you have done.

Ezra Calloway, II - What a great Website!! A lot of work has gone into this site and I commend you.

DeAnna Chiles - Thank you for your support of survivors and child abuse issues! We need all the voices we have to be counted.

Eileen Struthers (Arlington, Virginia) - I have never been abused, and at first I felt silly even thinking of writing this, but it's not silly. My best friend at a day camp that I went to when I was, I think, 8 years old (give or take a year), left camp one day and never came back. I found out from a mutual friend that her father had been abusing her and that he was going to jail and that she wouldn't be back. Ever since then I've wanted to find her. I started writing a story about her when I visited the website to get insight on abuse and how it has affected those who had to endure the torture. I have so much to express, but I just wanted to say that I have cried non-stop for the past four hours, and I'm so sorry -. I’m just so sorry. The stories I have read make me want to do more, to work to help, to stop it. Survivors are incredible, strong, beautiful people.

Carroll Carpenter - Finding this site was a real blessing. I need all the support I can get. I feel so alone so many times.

Tyrone Keefe - I have enjoyed this site a lot. It has been very helpful and thanks for having such a great site.

Pamela Wilkins - I have really been inspired by the stories on this web site. They have helped me tell some of my story (short version) more to follow at a later date.

Andre Kelly - Neat site, I am glad that there are so many resources for survivors.

Mr. Melvin Jackson, Sr. - I’m 40 years old and I'm a survivor of child abuse. I have a brother & sister that are survivors too. After all these years, we were never allowed to talk to each about our family. I would like people to know that we can speak out and let our voices hear from our hearts from pain.

Daniel Parsons - Thanks for helping to BREAK THE SILENCE!!!

Vanderzee Williams, III - I am doing a research paper on Child Abuse for a psychology class. I found this Website VERY useful for this purpose, as well as for my personal knowledge (i.e. safety tips, etc.) I'm sure I will visit again as well as let my class mates know about it. Thanks.

Christopher T. Williams - Just had a little look around your site, and was impressed. Keep up the good work.

Carlyle Giddings, Sr. (Virginia Beach, Virginia) - I am new in the Internet. I just browsed around for some material on Child Abuse, and I came across your page. It is great. Now I know there are good people around who are able to present this kind of work. Keep up the work. Thank you very much.