Irving Wells, Jr. (Silver Spring, Maryland) - Miss Brooks, you have been a spiritual sister to me since 2004. Because of your diligence in teaching about Child Abuse, I have a deeper understanding that continues to be the strength of my life. I would like to say that your site has been an integral part of my life. Thank you Miss Brooks. 

Helen Keyes, RN (Washington Adventist Hospital Center) - I consider myself very lucky to visit the website of someone who gives her life and time in such a generous way. I know that the Lord has led my steps to this site. I pray that the Lord would bless you, Miss Brooks far greater than anything we could ever do in one day!

Vanessa B. Kittrell c/o D.C. Public Schools (Washington, D.C.) - Miss Brooks, We are so blessed to be able to visit your site. We thank God for you, and ask for His special blessing on you!

Clark B. Roberston c/o The National Institute of Health / Bethesda, Maryland - C.J., I want to thank you for all you do for us; for the teachings that have touched our hearts and opened our eyes to where we have grown; for the examples of strength that you show; for being who you are. We love you and we do appreciate you. May our Lord shower you with blessings.

Dr. Kathleen Collins c/o Providence Hospital Center (Washington, D.C.) - I am blessed to be one of the many visitors to your site.  A good leader lives the lessons she teaches. Along with teaching and spreading the word about Child Abuse, the example of the life you live is an inspiration and blessing to all that know you. Seeing is more convincing than hearing. You are a great leader in God's army, and we are all the better for it.  Keep up the good work, sister.  

Joseph Douglas, Sr. c/o Department of Motor Vehicles (Washington, District of Columbia, Southwest) - You go, C.J. - Handle your business, Pretty Lady. We hear you, and we are with you!

Carrie J. McCoy - U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service - I enjoyed checking out this site. This is beautiful. Very strong, like you C.J..

Earl Hattiken, Jr.  (Kokomo, IN) - I can't believe how P.H.A.T. this site is! I wish that I had found it earlier in the years. My hat is off to you, Ms. Brooks.

Daniel Walker (Stone Mountain, Georgia) - I came to this site about four years ago, and I must say that it has really grown since then. Keep up the good work, Ms. Brooks. I am looking forward to seeing you in the media soon. One love to you, Sister.




If you have ever asked yourself the question "what about the children", then you have thought about the serious, life-long impact that abuse has on our young ones. It taints their world with darkness and hatred that is sometimes difficult to erase. Here at the Metropolitan SDA Church we take this matter seriously. If our children are not protected then our future is threatened and our present is dismantled.

What then is our protection strategy at the church level? Metropolitan has implemented a system which includes an application process, background checks and fingerprinting for any person who is appointed to work in the children's department. This process is also extended to any volunteer help in the department. Our Deaconate personnel are also prepared/trained to screen all rooms in the church periodically to be sure all doors are locked when the room is not in use by authorized leaders.

All required documents have been carefully screened by the attorneys for our parent organization-conference. An official review/screening is conducted every two years. Our children are our prize jewels and hence we take the utmost care in also providing activities and classes where they can be trained, and instructed to develop their skills and talents to the very best of their abilities. If every church would dedicate time and effort in nurturing our children and protecting them when they are under our supervision, this world would be a much better place and we could reduce the need for intervention by social services or other government agencies. 

This is not an impossible task - it can be done if we all dedicate ourselves to the task.



Dawu Ra  (Santa Ana, California) - They say if you plant a seed and give if just the right amount of water and sun, that it will grow into a strong plant that will in turn bear fruit - And I must say that your fruit is in abundance, C.J; And it is "sweet".  Keep on tilling the soil.  Hoptep!

Marina Walker  (Forestville, Maryland) - Great looking site!  I finally had the chance to check it out in its entirety!  This is N.I.C.E!

Reverend James Easter, III (Atlanta, Georgia) - My Sister,  I just had to come to your site again.  One Voice / One Sound is a wealth of information.  Whenever I have visitors to my home or office, we come directly to your site to get educated!  I have read some stories here that I have never read in my life.  Please keep up the work.  Hotep, my Nubian Sister!

Dana Johnson (New Jersey) - I love your website.  It is extremely interesting.

Dammy Onofowokan - I will carry the word about your site as far as God will let me.  We all must spread the word!

William Hill, Sr. (Brownstown, Ohio) - Good site!  Peace!

Deniece Tibbs-Johnson (Baltimore, Maryland) - I am glad to see that you are still going strong, C.J!  May God always be with you.  He is written within you.  I have nothing else but love for you, girl!

Mrs. Eleanore Davis (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) - I enjoyed my visit.  I apprreciate your work!

Kendra Shorter - I love your website.  Everything is so "tight!"  Big ups for real, Girl.  This was a GREAT venture.  Our "Family" is too big not to have something going on like this.

Leroy Minnis - Damn Good Site!!!

Brenda Nicholson (Bronx, New York) - I love yoursite.  It is wonderful.

Courtney Winchester  - I strongly believe that this powerful, interesting site contains the positive influences needed by our people of all generations.  Much respect to you, Ms. Brooks.

Darryl Allen (Detroit, Michigan) - I love this site.  I am always willing to meet new people and learn new things.

Kenneth P. Barbosa - I found your website through the Guestbook of  The Kennedy Honors.  I will take more time to go through this site.  With much love and light ...

Qubilah M. Mohammed  (Annapolis, Maryland) - I thought that "Black Planet" was the most informative site on the internet until my baby sister introduced me to this site.  Wow!  What more are we as a people capable of?   Creating this site is a blessing from you to "The People" here and aboard.  May God keep you strong and positive, my sister.

Quinn Taylor (New Orleans, Louisiana) - Peace and love my sister.  This is my first visit, but not my last.  Our struggle is great but it is far from over. Our children's lives are at stake.  Keep on pushing forward. 

Francine Lowe - This has to have been the best thing I have stumbled on. Knowledge is power so I arm myself with as much as possible.  I love all who have anything to do with this movement.

 Linda Bell - Sites like this one have given me "my people's" side of what is going on with our children, and I pray that sites like these continue to spread the truth.

J. Rebel - Blessings to the almighty for people like you, who worry not about telling the truth.  Keep doing what you're doing.

Darryl King - This web site has kept me well informed about Child Abuse and the struggles to go along with it.  I feel that it is the responsibility of every black person to act and take part in the struggle to stop the abuse of our children.

Camille Everette (Loudon, Virginia) - I am a 48 year old black woman with a strong will,  and a stronger belief when it comes to protecting me and mine against Child Abuse.  After being on this site, I feel that this epidemic has been within arms reach all the time.   It would do many brothers and sisters some good to READ this site from start to finish - But with their eyes open and without the blinders.

Terry Howard  (National Institutes of Health) - Impressed, very impressed! I could stay on this site for days and still not absorb everything. Thank you for the work you are doing, Ms. Brooks!

Camilla Brown (Longview, Washington) - There comes a time when the world should look into a site like this,  and join in to help keep the next generation as safe as possible.  I took a glimps of some of the casees and pictures, and it just hurt my heart to know that people are sick like that enough to even put something in their heads to do awful things to kids.   My heart goes out to their families, and may God Bless you, Miss Brooks.

Allison Gilbert (Jasper, Georgia) - I want to get more parents involved in North Georgia to prevent more children from suffering in the same manners unfortunately you guys are reporting!

Janice Whitebear (Arizona) - I like this site, and wanted to know how I can be a part of this group.  This is something that I would enjoy doing.

Brandy Williams - I am a member of a Metro Atlanta chapter of Omega Psi Phi.  I am interested in getting more information on how your organization can help in our area.  When you have a chance, please get in touch with me via email. We would love to help further this important cause.

Reverend Charlesetta M. Bailey (Gary, Indiana) - I think this is a great thing you are doing, C.J;  So many children  are abused each day, and no one seems to notice. It's deeply disturbing.  It bothered me prior to becoming a mother, but really gets to me now. The problem seems to be getting worse everyday. I pray for our innocent around the world.   It's scary to even imagine what they are going through.

Denise Dixon - I truly thank God for you and everything you are doing, C.J!

Carolyn A. Weil  (Beloit, WI) - Wow. I never knew so many awful things were happening to our children on a daily basis. Thank you for bringing this to the public's attention and doing the best you can to help in any way you can. You truly are an asset and most definitely appreciated. Keep up the good work!!

Daijah Arrington (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) - I think you are a Godly woman, C.J. -  and you are are doing a great job getting the  information about Child Abuse out there to the social media and the country.  I  pray for your program to grow even bigger.  You give encouragement, and valuable information for all.  God bless you, Sister!

Belinda Cameron (Baltimore, Maryland) - I am a former Paramedic who has seen first hand (far too many) child abuse cases up close and personal.  It was not until spotting the flyer on your vehicle,  that I was made aware of how children of color cases are mishandled and often ignored.   I am now a #1 fan of  One Voice / One Sound, Inc., and applaud you all for the work you do and awareness you bring to Child Abuse.

Constance Cook - I believe One Voice / One Sound is such an amazing credit and service to our children. I never knew so many were abused before.  Knowledge is power.

Trina Ballard (St. Louis, MO) - I commend this site for trying to give African-American Abused Children the attention they deserve.  This website case has really touched the hearts of so many parents trying to raise intelligent children in this corrupt world! Keep up the EXCELLENT work, Ms. Brooks.

Christine Rentz (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) - I first was introduced to your site after a broadcast on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. When my business partner told me that we had a very nice email from your organization inviting us to leave a message of support on your Guestbook, I was quite honored to receive it.  We would be honored to assist in anyway to help get even more information about One Voice / One Sound out.   Out of all the sad stories told here, there are only a few that I have ever heard of.  I have also seen your profile in the D.C. Examiner and the Afro-American Newspapers.  May God continue to bless you and all that you do!

Reginald Scott - I added your link to my blog. I am very interested in helping One Voice / One Sound get the information out about our abused African-American children,  and will use my blog to talk about this issue often.

Vernelle Adams (Baltimore, Maryland) - Just wanted to express my complete gratitude for the wonderful work that One Voice / One Sound, Inc.,  has been doing to bring National attention o the plight of Abused African American children, and those families during their greatest time of need.

Marlene Morrison (Bethesda, Maryland) - I found your website while looking through abused children sites with my two younger kids and reading the tragic stories.  We thank God for everything that you are doing, Ms. Brooks.  This is a fantastic site.