Keiza Willows / Akron, Ohio - Nice site!   I hope that you complete your mission on making the world a better place! 

Jon Dickson (Portland, Oregon) - I love this site! We need more African American awareness sites in this day and age.   Keep up the African-American Spirit.

Kikomeko Tongan - Together we stand and build a stronger, securer and sure move to victory. Peace comes from agony, It is our right to fight for our children.  Jah bless.

Robert Haywood (San Antonio, Texas) - Keep it coming!

Caren Wyatt (Lodi, California) - C.J.,  I want to say I wish more people would visit your site.  I am not of African-American decent,  but I come from parents of the Vietnam era and my mother was a big activist, during the 60s and to causes today, so I guess her blood is what runs through me that makes me empathetic to the plight of others. I have learned a lot from your site and just wish to say thank you for sharing the knowledge represented in the pages.  

Maybe with other sites like this,  we can start to teach our children what Child Abuse is and how it will spread like a disease through their generations.  I having been brought surrounded by many different cultures, beliefs, and many other things could not believe what really goes on when I first encountered the town next to me.  I believe there is a bit of prejudice in everyone but with love and nurturing, even the most ignorant person can learn to love all of their fellow human beings.

I know things do not change overnight but someone has to be the one to break the chain and remove that cycle. For me it was my mother and for my children it will be me.   I can just hope that they do the same for my grandchildren and the generations to come.

Pianke Narbonne  (Los Angeles, California) - Fantastic Site, great links and lots of fine information.  This site can help improve the lives of African Americans whether they are in America, Africa, the Caribbean or anywhere else.  The education you present is "mind-blowing". 

Towanda Williams  (Semora, North Carolina) - I'm a graduate student in Community Cross Cultural Nursing. What started out as a policy paper regarding for Child Abuse and Employment training for parolees has turned into a source of study within the Prison Industrial Complex. Thanks for the informative website.

Olusola Adebajo - I honor the community aspect of this site, where we can do a great deal of learning and sharing to continue to break the shackles that the Child Abuse Epidemic tries to impose on our Children.  May we continue to move in the way and truth. May we continue to feel and live in the Love and Light!!!

  Calvin A. Thomas, III - Our children are waiting and watching!  Let us continue the work in 2012 where sites like this pave the way.   We Can Accomplish What We Will!

  Theresa Oliphant (Atlanta, Georgia) - I just wanted to stop in and say thank you so much for this site, Miss Brooks.   I've decided to pass on whatever knowledge I learn from visiting "One Voice / One Sound"  to others.  Most people don't go out and seek knowledge on this subject.  They just hope it falls in their laps.  So I put a link to your website on my web page, in hopes that it would fall into someone's lap the way it has fallen into mine.  God Bless You, lady!

  Tyrell Bass, Sr. (Chicago, Illinois) - As I visit your site I find many beautiful
and wonderful places to learn and enjoy.  Surely I'll be visiting you again, and again.  I love and respect your work and what you stand on.  Peace to your heart my Sister, and love to your soul.

  Cassandra Mohammad (Indianapolis, Indiana) - Your website is wonderful and it is a blessing to have the truth and black consciousness on the internet!

  K.Z. Shabazz (Wampanoag  Nation / Boston, MA) - Meda wo ase paa! (Thank you very much)  for your efforts on behalf of African-American children.  May the ancestors and the creator continue to Bless your endeavors!

  J. Bay-EL (Washington, DC) - I have known of your site and admired your works for sometime. We are grateful to your work towards racial up liftment and the honor you have bestowed upon our ancestors. As you are aware,  the works, words, and deeds of our great ancestors must continue to be emulated by you, and those of us who are committed to the cause of up liftment.   Our ancestors are waiting and watching while far too many children are still dying and crying the world over.

  Kevin Barboza (Rhode Island) - This is an appeal to all those brothers and sisters who wonder if there is a way home.

  Knana W. (Canada) - Thank You Sister, for your efforts. I am rather sorry that I visited the page so late, I was in Ghana.  I shall pass on the information of this website to compatriots.

  William Tyman - I really enjoyed my stay.  I especially felt the poem "Options".   The Saga Continues indeed!  One love!

  Tyrone Muhammad (Bronx, New York) -  Knowledge is the power that will  prevent a "holocaust" from ever taking place on the earth, or for that matter any where, ever again.  This site is "Fantastic",  Ms. Brooks. 

Cynthia Blair - I live in Ohio, and I am very poor, but would love to be of service, thank you sooo much for helping to keep our kids safe. God bless you all. 

Carolyn Boone - This is a wonderful organization. 

Danzel Anderson - I work in a Sheriff’s office.  I am adding your link to my favorites at work and will at home also.  This is a good tool in our line of work.  We can never have too many. 

Darrin Bryant - This is a wonderful cause for the well-being of our children. It's sad that children are abused everyday. The news headlines are choked with abused children information. Thank you for alerting us so that we may be aware of the dangers that our children face in this world single day.  We just had four attempted child abductions foiled in the last month thanks to campaigns like yours. 

Dana Baker - You are doing such a great job! I absolutely love this! If there is anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask. You are a Godsend. Have a blessed and wonderful day! 

Delante Briggs - Through you the voices of the children speak.  We thank you for being their vessel! 

Michael and Michelle Edson - This is an organization that needs more publicity. I never knew it existed. It is humbling to know there are people who care in this crazy world. 

Mary Forre' (Washington, D.C.) - God bless and thank you for letting me know about your site.

James and Kayeira Edwards (Palm Beach, Florida) - We want to help others to regain their self-esteem back. To recover from addiction, depression and suicide attempts.  So if you can use us in any way please don't hesitate to contact us.

 Vanessa and Ernest Dawson (Drums, Pennsylvania) - I'm very emotional right now, just to see all these children gone. People are so heartless to hurt a defenseless child. I looked at everyone memorial because you have to pray for every family because you don't know if your child of any other loved one will become a victim.

 Shirley and Kenneth Dean (Boston, Massachusetts) - Cathy Holloway-Hill, who has a Blog Radio show, and on every show she mentions your organization.  Please keep up the wonderful work, as we need more organizations like this!!

 John and Beverly Dawkins (Atlanta, Georgia) - God bless people like you, for without you who would these angels have?

 Nicolette DeBerry (Bethesda, Maryland) - Thank you for your efforts. This has put so much on my mind.  I will certainly pass your website on to everyone I know.

 Lyndon J. DeSilva - My heart is so heavy right now. How, why and who would want to cause harm to our children?  I pray for you, Ms. Brooks - I cry for you, and I love you. I pray that you succeed in all of your endeavors to help the families and finding these children.