Anonymous - God Bless You Richly for this endeavor.  My prayers will always be with You, and your Ministry.  We are partners in this move to save the defenseless.

Bishop Sherman Davis (Facebook) -  I feel that Child Abuse is a very important issue - One that deserves far more attention that it currently receives. While I'm grateful that by God's grace I was never abused, I have a great amount of sympathy and concern for those who are victims of child abuse.

Danielle Childs (Durham, North Carolina) - The work you are doing is commendable.  I respect it.

Michelle (Crown Point, Indiana) - Your website has given me the motivation to get my situation changed.  I'm 15 years old, my dad is abusive and he was given custody for some reason. My mother is very capable of taking care of us,  and she has never harmed us. I wrote some letters to Congress and stuff, I think that it may help. We should try and get some things changed ... such as children's rights, so more children aren't getting harmed. Because it may not work with only one person trying, but a group,  I'm thinking may just work.

Angela Newsome - C.J.,  I want to ask if you can help me get some information about getting my son out from where he is being abused.   I have written letters to many places for help.  I have a letter written that I sent to the Governor. Please email me,  so I can explain better what is going on. I love your website I am disgusted with what is happening to our children.

 Diane Leverette - God Bless you. Keep up the excellent site.

Cleavon Kennedy - I have to say thank you for all of the information on this site. I have been highly educated by your site,  and was able to help win a criminal case against my son.   Thank you!

 Christian Wright - I think it's wonderful, what you're doing. Growing up is a task in itself,  and to have to deal with the unnecessary heartache ... well it's just wrong. Good work, keep it up!

Daniel Riordan, Sr. - Great site. I wish you well with your project. It is necessary for the children of the present and future.

Carrie Blair - I linked you to my webpage.  It is on a page that I am devoting to stop Child Abuse. I was an abused child,  so this is very important to me!  I am Caucasian, although this is a website or African-American Children.  I really hope you do not mind.  Thank you!

Khalima Bottus - I think child abuse is a dreadful disease that affects both children and adults that will continue to impact the victims and survivors' life forever. Thank youy for doing what you do. I also believe, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the most effective way to reduce child abuse is through AWARENESS, EDUCATION, AND PREVENTION.

Vonnessa McGhee - I just wanted to say it's wonderful to see a site like yours. Your cause is admirable and it's something I care a great deal about - there's just not enough support and awareness regarding child abuse.


Darryl Bottus - C.J., We would like to volunteer to help out with whatever we can! This is something our city sure needs. Our laws need to change so these kids can be safer and people need to start reporting child abuse.


Katherine Nelms - The main goal is to be able to reach as many people as possible and create great awareness in our community about child abuse,  and what we can ALL do to prevent it from happening! ALL child abuse is preventable. It just takes people standing up against the brutality and pain that these kids are enduring day in and day out.


Lizonne Abrams - Wow! This is  incredible. It's about time that people started standing up for kids and doing what they can to help the advocacy centers. I was abused as a child, and to see people trying to help kids that are being hurt is something that means a lot to me. I only wish that someone had been there when I was going through what I went through growing up.


Cedrick Bottus, Sr. - This website offers so much information from C.J. - an expert in the field about the warning signs of child abuse;  Thank you for dedicating your time to such an important cause.


Cecelia Parker - As an RN and a survivor of childhood sexual childhood abuse, I would like to thank you for putting this site together.


Denzil Tucker, III - I'm so amazed at all the work you've done! I've always wanted to help stop child abuse and really never known where to start.  Thank-you! I was abused by 3 family members. The worst being by my grandfather at age 8.   With God's help I'm okay.  Thank-you for your gift!


Secily Jackson - Your site has a lot of great information and I hope mine will turn out somewhat like yours someday.


Cassandra Ware - I think it is great that you have been able to take your experiences and share them,  so that we as a society can help stop child abuse!


Reverend A'ceo Holland - I am very touched.  You should feel proud for what you are doing,  and shout to the world to stop child abuse. Someone needs to protect God's children and I think you are doing a fine job!  To Make More People Aware is a very good start! No child should suffer at the hands of anyone. It is a sad world where people will turn their heads and look the other way when they know something must be going on. You are very, very brave.


Darryl King - You have a powerful story.


Yvonne Pope - It takes a great deal of courage and forbearance to put up with societies attempt to use their blinders when viewing the plight of children everywhere. And society likes it even less when we survivors speak out - after all we were supposed to forget the horrors we experienced as children, right? Wrong.


Cadre Simmons - I've spoken out for years.  It's taking a lot of time to write, because of the pain of having to look at all of the hurt, betrayal, and pain right in the face. It's going slowly, but with the support of people like you C.J.,  I'm managing.  I was lucky, I was believed when I reported this as a child.  I know many who were not.


Adrienne Rhimes - Thank you for emailing me and inviting me to your website. You have great courage,  and I admire you for speaking out.


Helen Thompson - Thank you for sending me an e-mail regarding your Fight Against Child Abuse! I will proudly display one of your graphics and link to your page from mine. My teenage step-daughter was abused for many years by her "monster of a mother" while her Dad (my present husband) was working nights and was threatened with death if she told anyone. She suffered with the secret until they both met me about three years ago.


Richard Blewette - I admire your strength and courage in stepping out and allowing your story to be heard.  It is through your courage and that of others that society does not ignore their child victims anymore.  May your campaign continue to grow. Thank you for the email alerting me to your site.


Tonya Hill - May God Bless all your hard work. It's sad that it takes this happening to a member of our families for most people to begin to get the message. Hopefully, Lord willing and with hard work, soon this will not be the case. May the Lord watch over and protect you while guiding your ministry.


Mary A. Baxter - Thank you so much for guiding me here.   I needed to hear and see your site,  and would like to link to it if you don't mind. Please continue your sterling efforts.   Hopefully, if enough people join the fight child abuse will stop. Thank you for caring about others enough to do this.


Rev. Adolphus Murray - Thank you for the e-mail and also thank you for what you are doing to encourage awareness for the sake of our children.  I will do as much as possible to encourage awareness and find solutions to these horrible problems in our country.