Reverend Oceola Davis  (Trenton, New Jersey) - I don't know who is doing your website,  but  I think it is just awesome and timely.  I really appreciate the updates.  I hope that everybody realizes what a gift this is to the  African-American community. 

Helen McFadden (Sierra Vista, Arizona) - It is really nice to see how  this website has grown. God Bless you, C.J.

Kevin Bronson (Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin) - Fine website!

Raul Richardson (Pasadena, California) - What a wonderful website you have created.  An example to all!  Thank you for having a web site to view on this subject.

Marie Clarke (Eau Claire, MI) -  I first noticed your website as it was mentioned on W.H.U.R. During Homecoming week in Washington, D.C.  last year.  I have to say I am impressed by your work.  I like your different areas that you cover.  Keep up the good work, Ms. Brooks. 

Reverend Janice D. Weil (Merrill, WI) - Excellent website! I really appreciate the easy-to-navigate web page. God's blessings on your ministry and on your people!

Angela Calgary (Alberta, Canada) - Great Website! I am going to have to come back and visit.  The resources are great!

Mr. & Mrs. Charles O. Godwin  (Boston, MA) - You do an awesome job serving the Lord by serving others in this capacity.

Denise Younger (Washington, D.C.) - I haven't been on here for a few weeks and you are doing just an incredible job. Wonderful!  Keep up the great work!

Ms. Denise Bethune (Whitesboro, New Jersey) - One Voice / One Sound, stopping in today with ongoing support for your mission. It has been along time since I have reached out, so today was the day in letting you know that the Bethune's (New Jersey)  are glad that your mission has not let up.  Continued blessings for you and all the children who rely on your support and love.   Much Respect!

Brenda  M. Boynton (Warrenton, North Carolina) - I am an advocate for children, especially our  African American children.  I have raised two daughters as a single parent.  I believe more of our families should step up to the plate and help save our innocent children.

Berniece Williams (Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania) - This is a wonderful cause.  I will be in contact to see how I can get more involved.

LuCinda Wharton (Drums, PennsYlvania) - Thank you for sharing your hard work that you have put in to making the country aware of the Child ABuse Epidemic.  I appreciate you and your hard work!  It will pay off.   God is watching over you and these children that are being abused every day.  You are a gem, C.J.!

Aurelia Martin - I was impressed and sought to learn more about your organization. Keep up the good work. My prayers will be that this organization become very successful in providing great comfort to families by teaching them to protect their African-American children.

Bennie Longchamp - I was so touched by this site today and want to do everything I can to help abused children. I support your organization Ms. Brooks, and would like to know how I can help more.

Dr. Gerald Richardson - I think this website is so great. It is also great that there are people like you who are willing to help with situations where children are being abused. I have a four year old son, and don't know what I would do if anything like this ever happened to him. Please keep it going, Ms. Brooks. We hear you loud and clear.

Ms. Sharon Fox - You are doing such a great job! I absolutely love this! If there is anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask. You are a Godsend. Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Reverend Mildred Nixon - I find this site very informative, and an asset. So many young people really don't know what signs to look for to stay safe. Thanks for being a big help.

Lydia Armentrout - This is a much needed website, C.J.. God bless you for caring for the children.

Anonymous - It is about time! African-American children children seem to be a disposable commodity. They do matter.

Reverend F. Bailey - I think this is a much needed ministry!! Reaching out to help our abused children and educate parents so that maybe we can reduce the number of abused each year. God bless you, C.J.!!!

Carmen Brown - This is an organization that needs more publicity. I never knew it existed. It is humbling to know there are people who care in this crazy world. Stay strong, and keep up the good work, Ms. Brooks!

Anonymous - Thank you so much for what you are doing. Many of these children & their loved ones would not have a voice otherwise. Never give up.

Reverend Mamie Floyd (Columbus, Georgia) - I'm very emotional right now, just to see all these children gone. People are so heartless to hurt a defenseless child.

Laura Mohammed - I am trying to type through my tears. My young sisters and brothers are gone. I feel as if I knew them all personally. God, please save the children.

Arema Lee (Stone Mountain, Georgia) - This is a wonderful site for our children. You are so right, we don't hear or see any reports on our children. God bless you for doing everything that you are doing to fight and speak for our abused African-American Children.

Anthony Andrews - Thank you for being my inspiration.

Charnelle Odom (Alexandria, Virginia) - This is a wonderful way to reach the masses of people who care about our African-American children.  I love it!  Keep up the good work.  God will bless you for it.



Isaiah "Ike" Leggett (Montgomery County Executive) - I think that Child Abuse awarEness has increased because of Advocacy like this, and preferably not because of the increase in Child Abuse.



Marlene  (Aras Jewelers, Inc. / Rockville, Maryland) - I think that Child Abuse is Horrible.  Absolutely Horrible.  I had an Uncle who tried to rape me three times when I was ten (10) years old.  The first time, I was able to hit him  and knock him down.  The second time, he came into the bathroom when I was in there, locked the door, and tried to get my pants down, but I was able to fight him off.  The third time, I was able to kick him off of me, since he was an alcoholic.

When I told my mother about it each time, she blamed me saying that it was my own fault.  I have a sister who remembers that he molEsted her when she was as young as three (3) years old.  She had blocked it out for a while, until she went to Therapy.  I think that its terrible how someone selling drugs to a child gets lesser time in prison than someone who assaults or abuses a child. 

What kind of laws do we have?  Its sickening.  Just disgusting.  I learned to shoot because of this, and wait for anyone to just "try" coming through my front door to hurt me now.  Child abusers should never get out of prison.  Never!!!