Erica Dye - Praise the Lord!  God bless you, my friend.

Carlene Mathews - You have my support!  I'm proud of you. I look forward to purchasing your book. Be Blessed!!!!     

Saretta Carter - Words cannot say enough of what I feel for you success in your life.  Congratulations, Love!

 Sherrie McKesson - I'm sure I'm the last person you thought to sign your guestbook. I am already enormously blessed just to know you, and was able to share a brief moment in your life with you. I pray nothing but God's continued blessings upon you. I shall share this site and the news of your book with others and urge them to support you.

Louise Baylor -  Isn't God good? Look how far He takes us!! Look from where He can bring us!! Keep up the good work.          

 Sharon Nixon - May God continue to bless you and your family in his riches. You have my support.          

Dianne Collier - Thank you for being so encouraging.  May the Lord continue to bless you. I am so proud of you. This is an awesome site.

Tracye McCullough - May GOD continue to bless you.

Kenyatta Cullen - You are truly a blessing from God. As soon as I can come up with enough dollars, I am going to get that book!

Black Business Women Reading Club - We are looking forward to discussing your book in April! Keep up the good work, C.J.!

Perri Nichols – You are greatly appreciated. It is individuals such as yourself that make my work so much easier because you care and we need more women like you who care about the future of our young people. Stay Blessed!

Pastor Andrea Berry - I can hardly wait to meet you personally. I've read your book and I was immensely blessed! Glory to God! And I just love your website. You are a woman of many gifts and talents. To God truly be the Glory! I encourage you to continue to do God's Will at all cost, because you are making a difference.

Evangelist Ronald Payne - It's indeed a great pleasure and a wonderful pleasure to find your site.  I enjoyed the website and the words are so very true.  Your words have inspired me in ways that you cannot even imagine.

Darrell Hawkins, c/o D.C. Superior Court / Washington, D.C. - No one could be happier for you.  This is an excellent site.

Tiffany Hill - I love your website. The words that you speak are so real.

Denise Thrower - YEAH! YEAH! I am always so proud to see a sister in action.

Kevonne Wallace - The information on your site is wonderful and encouraging. The website itself is extremely pleasing and easy to flow from one area to another.  I know you did not ask me to critique your site, BUT you never know;  I may have needed the idea of what to do for myself.   See, there you go being an inspiration!

Lawrence A. Gill - I don't know you, but I m impressed.  I know that you you are in full standing of God's word, because it is very apparent in your lifestyle.

Emma Murphy -My classmate told me about website.

Deborah Jackson , c/o U.S. General Accounting Office - Your web site have been much of a blessing to me. Thank you for allowing God to use you. Love you.

Adrienne Reed - I must say, your web site was a blessing to me. I can't begin to tell you how it has put the running in my walk. I want to tell everybody about you and this site, and how it has changed my life. Thank you and May God continue to bless you always and forever more. 

Synceria and Thaddeus Lee - God bless you.  Keep doing what He has called you to do!

 Marla Penner - Thank you for what you are doing, and God bless

 Minister James Howard Davis,  III - God bless you, C.J.

Darryl  L.  Bridges - God bless your site and your ministry. I just so happened to come across your page. I love it. I don’t have my own computer at this time so I did not get to view all the pages but WOW is all I have to say. I live in Milwaukee a married mother of three small sons.

 Sylvia Clark - Hi C.J., Your book is AWESOME!!!

Rev. Linda D. Jones - Thank you for refreshing my spirit. Early I came searching and you were a blessing.

 Cherelle Tompkins - God Bless you and what you are doing. I love the site. Was browsing through and found you.

Willa Burroughs - C.J., you clearly love the work that you are doing for the children.  Your passion for advocacy runs deep.

Sherry Epps – C.J., both in your life and website, you depict a woman who knows her work, and who passionately desires to share her dream to end Child Abuse with others.

Kara Townsend - C.J. brings  a unique interpretation for each page she creates on this website.  The words she writes are infectious … as she writes from the heart.

Clara E. Brown - C.J., God has chosen you to minister to me in some of my deepest valleys.  I am honored to be your friend.

 Bettye A. Johnson - C.J., This website is scripturally spiritually convicting, and really touches the heart.   Your testimony is an example of what God can do.

Deacon Luther B. Rawlings - I’ve always been deeply moved by the ministry of C.J. Brooks; Not just by the words and poetry  she writes,  but by how deeply she feels them!  This website points us beyond ourselves to the Children - who are the focus of her life and ministry, and are in need of her work.  Be Blessed, C.J!

Andre L. Cleveland - C.J., you have the wonderful ability to shoot straight from your heart. What stands out even more is your obvious and contagious love for our African-American Youth. 

Karen Davidson - This site is truly wonderful!

Priscilla Hawkins c/o Veterans Administration Hospital - C.J. Brooks is one of the most moving Child Advocates I’ve ever encountered. One does not encounter women like her often.  She is a gift to the children who suffer from Child Abuse.

Ann Bowling - C.J., you bring it with the heart, the soul! I love your heart, your passion and I love your words.  I am convicted that I am in the presence of one who cares about our African-American children most of all. You have a unique gift that is bathed in Love, Care and Concern.

 Rev. Antoinette D. Felder - I’ve met a lot of people who have a great heart for Children, and I’ve met a few people who are gifted in writing. Rarely have I met someone who embodies both of these strengths in such a complete way as C.J. Brooks.

Harold Washington - I greatly value your servant attitude, C.J!  Keep up the good work!

Ossie M. Wallace c/o Greater Mt. Zion - Clearly, you are a choice servant of God and we thank the Lord for you, C.J!

Vernice Watson - Every time visit this website, my heart is freshly inspired with an even deeper love for the children.  I pray you will continue to bless many even as you have blessed me.

Wanda Stewart - I can’t begin to tell you how deeply moved I am.  You have a beautiful website.

Tee-Jay (Germany) - Dear C.J., - First of all,  THANKS!!!  I am from Germany,  so please excuse me if my English is bad.  Although my Dad is (was) American (Donaldsonville, Louisiana) I have some difficulties with this language. - Sorry.

I read through your site for nearly more than one hour.  Maybe two.  I don't know.  But I cried.  Oh yes, I cried a lot.  I still cannot believe that there are THOUSANDS of kids out there with such stories.  And there are still so many we haven't heard from yet.    I'm a mother of three unbelievable, beautiful, fantastic and lovely kids (3, 5 and 7 years old).  Although I got beaten often by my mother (she had a bad childhood), I swore to never be like that to my children! I know I am strict and consequent in my breeding / education but I would never beat and hit my kids like my mom did me. Also I would never do such mental harm to them.   I can't understand why parents who had such a bad childhood go on with this abuse to their own children.  How can they forget what it felt like when they were little?!  Why do they do the same to their kids?!   I can’t understand this!

Having said this, I would like to thank you for this website! For all the time and heart you put into this. May whoever bless you for your imperturbable struggle and for keeping those little Kings and Queens alive. Never give up doing this, because every day somebody gets to this page, stops by and read all this.  So every day you have one more person that has all these kids in his heart. So please go on, so no beloved soul will ever be forgotten!  Thank God for such a good person like you are! Thank God for these angels on earth!  Best greetings and love and strength!