Benita L. Barrington - What sets you apart from the rest C.J., is not just being the best and the brightest. You continue to believe that this Epidemic can end.  Keep up your work – and it will …

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Carolyn James -I am moved to add my voice.

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William "Butch" Slofer - Thank you for providing this Site. I had to search for quite some time before finding any kind of support for black mothers, and I have found it here. When my daughter disclosed her abuse in 1994, I found very little information about sexual abuse anywhere at all. 

Carl & Annie Sloan - We still have not had any closure. Once again, thank you for giving us a place to speak, be heard and heal from the pain of child abuse.

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You have a great site here.

 Leslie MasonThe parents of abused children have a bond that no others will ever know. Keep up the good work.

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Lucenda Lucille Lee - Thank you for being brave enough to SPEAK out. This is a world-wide issue and so often over-looked (wonder if because the majority of the offenders are male? - not that I am a basher!) Anyway, as an adult survivor of all abuse issues, I am thankful for ones such as YOU.  

Rev. Odeaon Street - Something terrible inspired you to create such a beautiful website. Thank you for speaking up and sharing so much with the world. You took something negative and created something positive and that you must be congratulated on. Keep up the excellent work, Miss Brooks.

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Lucille Sumner - All we can do as survivors is try and help those who are lost as to where to turn or who to turn to. There is a war out there, and the victims are the children of this planet. We had all better start dealing with it as a war and try and save us from ourselves. Too often child abuse is swept under the carpet, until it’s too late and the real damage is done.

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M. Blackwell - Thanks for sharing, best wishes!

Sherry Johnston - I just wanted to stop in and visit. Your site is wonderful and MUCH needed. I am amazed at how these people can hurt children I hope that one day we can all work together to end all this madness!

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