Marion D. Limite' - I was in attendance at your Book Signing, Ms. Brooks. I was in tears as the members asked about your life as a Child Abuse Survivor. However, I was in even more tears when I learned that you were about to share your story to help others. I never heard of your organization before that morning. You should appear on T.V., and at more gatherings, so people can know what the organization is doing. Most of the time, the public cannot help because they do not know. I commend you for doing such great job.

Dr. India  Nyanla -   You are representing the Black collective Beautifully, Ms. Brooks.   Keep up the great work.

Adrienna Wells - It's horrible that these beautiful, abused young people don't get the media attention their white counterparts receive. I'm white,  and ashamed to admit that I had no idea these children and their cases.  Shame on us as a society.

Cemora Harrison (Silver Spring, Maryland) - Hi Ms. CJ; Thanks for sharing the information about One Voice/One Sound Inc with
me and others via your email so that we can share this info with others whom we may come in contact with who are a victim or know a victim of child abuse and need the support. 

I work with youth on a daily basis and am glad to know where the resources are located so I can be better prepared and equipped to assist them during this heartbreaking experience and trauma.  May you be continually blessed as you rise up above being a victim and  are a survivor, not only from what happened to you but other victims of child abuse too as you give them hope and encouragement through your testimony.  God Bless.

Lordrick "C.J." Williams, Child Predator  (Montgomery, Alabama) - I worked with kids beginning at the age of fifteen (15).  It was my first job.  The reason why I was interested in that line of work was because I am an Eagle Scout and saw how much the younger Scouts in by Boy Scout troop looked up to me. 

When I started working with kids at a Recreation Center, I saw the different backgrounds the kids came from.  Some came from very good families.  Others came from single parent households.  And then,  there were those who I just knew came from abusive families.  They would come to summer camp with marks on them where they were beaten or where cigarettes were put out on them.  I felt so badly for them. 

People who harm children in any way are the lowest scum of the Earth!  They are sick monsters!  Children are defenseless.  They can't do anything for themselves.  All they can do is trust adults in their lives to care for them,  And when those adults violate that trust by by abusing them mentally, emotionally or sexually, they have committed the worst imagineable act!  These were kids who attended my camps for many years, or who I had babysat in their homes, when I was accused.

Tynisa Sanders - Children of color are abused every day God sends,  and it only seems to matter to their family, friends and others that love them. They don't make the news and receive constant national coverage like whites do. And too many of us are surprised that children of color are even abused. Essence did a piece on this awhile back. It seems we tend to think if we don't see it in the news, it doesn't happen, but it does happen everyday in this country. All life is precious and worthy.  Too bad not everyone believes that.

Gloria Browne - I have read the information portion of your website to educate myself on how children are abducted. I was amazed. I want to let you know that I am praying for these children.

Anonymous - May God bless your works and the children who are abused.

Chapelle Miller – I want to actively help in any capacity that I am needed. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Harrison Tolbert - What a travesty that children of color are still unnoticed in the year 2012. I will post this address on my face book wall.

Kenneth Butler - Whatever we can do to end this Child Abuse epidemic is the minimum that we should be doing. Thank you for simply caring enough to even exist. How can I help?

Stephanie Scott - Like so many people, I had no idea that there were so many abused African American children here in the U.S. These children have gone unnoticed. It's like they don't exist, and that's really sad. What can I do to help?

Beverly Hamilton - I'm glad to know that there is a web site out there for black children.  Keep up your work, Ms. Brooks!

Derrick Thompson - Thank you so much for your work. I will be busy getting the word out on you and others who are sounding the alarm. Yes,  there is a TERRIBLE disparity and only we can make a difference until the whole world knows !!! May God Bless You, C.J.

Merle Hall - I remembered that two little black boys were found murdered in a car after law enforcement refused to send out an amber alert after their mothers went to them and reported her children missing. That was the only report I saw on TV about them-which took all of one minute while “white child” cases were on all the screens. As a black person with adorable young  grand nieces and nephews, I am deeply concerned that that the safety of our children means no more than a passing glance by media and law enforcement. I thank God for your organization and has resolved that I will do everything in my power to help.

DeCarla Scott - Glad to know there is an organization dedicated to focusing on our missing children. It angers me to know that mainstream media cares so little about us and ours!

Diane Solomon - I would like to post a link on one of my websites to this site so that people can stay aware of this growing problem.

David Cordy, Jr. - This something I've been talking about for years of how the media doesn't cover any stories on our African American children the same as white children. You are doing a great thing, C.J!

 Catherine Winbush (Baltimore, Maryland) - Thanks so much for information about the abuse of African-American children of color. This is so needed. I teach at Morgan State University in Baltimore and I am always struck about how much attention is devoted to white children, but very little attention devoted to African Americans. Keep up the good work and I will let folks on my Face book page know about your organization.