Joyce Saxton - I learned a huge amount from One Voice / One Sound. It is my privilege to visit this site.  This is truly great, and is so transformational for so many of us.

Alison Schulte - I raise a proper toast in your honor, C.J.

David Rosenberg
- C.J., you are possibly the single greatest source of positive energy and genuine goodness in the communities in the Metro Area. God Bless you.

Carmen Leonard - I have had such an amazing experience here.  I want to thank you for having such a rich legacy of hard work and determination.  I am looking forward to where this website takes me next.

Kevin Fraser - Thank you, Ms. Brooks, for sharing your chosen profession with such style and grace, smarts, talent and passion. Wherever you are right now, I hope it's a great place.

Cindy Judge - It’s been very enlightening for me to read the comments.  I learned a lot about being a better human being.  It is a great honor and privilege to be a visitoron this website.

Amelia and Ja'Son Schettler  - This is, and what just might be the best website ever dealing with this Epidemic.

* Cherie Berzon Kline - Thank you  for sharing the stories about these children.

B. Ray - C.J., I'm still amazed at the caliber of talent that you have assembled for your climb!

Frederick N. Phelps, III / Kingston, Jamaica - There is the art of conducting oneself in the lower regions by the memory of what one imagines higher up.  You are GREAT, C.J. Brooks.

Anne Kane - You will be known by the tracks you leave behind, C.J.

Deaconess Marie L. Lewiston - May our paths continue to cross! And may you continue to do the African-American Communities proud.

Bishop Keith Sullivan - The uphill climb is worth all the effort, because you are so very special, C.J. - A Smart, insightful, fun, compassionate, creative blessing who travels across one’s path with a near mystical reverence for what the One Voice / One Sound brand could and should stand for.

 Reverend Thomas A. Johns - Denver, Colorado - There will be so many “finest hours” for you, because there are so many challenges: having to find a way to do one’s best work within a culture populated by a fair amount of opposition is the least. I’ve never experienced such an unselfish place where the greater good was about the collective us.  You are entitled to such a rare and rewarding experience.  Words can’t describe, nor history capture, my inexpressibly fond feelings for One Voice / One Sound, and all it means.   Some doors may be shuttered, but your spirit obviously lives on — as evident as I read all these pages and comments.

Lakesha Hall - I am a survivor of Child Abuse.  There were days I thought I wouldn’t make it - but I did, and I think what you’re doing is excellent.

Louis Livingston God bless you.Marie Oliphant - I am so glad to have finally found your website!


Irvette P. Hooker -I am so gland to come across this website.

Carole Willis -I just want to say that I thank God for bringing such a great woman of God forth - A woman that will not compromise. You have truly helped me in my struggles.

Genevieve Zesatti - Keep being a blessing for the children, C.J!

Tabitha Jasper - C.J. - You are so “real” when it comes to this. 

Artis Callahan - This is Powerful!  Inform now, for the truth shall make us free! God bless you and your ministry.

Terence Caldwell - C.J., please add me to any Blogs or Newsletters you have.

Alexandria Scott - Thank you and God bless you, for what you are doing. God led me to your ministry this morning.

Carlene Lewis and Family - You are a very inspiring woman, and we thank you for your message of hope.

Theodore Bailey, Sr. - May God bless you even the more, C.J.

Deacon Ruth Mesfun - I just thank God for you, Miss Brooks. You are truly an inspiration to me. We love you and pray that God will forever use you even greater in this hour.

Rhondelle Reimers - I pray that God continue to bless you, C.J.

Kathleen Lowry - Thank you for caring for the children!

Alcolya St. Juste - C.J., we are truly blessed by your words of transformation. God bless you and your advocacy.

Hobart Loring, Sr. - God Bless you, C.J.!

Kenneth and Mary Turgi - We truly enjoy your website. Thank God for you and praying for your continued success.

Nathaniel Miller -I really enjoyed your website!

Jarrian Adams - I really enjoy your site. I will soon get your book. Thank you and God Bless you. 

Kimberly Nollie - You are an inspiration to me.

Hilton Titus - You are a wonderful woman, C.J. - Keep up the good work.

Shirlene Howard - You’re a prophetic voice and visionary!  Thank you, for having an ear to hear. God Bless you.

Daniella Fleurinor - Words cannot express this. God Bless you always!

Reverend Catherine M. McNeil - I have never gone online to say anything, but you are the exception.  Let HIM continue to use you mightily.  GOD Bless You, C.J!

Reverend Shavonne Budd - When we allow ourselves to be used by God, He takes us to an amazing height. You are a living testimony for God. Keeps the work going.

Gail Lee Robinson - You are a true blessing, C.J.