George V. Johnson, Jr.  (Executive Director & Founder /The Art of Jazz Vocalese) - Love What You Do!

Shawn Noel, President - International Banking Technology,  Inc. / 19 Culpeper Street Warrenton, VA 20186 - C.J., I can appreciate what you are doing.  I was also abused as a child.  I have said and thought that this is a big problem that gets swept under the carpet.  From my experience family members often look the other way or even think it is ok because it had happened to them. This is something that does need to be moved to the front of society.  Every race and class of America is guilty for not helping children like us to escape the confines of child abuse.


I really think this nation would be surprised if the true numbers of victims could be told. There needs to be a better way for the children to present their cases and better ways protect the children when justice is sought.  I have three children of my own and I pay very close attention to their behavior.  Abuse can happen at the neighbors’ house, at school or even Church. 


You are doing something really good.  Maybe we were brought together for a reason? You are one of very few people that know my story.  Thank you for listening to my story,  and I hope you can help as many children as possible.  Please feel free to contact me anytime.


Anonymous - I too lost a grandson in 2009 to being abused in 2006.  The guy was my middle grandson's father. He lied to his family and it caused unnecessary drama among both families.  Today we are ok. I thank the Lord for allowing me to learn from my late grandson (who lived nearly brain-dead), who gave me and others who met him inspiration to never complain; he endured 2.5 yrs of doctors visits, needles, surgeries just to survive, and I'm glad he is no longer suffering while living his body but happily playing with the angels in heaven.

Arrington Holmes, Sr. - Thank You for being so courageous and speaking out. It is gratifying to know that we have the ability to overcome even the most brutal conditioning to become positive people who work towards the betterment of mankind.

Deborah Taylor - I'm looking forward to reading your book.

Tianna Marie Blackwell - You have inspired me, I will not forget it. Thank you for doing the right thing.

Akeeli Williamson - Keep fighting the good fight, you're an amazing equalizer to an abomination.

Anne Fox - Keep up the good and important work!

Thomas Sellers - Wow ... I reached your website here, and I am stunned. I very much look forward to reading your book now that I know about it.

James Randall, Sr. - I want to say I am "SO" impressed with the powerful courage and healing work you have done and are doing.   Thank you!  

James Randall, Jr., - Hey C.J., the site looks great.

Mrs.  Amani Gray (Houston, Texas) - C.J., Reading your story makes me look back on the spiritual abuse in my own life and try to come to terms with it.  Thank you for sharing your story of resilience with all of us.  I am sharing your story with my children.

Jeffrey O. Johnston -  I enjoy hearing the stories of people with similar backgrounds to my own.  There seems to be a certain ‘calmness’ that a protracted spiritual trial by fire can produce. 

Linda Graves (Louisiana)I'm so glad I stumbled upon your website.  Thank you for what you do to spread awareness of these issues and to work heal the pain caused by Child Abuse.

Rebecca Simmons - I was moved and inspired by your words. I admire your strength and wisdom.  Thank you for such important candor.

Reverend Carlene Matthews (Richmond, Virginia) - It is great that you are speaking out against what happened to you when you were younger.   I look forward to purchasing and reading your current book,  and I am glad that you have been able to move on and share with us your experience!

Phylicia Davies  (Alexandria, Virginia) - Good work, C.J.,   I wish you well with all your future endeavors.

Louise Talbert - Thank you for doing all that you do.  The world needs more rational thinkers like you.

Josephine Wright - Thank you for your story. Thank you for the good you bring to the world!  You are a very strong person and I admire your courage!

Shawn Felder - I Came across your interviews in the Metro Herald,  and then found this site.  Wow!  Great writing.  It really hooked me.  Yours is a really compelling story to read!  Good luck to you.

Brenda Rowell - May you experience peace and contentment and love.

B. Hill - I cannot express my joy when I found your site today.

Ashlee Brown (Age 14) * - I am so glad you were able to escape such a horrible  family. You are an inspiration!

Regina Drance - I love your website.  I had honestly never heard of you before today, but it warms my heart to read that people have gotten out of that place.  Thank you for all that you do.

Paul Miller - Just wanted to say that you do great work. I hope the best for you.

Keyia Weston (Age 12)* - I would love to read your book.

Matthew Greene - God was there for you when you escaped. Y
ou must be one special person.  I can't wait to read your book! Sending best wishes from Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Ronald Eisenberger, Retired - United States Army - You are so strong and an inspiration to those who are looking for a way out of similar situations.  I hope that more people will follow you and your life story and that the public will someday be up in arms about the horrifying way that so many of our African-American children are raised and treated . I look forward to reading your next book.   Take good care, C.J.!

Deborah  J. Keaton - My sisters, your light also shines before all people and all of God's creation!  Thanks for the gift of your friendship and your generosity and support of the Children's Ministry! With Agape Love.

Tony Spencer (Facebook) - I am with you 100%. There are not enough people speaking out against this subject.


 John R. Schol, Bishop
The United Methodist Church
The Washington Area
Baltimore -Washington Conference

C.J.,  Thank you for taking time to speak with me today.  I have been reading over your website.  It is a gift from God. Thank you for your witness and commitment to making our world safe for all.  Blessings.



.Rosalind Cooney (Augusta, Georgia) - Child abuse is WRONG! Abusers need to be castrated, shot in the ass and right between the eyes!" 

Michael Renslow - I support the struggle.


Reverend Jackie Alexander - Thank You and keep enlightening our brothers and sisters with these enrichments,  so they can continue to grow get the knowledge that they need to fight this epidemic.


Victoria Anne  Moore - We as a people need a LEADER who is willing  to fight for the children of her race.  who possesses the  heart of a fearless warrior. Keep up the good work, C.J!


Gloria Lewis Vaughn - I found your site. So glad I did! I will visit often.


Sundiata Kambu - Forward Ever, Backwards Never!!!!!!


Edmond Pierce - A shout to every inspirational leader like this queen ... big respects, peace and love to you, C.J!


Nahsir Jahsun - Peace and blessings to you C.J., for this most wonderful site. I thank you for representing me and the ideas that I advocate. Do keep up the very good thing that you are doing.


Sharelle Alexander - I would like to say that you are an inspiration and my whole class did research on you and I am doing a report on why people should make a movie telling your story. I hope you spend the rest of your life in happiness. stay true.


Nadolyn Hankins - Glad to be here.


Esther Miller - I enjoyed reading this site. I found it very insightful and I think it is a website that any Black youth and adult of this generation should access in order to know the TRUTH about this Epidemic.


Janice L. Edwards, Esq. ( Rockville, Maryland)  - I admire the heart, endurance, and trueness of the Most Honorable Ms. C.J. Brooks.  So inspiring it is to witness the Strength that a Black Woman possesses, even after having to endure the "cost of being a child" that she has.


Denorah Johnson - This site is a shrine of knowledge that we all, as African-Americans, need to be "enlightened" in order to respect our past, teach our children in the present, and to prosper as adults in our future. GOD Bless.


Shawn DeRonda - Great site!  Keep the info coming.


Barbara Jean Morrison - I just wanted to say that this website has a lot of great information. A lot of our African American people need to open their mind. Thanks for helping out.


Maggie c/o TARGET (Employees)  - I was a victim of Child Abuse.  I can't even talk about it ...


Linda M. Watkins,  Injury Prevention Coordinator - Inova Fairfax Hospital / Trauma Services Unit  (Falls Church, Virginia) - Good Morning.  I got a couple of email messages from you,  and I visited your website.  Your Project looks very interesting.  I am the Injury Prevention Coordinator at Inova Regional trauma Center and was looking to host something during child Abuse Prevention Month.  Do you charge to come out and speak?  Do you have any engagements in the area?  If so I would love to hear you speak. 


 Carmen Epps, Owner / Chief Executive Officer of  "DELICIOUS DELIVERIES":  Catering by Carmen (Washington, D.C.)  - I had the pleasure of meeting you on Missouri Avenue, N.W.,  a few weeks ago.  I love your message,  and I totally support your fight against Child Abuse.   Please don't hesitate to call me for any catering needs that should arise.  Thank you!


Terry Hess - C.J. - Yes, of course I am against Child Abuse!  I don't have any "story" to tell with reference to this  (thankfully) ... (Edited)


Mrs. Mable (Food Bank / Giant Food Store - Maryland) - I think Child Abuse is a horrible thing.  I was a victim of this.


Rhonda Billoups - As I reminisced over my son's death, I ran across this website and was truly amazed to see my son's name listed. My son's name is Darius Augustus - he was the 17 year old teen who was killed on the levee in downtown Baton Rouge in Oct. 2010. While I do not know how you got his information, I would like to applaud you and your staff for this awesome tribute. We as an African American people, have lost so many of our children to violence. Please know that I support your site and would welcome the opportunity to be a part of your team.


 Covan Maghee (Phantom),  Recording Artist
Bullz Eye Entertainnment


Recording Artist Covan Maghee (Formerly known as "Phantom" / C.O.O. of  "BULLZ  EYE ENTERTAINMENT"  -  I support the movement Ms. Brooks,  to awaken and expose the evil that all communities are facing due to child abuse.  I know the effects of trauma at an early age.  With help and awareness,  my family and I were able to grow, learn,  and move past the wrong doings. With God and the power of Jesus Christ,  my own parents were able to recover and rebuild, and in turn had the ability and strength to raise three wise and healthy children.  


Children are precious, innocent little people who need proper love and nurturing to grow into respectable and functional adult citizens. In a society that has been and is promoting everything that is wrong,  it may be difficult for some parents to understand their children's true value.   I stand with you,  Ms. Brooks.  Let's help those who can't or are unable to help themselves.   Together with God,  we can make a positive difference/change.  Thank you for this opportunity to express my concern for the rising epidemic of this generations' experience with Child Abuse.


Jacqueline M. Robinson - I personally enjoy this Website because I know for a fact that they have helped my children my children out a lot.  I also enjoy being on here and learning some great stuff about Child  Abuse and the workings of  C.J. Brooks and One Voice / One Sound.   I would like to thank you again for the Care Package you sent to them in  December, 2010.

Patricia Anne King, R.N. - I highly support this Website and have seen One Voice / One Sound up close at work.  I can appreciate the efforts of Ms. Brooks, after losing one of my own to Child Abuse.  Keep up the beautiful work, C.J!  This website is awesome!