Dr. Kinetta Brahms  (London, England) - Great things and many blessing will come to you as this site and your services expand.   Congratulations Miss Brooks,  and continue to do what you.  

Charles Lewis c/o E-Radio Broadcast Network - I can feel your passion as a Child Advocate.

Clarence Wright - I visit your site daily and would like to thank you for posting so much information.

G.C. Fields - Please let me know if you need volunteer help with anything.

The Street Digest - Nice site.  I would love to help.

Cheryl R. Singleton - For the past few years, I have read every single Child Abuse Case posted on the MPDC website,  and also looked at the murdered victims.   I am so glad that you have taken the time out to put this together and to show people  that these children haven't been forgotten.  I will definitely follow the latest on this site.

Ryan Norris - What a great website you have!

Maude Cooper - I remember many women raising children that did not belong to them.   My father was never a beater, my mother would spank my brothers and me occasionally when we were growing up, but the fact is she was a wonderful mother and a very good person.

Rose Taylor – All some parents know about discipline is beating, and that does not work for all children. Churches need to develop big brother and big sister for some of these children. Churches please get active in the lives of children without fathers. Show the love of God our father to these children.

Deanna Whitehead – There are still people who believe the only type of punishment for children is to literally beat them senseless.  Violence begets violence.

Shorna Watson – Ms. Brooks, I am glad that you are addressing this issue of child abuse. If more people are reporting these cases, that is a good sign. Our children need love and guidance, not verbal abuse and murdering!

J. Grier (New York) -  This is a very moving site,  and I will share it with people I know. I haven't delved beyond a couple of pages, but I'm astounded by the dedication and hard work it took to create and maintain the site.  I know what's entailed,  and I can only imagine the motivation which compelled the creation of the site. I'm very glad someone is telling the stories of our children.  

I've only seen the tip of the iceberg of the site--however, I've thought for a few years that we now live in a world where children are actively disliked and/or hated. I see things happening that either didn't happen decades ago--or were not reported. And it's heart-breaking.  And I know that for every story we're made aware of--there are thousands which will never be discovered, acknowledged or reported. I personally know of stories which would chill to the heart anyone hearing them. And they go back to my childhood.  As Black people I know that our children are particularly vulnerable. I could go on and on, but I won't. Thank you for sharing the site with me--and thank your for taking up the banner and the fight for children. Someone has to do it!

Jodi Davis  c/o Aidpage - I went to your website,  and am very heartened to see all the work you are doing to help children.  God bless you for this.  My heart breaks as I see the sweet faces of all these babies who died!

Emily Guyse - (On Lordrick "C.J." Williams (In Harms Way, 2 on our Website) - I worked for CJ Williams at "Kidz 1st"  in 2005.  I am the person who he claims all his problems are because of me.  I just wanted to say that I support what you are doing,  and how I was betrayed by the media was not true.  Tomiyo and her brother CJ are criminals and need to be locked up.    The sad thing is that Tomiyo has children and they have been in the middle of this mess. I have been threatened numerous times by CJ and so my voice was never heard.   I was at CJ's trial unfortunately and his mother also threatened me.  I don't know if CJ did the things he did because I didn't see them.  I just know that he wanted me to stay till 9pm that night -but I had enough so I quit.  I never got paid for what I worked.  I feel so sorry for these kids and I wish our court system was so much better than it is because this would not have happened again in Florida.  Thank you for listening to me.

Karen Addison - I can't imagine the strength it took, after being abused for so many years, to escape. And not only escape, but to have the strength of character, heart, and mind to help other children.  Its much harder to love. You give me hope.


Donna Adams - As incest survivor, I thank you for coming forward with your story. Please know that there are hundreds of thousands who support you and your "crusade"!!!


Sheila Townsend - When I saw your article in the Metro Weekly,  I started crying. The reason I cried was that you have been subjected to this hate a good share of your life. I too was raised by an abusive paents, so I can only imagine the angst, fear, and confusion that this must of created for you as a child and as a young woman. I am in awe of your courage and tenacity.

Constance Webb - I learned today that you exist in the world, and I must say that you have given me so much hope. That you could break away from such a poisonous force and become an educated, decent, and sympathetic woman gives me so much hope from the future. You are evidence that extreme psychological and physical abuse can be overcome. I am certain that it still haunts you, but you are alive and making the world better with your life. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth Hogan - You are truly an inspirational person, C.J!


Nicole Washington - I have a great deal of respect for you. Thank you for what you're doing - your heroic acts more than make up for your parents acts of cowardice and hatred.

Irving Washington - I am glad to have heard you on W.H.F.S. Radio, and found your site. I'm glad you  can tell your story! I hope you have found the healing you deserve !


R. Reeves, Esq. - Keep soldiering !


Terrence Reeves, Jr. - An amazing website from a strong willed woman!


Armand Reeves, Sr. - Honestly this is an amazing site.


 Hattie Blackmon, Ph.D.  - As I see it, you are courageous in two very important ways. Firstly, you left an abusive home and are now forging a wonderful life for yourself. Instead of being the perpetual victim, you have shown remarkable resilience. I believe it is anecdotally, if not statistically, shown that abuse can be a cycle with victims becoming abusers or continually playing out the abuse in self-destructive lifestyles.  Thank you C.J., for being such an outspoken and brave woman. The work you are doing is so important and I wish you all the best and every success from Australia.


Thomas Becker, Esq. - C.J., I just discovered your work. A fine job you are doing! Thank you for sharing your story.  I wish you the best of luck and good fortune in the future.  You have friends here in California!


Orville Thompson, III - Just wanted to say that I am happy that people like you exist!

Cynthia Tucker - I'm glad and relieved to see that there is still hope springing out in the most unusual places. Best of luck to you!


Felecia Gantt - This is incredible website.