Lemoyne Stouffer  (Silver Spring, Maryland) - This website is wonderful.  Really wonderful.  I can only take in just a little bit at a time, but I am going back and reading a lot. 

Barbara Baker  (Silver Spring, Maryland) - Dear C.J., -  As a public school teacher, I have seen the results of child abuse.  It is a plague on our children and on each of us who love and cherish our young people.  I am thankful that I personally was not victimized, but when one child is victimized, we are all diminished.  Thank you for the work you do to eradicate child abuse.

Sharlyn Grigsby - The more time I spend on your site reading, the happier I feel about clicking this link. Keep doing what you're doing.

Dr. Samuel  LaBeach - It is people like you that make the world a better place. Thank you for all you do to bring hope and healing to families across the globe. You are indeed a woman of courage! May God continue to richly bless you.  Stay "Encouraged".

Andrew M. Mitchell - I truly thank  and bless you for taking this stand.  Someone has to do something and the something - you've made clear  is "A Return to Divine Order".

Millie M. Coates - Thank You for such a beautiful organization. God Bless You and God Keep you.

Denita Ann Davis - We appreciate what you and your team are doing. We proudly display your link on our website.

Georgette S. Baird (Silver Spring, Maryland) - I think this website is very much needed,  because children are often seen not heard.  Our children are our Future.   Let's form a united front against the enemy, and take back our children!!!   In the name of Jesus!!   Amen - I Love you sis!!   Keep doing what you're doing, because only what you do for God will last.

Patricia Anne Wright (Waldorf, Maryland) - The article posted in  the African-American Newspaper about you  was very moving, Ms. Brooks.   I am so glad that they published this article. It brought me to tears once again.   And, hopefully now that it has been published,  our country as a whole can start protecting our babies once again. To me,  all of our children hold our futures in their hands, because they are our future.   And without them,  we have nothing.  If only more people could be like you, this world would be a greater place, because parents would be more leery of letting their children go out alone and be in the company of strangers.

Bennie L. Jackson - Much love and support for all that you're doing to help ensure the safety and better futures for our children.

Regina Mae Dorsey - I was just astonished by the number of children murdered, it’s really sad.

LuCille White - Continue to fight for our children.

Esther B. Evans - Please! What can I do to save our children? How can I help in this ministry?

Kimberly A. Weston (Atlanta, Georgia) - I think you are doing an excellent job, C.J. -  Continue to make parents proud all over.

Charmayne Cox (Lanham, Maryland) - Every child deserves to live "safely ever after." It's our job as parents and caretakers to help insure that they do.  Thanks for being the voice for the abused and battered African American children of the world!

Robyn Bacote  (Arlington, Virginia) - God Bless You C.J.,  in your efforts to rid the world of this demonic situation. I don't have anyone  in my family who was abused, but I'm in the fright for those who do!!!

Beverly Cardwell  (Portsmouth, Virginia) - This is an outstanding website, and I think you are doing tremendous work making everyone aware of this alarming epidemic!   It is astonishing how many children are abused in this country, and I personally, intend to take a stand and do whatever I can to assist in this wonderful cause. Call on me anytime for support!!!!!

Chardae Collinsworth - I just wanted to tell you at One Voice / One Sound, Inc.  to keep doing what you're doing because you have no idea how much you make a difference. 

Gregory Tyler (Silver Spring, Maryland) - Let us  protect our children here at home,  and let us save our children from being  abuse.  Let us all work together to stop child abuse. Let us educate the parents!

Marcus Weatherby (Washington, D.C.) - I'd like to conduct a phone interview with a representative from your organization.  My radio talk show airs live every Friday at noon.  Please contact me at your convenience.  Your work is crucial. Thank you.

Mrs. Cassie Armstrong  (Tampa, Florida) - C.J.,  words cannot express how I’m feeling right now, I must say I never knew of a site like this and so many children abused.   I’m sad for each and every parent whose child has even been through this.   I’m a mother of three boys and they’re my world - so again my heart goes to each parent, and may continue to keep you strong.

Denise  T. Perrin-Busby  (Deceased)  -  A lot of people don't know who or what they are dealing with, when they are around someone who has been abused a child.  I can appreciate your strength, C.J., and would love to have you come and speak to the people in my Church about your life.

Ernestine Young - God bless and keep you.

Claudette A. Collins - I just wanted to say it's wonderful to see a site like yours. Your cause is admirable and it's something I care a great deal about - there's just not enough support and awareness regarding child abuse.

Fred Rhames, Sr. - You are doing a good work.

Elizabeth Bryant - God has truly blessed you with the gift to touch the lives of people.

Priscilla E. Edwards (National Institutes of Health) - Just wanted to let you know I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

Gillian Thomas - Thank you so much for all the work promoting awareness and healing for child abuse.  This site has a wealth of information that I can use in my local support group,  and for increasing my own knowledge and help on my healing journey. I am so encouraged.

Cynthia  Gordon - I thank God for people like you.

Dontae Thompson - God Bless you, C,J. - God is doing Great Things, and the best is yet to come! 

Lisa Epps - Great website. Glad someone is trying to stop child abuse.

 Cassandra Washington - I had no idea a wonderful website such as this existed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time and effort devoted to this cause.

Jeanette Anderson - Thank you for having made this site for people like me.

Tameika Whitehead - Thank you very much for this website and the resources.

Joyce Williams - As one who was abused by BOTH of my parents and some of their perverted friends, I thank you for having this website available – I will be sure to add your link to my website resources.

Isis Williams - I can’t express how happy I was to see that a website like this exists! I will be referring clients to it as well as my peers. Thank You for hard work and dedication to such an important and neglected cause.

Raquel Witherspoon - Thank you for creating this site and for bringing this subject out into the open.  It is a taboo subject but needs addressing and talking about,  which is what this site does very well.

Erania Barno - I’ve watched this web site grow from its inception and I am glad to see that it has grown in such an excellent way. I hope that it continues to grow and provide compassionate support to a group of people (victims of female offenders) to whom little understanding is given.

Emmett Barnes  - I just found this site and am so grateful for your bravery to expose this much ignored epidemic. I am a survivor of two adolescent female offenders, and cannot tell you the troubles I have gone through in an attempt to educate people on this issue.


 Beverly L. Crooks - C.J., It is great to see you're still going strong. This is a great site and I'm really pleased to see it so well supported.

 Sylvia I. Butler - You are doing a great job with this site.  Thanks you for putting your time and effort into it.

Maria J. Cole - Happy I found you!

 Nancy Gaffney - I'm really lucky to have found this site by accident.

Gynetha Shackelford - Always searching for the rare and beautiful. I found it in you, Ms. Brooks.

Carlene Tate - Just found you!

Victoria Vandell - Love the site!

 Miles M. Steele, IV - C.J., you’re great!  Thanks for your website, your style and especially for your work.

Savanna J. North - Big hug from Italy, Ms. Brooks!

Laurese Worthington - I enjoyed the memories. Thank you for this website.

Rosa Hamlett - Definitely the best site Child Advocacy!

Caple Granderson - First time to your site and I absolutely love it! -- Keep up the good work you all!

 Bertha Retland - Hi.  I get on this website every once in awhile, and I like it a lot.

 Esther R. Mason - Really fantastic job you have done putting your website together!!

Josephine Samuels - It's been awhile since we e-chatted. Glad to see your Website still up and running.

Robert Hamilton, III - This is one of My Favorite Websites to visit.

Natalie B. Morrison - Just found this great website and am over the moon with what I’ve found. 

Donald Tate, Jr. - Just found your site - it’s off the hook!