Mrs. Nedria Von Bailey  - (After being asked, "How do you feel about Child Abuse?")  I  hate it.  I think people who abuse people, especially children, have Mental Issues.  How do we help them is the issue.   We need to start making it a law to  demand "Parenting Courses"  before taking the baby home.

Amelia Turner - You are a blessing to this community. I pray that GOD's riches will follow you and that His loving kindness will always be upon you and those you serve.

William Fleming (Lifeguard) / Washington, D.C. - Ms Brooks,  I don't know how this works, but I'm giving it a shot.  You may or may not remember me from Wilson Aquatic Center, but my name (Will) and I need your help.   I am working on a Mentoring program and I need some guidance.

I remember coming in to work looking forward to seeing and talking to you 6 o'clock in the morning and being blessed with your words of wisdom that always put me in the right focus.  Well,  I'm trying to give the right focus to Youth Student / Athletes .  I have some things that I have together,  but there still some things I need help with,  so I'm reaching out to the folks that are just willing to listen to a young man that's trying to give the "same"  guidance to our next future leaders.   So if you can shoot me an email or Call  I would love it. GOD BLESS.

David Glenn - Thank you for sharing. I must say you done a remarkable job of healing. Healing does not happen over night. But I can see from reading your story that it has happened.  Strengthened  bonds of healing from such a terrible act that can never go away. Only love and support ever conquers in the end.                       

Thomas DeWeever, Sr. - Thanks for all your words. We must band together to fight abuse in every form. Nice home you have here. God Bless you and keep on keeping' on!

 LuCille Mason -I just wanted to leave a footprint in your guestbook to let you know I was here for a lovely visit to your home on the web! I have really enjoyed my stay. And your site has touched my heart God Bless you and yours. 

KeVonne Allen - What a beautiful website!

 Dawn Packard - I do everything in my power to stop child abuse of all kinds and think this site is doing a great job. I will pass it around also.

 Lillian E. Fields - Thank you for sending me here. You are a beautiful person, and I greatly admire your strength!

Kennita B. Riddick - Very nice website - and yes we must all stand together through these trying times. Best of luck.

Yvonne Daley - I am very sad and struggling to cope with this and not make things worst then they already are. Your website helps me a lot.  Thank you for your wonderful site.   The more we understand and share - the more we all feel less alone in the struggles. I wish you lots of happiness!!

 Mrs. Carolyn Matthews - What a marvelous site. You are doing a wonderful thing to create a place like this.  People forget that the whole family suffers horribly when someone abuses their child. Or anyone. God be with you and yours.

Erica Sutherland - What a wonderful website. My children are blessed in the fact that they have not been abused. Children are a passion of mine and my love, and prayers go out to all of them especially those who have suffered at the hands of others. 

Edward Townsend - Great site and great work,  Ms. Brooks.

Rev.  Dr. Joseph McCaskill, III -  I read your site. I admire the use of your life. While your heroism may not always be able to be seen from where you are standing. You will see it in the eyes of the child you stand to protect. Even if that is the only reward you can ever see it is very worth it. I wish you much continued strength and courage. The importance of how and where you are standing to a child, who needs someone to trust in, can never be underestimated. Do not be distracted by the blindness and criticism of those who cannot see or refuse to believe. You are doing what is right for the life of a child, for only those who can be protected from their abuse heal. 

Georgia Stokes -You have a very special site. It takes a lot of strength to speak out to the world like you did! We applaud your decision to do so. We are still working on that part. Telling the world everything.

Beverly Taizan - What a wonderful site you have here, I am really impressed.  Thank You'for helping To "BREAK The SILENCE" on Child Abuse in any and all of its forms now, and  Congratulations, a Beautiful Web Site!

Lynne Tucker - Hello, you have a very beautiful website, and warm lovely page, keep up the good work.

Rene' Barrows - I must say what you are doing here is remarkable. The time and effort you have put in for this site is great. I'm not a mother of a survivor but with just being a mother it is good to know that this site is here and that someone cares to spend the time to help others. Keep up all your great and hard work, C.J!

 Francine Etienne - What a beautiful, warm and enchanting home you have here. I'm so delighted that I have found my way. I've enjoyed my visit very much and I have bookmarked your site and will be returning to visit again soon.

 Rev. Christine Jordan - As I traveled through your pages, I sensed a new movement of folks emerging from pages.  Such a wonderful feeling to see it continue on in the net! Thanks for you time and your wonderful words. Blessings to you and your travels!  

Mrs. Catherine Stokes - You have a wonderful website. I will visit it again. 

 Alotta E. Taylor - I am sorry for taking so long to get back to sign your guestbook.  Your site is truly such a wonderful resource of great links and information.  My heart goes out to you for all that has happened to you. I can relate very much with all of this,  as I too was abused as a child and know that feeling too well. I am still getting counseling due to this and it has been a long time since it happened,  but I did not deal with it for many years ... and until we do, the pain and anger stay inside.   I wish you the best and pray that you continue to heal  God bless you.

Sheree Moore - What a beautiful site.   It so nice.

 Caroline Finney - I really enjoyed your web site. Keep up the good work. Maybe by working together we can all eliminate abuse. 

Floyd McCall - Great site here! It sure has a lot of great information!

Benjamin Williams, II - Excellent site, I am going to add a link to my website!

Dr. James E. James - This site is awesome. You've done great.  I will forward your site to my friends and mailing list.   A link to your page has been added to my page on child abuse.

 Eugene Waller - Thanks so much for sharing your site with me. It is really great and I know how difficult it must have been for you.  But you have been very strong and courageous.  Keep up the wonderful work.

Mrs. Verline Bellamy -  I just want to let you know that it has been hard,  and that you alone have been my power of strength.

Marianna L. Heath - Your home on the web is very touching.

Du'Shawn I. Kilbourne - I applaud you;  you are making a big difference. My prayers are with you.  Keep up your good work and keep speaking out.

Ernest C. Peele, Jr. - I just surfed via a guestbook and came to your site. I like it a lot. You have a super great site.

Jackie Parker c/o Howard University Hospital - I read your poem "OPTIONS". It is very deep!  May you be blessed in many ways for the work you are doing here, very touching. God loves you, I do too.

Jonnetta Goodwin (GodsGraciousGift – Farmtown / Facebook) - My heart goes out to you and the others that have survived the abuse, and to those that are going through and don't know what to do, or have someone they can talk to about the abuse. Know this - that God loves you unconditionally just the way you are. He's holding you in His arms even though you don't feel it. Gods love is healing to your soul and spirit.

You are the innocence that others want to taint with their wickedness.  Hold on and let God take care of you in your time of need. He has His angels protecting you even if you don't think they are, because you still have the breathe of life that God gave you. The little ones touch me deeply because we trust those with our lives only to have some to hurt us, and not believe what we tell them.   

You will grow up one day and share your testimony with others and encourage someone that is going through what you went through, and not even know it.  Live your life to the fullest and know this scripture, “Isaiah 54:17:  No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me”, saith the Lord.

No matter what the situation looks like, Jesus is the light that shines in the darkness to guide you to the safety of His arms. Know that you are loved for being the person God created you to be - and with the love of God in me, I love you all.  My prayers go out to you. You have a special place in my heart. Be blessed and be a blessing to others.

Anonymous (Farmtown / Facebook) - Thank  God for C.J.'s reaching out through her pain and victory to reach others.