Cassandra Reid  (Oakland, California) - How can I connect with your organization to invite your Founder to be our special guest at our May 26th Healing Hearts 5K Walk Suicide Prevention in Oakland?  Proceeds from this event help support our  Child Abuse Prevention program by speaking to over 10,000 teens in the Oaklnd school district every year. We are Crisis Support Services of Alameda County and we are the Oakland-based crisis line center for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. We’d like top promote One Voice / One Sound, Inc., (especially for Oakland’s young women.)  Can someone direct me how to make a formal request or who I might connect with?  Your message to our youth is saving lives and we want it to be heard in Oakland where there are so, so many challenges for our children.

Virginia Mae Adkins (Newport News, Virgnia) - My eyes instantly filled with tears as I viewed the photograph of the beautiful woman noted as "Founder" of One Voice / One Sound.  My daughter loves the work that you are doing, as I do.   Only 18 months ago she was suicidal and in the depths of despair. I did not know about this organization at the time,  so we had to pray our way out of it.  But I know full well that at any time that demon could approach my baby girl again. Thank you so much for creating this organization.  I pledge to do whatever I can from where I sit in the world as well.

Anonymous - This is amazing site!  Hopefully one day soon you'll an add a "share"  button so we can spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, email or etc.   In the meantime, please keep up the good work!

Richard Tumbler - Great source of info!

Sabrina Abdullah - I just happen to luck up on this sight. I am very please with the information that on it, and  will be telling all my friends about it.  Thanks so very much for sending me the information about it, C.J!