Kenneth Paul c/o AFieldNegro.com  - Thank you for this information.

Thomas Pierre c/o Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School (Washington, D.C.) - Child Abuse is a terrible thing. It is wrong what them people are doing to these poor little helpless children.  I could not even hit a child even if it was mine or someone elses for just making a little mistake.  Its not right, and I think that what anyone does to a child  should be done to them.  No person abusing a child should ever be allowed near children again, personally I don’t think they should ever see daylight again, and should be in prison for the rest of their lives, and even that isn’t punishment enough.

Ms. Keys  c/o Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School (Washington, D.C.) - Child abuse is a problem these days.  A child shouldn't be beat by their parents for making a mistake.  Hurting your child is bad enough, but beating them to the point of death is even worse. Child abuse is disgusting.

Leonard Pettiford - While I cannot purport to speak for M-NCPPC in regards to your advocacy, I was grateful to share my personal support for your efforts and find it quite noble. There are too few people, doing too little to solve the issue of abuse, in my opinion. Your efforts are sorely needed and the benefit it brings, no matter how slight, are a welcome salve for those in pain. Best of luck in the future.

Sheilah Marie Horman (Dallas, Texas) - Dear Author C.J.  Brooks:  I visited your website.  Can you write to the Dallas County Prosecutor's office and try to convince them to charge Carlnelus Delaney Simmons with capital murder for dropping JABRAYLON BAYLES into a pot of boiling water and killing her?  It seems to me he is being coddled.  As far as I know he has only been charged with felony injury and two felony drug chargers, not a murder charge.  If dropping a child into boiling water isn't "the most extreme and aggregious act of child abuse"  then what is?   I cannot think of a more painful way to die, can you?  I did not know the extent of child abuse was so widespread.

Larry Thornton (Oscoda, Michigan) - Great job on the advocacy!  It's good to see your dedication at it for so long.  This once fine country needs more people like you C.J, and then "maybe" we will have real justice.

Kate Bennett - Very interested in your cause.

 Janice Dutton - I think if we all stand together as one voice, the public will start listening.

 Gwen Caldwell - I applaud and honor your work in this struggle! As women, we are the generation keepers.

Kim Brown - I have been a victim of a court failing to take action in child abuse and I want to take action!  I'm still hurt, and now that I'm 18,  it's sad to see my younger brothers go through the same thing.

Dawn Roberts - This is a GREAT site. Keep up the good work!

Gloria Tyler - One will never understand until they are placed in the shoes of one of losing their children.  By then, it will be too late to fight this fight.

 Sandra Teague - I really think you have a lot to offer those who are doing research papers. There are a lot of people who do not wish to face the truth about child abuse and tend to keep hiding it under a bushel so to speak. Keep up the good work and maybe people like you and myself and others can be effective in getting these things turned around where they should be.

Cornelia A. Benson - I am the grandmother of an 8-year old girl who is still being abused by her mother & step-father despite the petitions filed & calls made to Tennessee Dept of Children's Services here in Nashville.  This week she was found to have multiple body bruises.  I was told by Child Protective Services that she would be taken from the home & brought to me,  but the examining doctor decided that her bruises are "old" bruises from a year ago & believed the mother's story of a "pigmentation" problem (that does not exist).  She has had her tooth knocked out by the step-father, and suffered a black eye & facial abrasions that supposedly happened from a fall.  Thank you for being an outlet for me to vent. I have done everything I know to do including notifying the media & e-mailing our governor's office.

Audrey Miller - Thank you C.J., for being there for the children.

Vernon Jackson - I commend you on this site.  It is the most valuable site I have seen and I refer to it often.  Unfortunately it was to little to late for me.  I am still fighting. Thank you for all your help.

Jennifer Wallach - Thank you for your courage.

Trachelle Harland - Beautiful site! It's always gratifying to watch your progress.

Mary Moore - Your website looks great!


Arliss Turner - Thank you for going public with your story, though it must have been an unbelievable struggle it certainly helps people deal with the pain.


Arthur Turner - I will admit I had never heard of you until today. Having read your story here on your website, and having expressed my surprise that such an upbringing could produce someone as inspirational as yourself, I just wanted to leave my best wishes.


Michelle M. Johnson - I think your journey is one which will inspire many to take the first step away from abusive situations, whatever their nature.

Brenda A. Brown - Very best wishes.


Tamica Davis - I have been following your story, and it warms me to see such good actions arising out of the disgusting behavior that you had to endure. Thank you for every thing you do.


Darron Edwards - I just received a link to your site and read your story. Congratulations on making a better life for yourself. I am glad your parents' evil  didn't influence you permanently.  Be proud and keep on making a positive difference in the world.


Sharon Foster - There's a whole field in psychology and sociology that looks at the concept of "resilience." Although I can't do the concept justice, it's based on the idea that despite horrible circumstances (child abuse, etc), a few individuals manage to find survive intact to lead amazing lives. You are phenomenal!


Laverne Veasley - I am so glad you got out of that hateful, abusive environment and are living a healthier, happier life. It takes years and years of hard work for an abuse victim to release all the bad stuff.  I believe that the way you're going, this will indeed be possible for you.


Andie Lemmons - Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and attempting to make a difference. I wish you happiness, peace and love always.


Tisha Wright - I'm thrilled that you got out and are speaking up about your toxic family. You are a hero.


Ellen Clayton - Wow. Thank you for sharing your story and speaking out.


Carla Bryant - Your site looks fantastic, I'm so glad for everything that you've been doing. Can't wait for your book.


Mrs. Catherine Brown (Washington, D.C.) - Thank you so much for telling your story. It gives many people hope that not everyone in this world has to follow the hatred they were born into.


Mervis Epps, Sr.  (Annapolis, Maryland) - I happened upon your site by chance today,  and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best and I look forward to your book with great anticipation.


Frederick Maye - I just wanted to say that what you are doing is a wonderful thing. No matter who you are, it had to be hard for your family to leave you behind.   I support your cause and want to thank you for standing up for what you believe in.  I'm sure you give a lot of other people hope.


Esther Waters (Kingston, Jamaica) - Keep it up.  You are doing good things


Phyllis Whitehead - Thank you for your honesty, integrity and for speaking out. I know it took courage, more courage than most of us can imagine.


Reverend Merle Scott - God bless you. You are a true hero in the faith!