.M. Howard - Dayton, Ohio - Information is Power! This site is full of POWER! One Love!

Coni Smith, Pastor c/o Hughes Memorial United Methodist Church Washington, D.C.) - May the Lord continue to bless you and make His face shine upon you and the work you are doing. My heart also hurts when I hear about child abuse and I also keep my ears and eyes open to signs however subtle. Keep this issue before us, Sister CJ. Your website is powerful. May we all rise up and be as effective and as proactive as you are. I pray that God sends help as the collective prayers of those who care, dispatch the grace and mercy of God 24-7 behind every silent tear, sign of suffering and act of this violence against our children. God Bless You.

Percy White III, Historian (Waldorf, MD) - Ms. Brooks: I came across your website while searching the internet for pictures of the original Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C. I think you have a "great" website and appreciate your efforts toward ending child abuse.

Leona Renae Fox, Owner / Dragon's Beaded Jewelry - No child should have to go through the pain of being abused.  It is upsetting and wrong.  I went through it.  No child should.  I have linked you to my site, to help you in your aid to stop Child Abuse.

Anonymous - Child abuse is something going on that I feel needs our immediate attention as UMW.   I feel there are a lot of issues here at home we can throw our support behind and gain new grounds to prevent or help alleviate the problems.

Harold Fisher  (W.H.U.R Radio / Washington, D.C.) - Child abuse in any form is a despicable crime.

Denise Boyd - I just wanted say thank you to C.J. Brooks, founder of One Voice / One Sound, Inc.  This website is supportive, informative and helpful. God bless you!

Felecia Baxter – I wanted to stop in and thank this wonderful, amazing, organization run by an Angel for all you've done for our community. The assistance, guidance & support are truly invaluable. Our families are grateful.

Antoinette McDonald, Esq. - The work that you all are doing is not in vain.

Juanita Davis - God Bless you, C.J. - I knew nothing of your organization prior to  receiving this email,  but I'll no more now. Thank you so much and I'll do what I can to help you. 

Karema Edwards - You are giving the community a great service, and we feel indebted to you. Thank you again and bless your heart for starting this organization. Let me know if I can help you.

Doris Hargrave - Thanks for the work you do, Ms. Brooks. I've been so touched reading about the various cases. Many prayers to the families that have been impacted by their murdered and abused children.  Thank you again for all that you do.

Ethan Ware, III - I can’t begin to express how much hope and reassurance is offered through your website. Having personally endured the profound shame of being victimized not once but twice, early on in my youth, I can truly relate. Fortunately now many through your site are being offered a beacon of light. Survivors now can seek refuge in which to harbor oneself, gain strength, a sense of normalcy prior to further environmental oppression. Our wounded today look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Thank you, C.J., and God Bless you.

 Marcellus Ward - Thank you for this great resource. I am doing some research for the anti-misandry website to counter the misconception that only men are sex offenders and the information here has been a great help.

Geraldine Warfield - I am so sorry for what you have gone through. I hope you are finding some measure of comfort may be in your life.

Athena Holland - Wow!!!  You're an awesome human being!!

Adrianne Warren - The other two commenter have it right. You're a saint, C.J. - Such a wonderful ministry you have going here. You have a true gift for spreading awareness and protecting God's beloved creation!  I'm so glad for you, and proud of you.

Malissa Coleman - Your site is amazing! I can't tell you this enough, but it is great that you are doing SO much to help kids! I study child abuse all the time, and I still learned a lot from your site that I didn't know before. Between you are the people who you are educating about the subject, you are going to change lives. It is so refreshing to know that there are still women  who are as caring and determined as you, Ms. Brooks!