Col. Marcus Davies (Wilmington, Delaware) - Dear Miss Brooks, I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated knowing and learning from you in the past year and a half. I really had no idea what Child Abuse was. I respect the way you shoot from the hip and tell it like it is, rather than sugar coating everything and trying to be "Politically Correct." I have always come away from your site with something to think about. I have heard it said, that if a website does not touch your heart and make you think, then you should find a new site to visit. At the age of 69, you are the first person in my life that I can try to emulate. Thank you for being you and may God continue to bless you and your work as "One Voice / One Sound".

Wealthonia Tucker (Springfield, Virginia) - Miss Brooks, The sign of a great leader is one who leads by example. Your work as One Voice / One Sound sets an example that I have not seen equaled anywhere. I am so glad I know you and have you as my example. 

Eboni Laws (The Netherlands) - Thank you sister, for your efforts. I am extremely sorry that I visited your site so late. I shall pass on the site information to compatriots.

Aretha M. Grotto - Great site!

J. Baxter-Wright - I have known of your site and have admired your work for some time now, Ms. Brooks. Keep up the good work!

Dionne Steel (Bermuda) - I really like what you’re doing here.  Tremendously educational for a youth like myself.  Keep the good work up!

Shadue Allah - The courage to speak the truth is indeed a tough way to live, but worth the struggle.  I am sorry that you had to sacrifice so much for the gain of your abundant courage.  This site is a blessing.  I hope many of the blind will open their eyes after reading it.  I will be sharing this with others.

 Monica Jordan (North Carolina) - This is great information that you cannot find anywhere else!

 Imogene Ferguson (Kansas City, MO) – A friend of mine encouraged me to take a look at this site.  I had no idea how the media had overlooked cases like these.  I am almost ashamed to be a reporter after reading this.  If there is anything I can do to help Ms. Brooks,  please contact me.

Raheem – Keep on pushing!

Jason Solomon – This site is all that younger or older brothers and sisters need.

Rene C. Dixon - This is the best site I have seen since the computer.  The link to this site should be in every inner school in the country.  I can only hope that one day it would be possible until that happens, that every person I meet knows about this site.  I love you, Ms. Brooks, for putting this together!  God Bless you, and One Voice / One Sound.

 Kenneth Poe  (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) – I am a young, black man dedicated to the knowledge of self.  In the spirit of my aunt who showed me this site, I now am turning from a boy into a man.  Questions arise.  The more I come to find out about this subject, the more it saddens me that we still have to deal with this epidemic.  I compliment the makers of this site for keeping me on the path of realizing the worth of my children – all children … and finding self.  Much Respect, My Sister!

Jaharie Collins (Washington, D.C.) - I just want to say “Thank You”  for this web site and all the information available on it.

 Eva Simpson - (Houston, Texas) - Obvious commitment and passion for our people and our history!!

Carlene Brice - Great job you are doing  with this site!  Thanks for putting out this information.

Raymond Hill - Keep the spirit alive. We can only make changes when we raise the voices of all who are suppressed. Be heard!

Kamin Butler - I think the information on this site should be taught in all schools.

Kenneth Taylor (Boston, Mass.) - Please call me. I am interested in doing what I can to help.

Kareema Perkins - Thanks for posting the site.  It has helped tremendously. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mrs. Donna Williams - I am "truly grateful, and enlightened, to have been "introduced to this informative site.   I am a 44 year-old "afro-American woman, who has needed this "valuable-information, for a "learning-tool.   I am very "fascinated, and look forward to being educated on a "daily-basis.  God Bless, and Thank-you so, very much.

Robert Verjobe (Saint Paul, Minnesota) - Your site is interesting. I was proud to see such a thing.

Stanley Lewis, Sr. - Thank you for the power of insight.   I went to bed late after I found your site. 

Yvette Burke (Chula Vista, California) – Shocking and Powerful!

Torrey Barnett - happy to have found your site!  I am totally excited, and can’t hair to read  everything.

Juletta Smith (Silver Spring, Maryland) -  Child Abuse is a horrible, horrible thing.  No child should ever go through that.  I am a former school teacher, and I witnessed some absolutely terrible sights.

Curtis Simmons ( Minneapolis, Minnesota) - One love, C.J.!  Keep spreading the word  of our United Struggle.

Rubynthia Sun  (Montclair, New Jersey) - This website keeps me informed about the epidemic of Child Abuse and what our African-American Children today have to endure.  I feel that it is the responsibility of  "every" Black person to act and take part in the struggle to stop the approaches to destroy our Children.

Hollie L. Carter  (Wilmington, Delaware) -  Ms. Brooks, I just wanted you to know that this white woman cares. May you have great success.

 Cecelia Maxwell - I had no idea this website existed.  Now that I do,  I will put this information on my on my Facebook wall.  I don't think it's that America doesn't care about minority missing children, it's our media. People can't care about what they don't know exists, so let's all work to make sure we all know.   All abused children are important !

Whilhelmina C. Carter (Washington, D.C.) - I have a three year old little girl and can't imagine her being abused.    I feel so bad for the children who have to go through these terrible things. They're children. They're unable to protect themselves.  It's so sad the things people do. Glad this website exist.

 Nathaniel L. Calhoun (Savannah, Georgia) - My kids shouldn't have to be white in order to be cared  for and loved if he or she is abused.  I feel as a father for anyone who has a loved a child on this website.

C.J. Hipkins (Washington, D.C.) - It is an honor to be viewing the website of  this wonderful organization.  God Bless you, Miss Brooks.

Lynn E. Wallace - I'd love to be more involved with what you're doing.  Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

Nora  Nabors - I love this website and wished I had known it when my daughter was abused.  Now that I'm connected to the site,  I am willing to do all I can to help. We need this in every state.

Christine Willis Bennett (Upper Marlboro, Maryland) - This is a wonderful cause for the well-being of our children. It's sad that children  are abused everyday. The news headlines are choked with stories of abused African-American children.  Thank you for alerting us so that we may be aware of the dangers that our children face in this world single day.

Sterling Morse - C,.J., this is a site full of Great Resources and Tips.  As a domestic violence advocate, I will definitely be passing this information along.  Thank you!

Joshua A. Milner (Sandy Spring, Maryland)  - What a great website.  Please keep us aware to what is happening to our children.  Thank you.