Minister Aville Brown, Jr. – I truly see the God in you.  Be blessed and know that your brother is praying for you and your ministry.


Shvonne Johnson - I love the website.   Only when we acknowledge ourselves as servants like our Messiah did, will we really have impact on the lives of those who we encounter whether personally and/or professionally.

Joanne Dickey - I pray that God will continue to bless you richly.  I admire your Spirit. Be blessed and encouraged knowing that you are touching the lives of so many.

Theophilus Murray - This is a wonderful website, C.J.,  I pray God's continued blessings upon you and your ministry!


Minister NaTasha S. Heath - I love the site and God is continuing to bless you and use you to and for His glory. I thank you for being a vessel he can use.

Minister Lynne Foster
- You are a powerful woman of God whose work is revolutionizing the world; the hand of the Lord is truly good upon you! Stay the course Ms. Brooks, and complete the assignment because this generation has need of you.


DeShonna P. Claude - This is the Lord's doing, and it's marvelous in our eyes!" 

Dee Paige - May God continue to bless and keep you in all that you do for Him. God began a work in you the day you were born and you are living only a part of that work, there is still a greater work for you to do. Know that God will give you the strength you need so that He can complete what He has started in you.   Stay in the position that God has you in. Let me remind you that Satan is going to be busy but I promise you, He will see you through.  

Stephen M. Carter -Your work has inspired me through various seasons of my life and sure that will continue! I love to see it, when God's creation is walking in purpose.

Knisely - I thank God for you.  Eyes have not seen nor ears heard what God has prepared for you. You are being used by God to be an impact. 


Minister Emily Ward - This is a great work that you are doing through this website. You have blessed me more times than I can count. God Bless!

Min. Cheryl Mercer
- Be encouraged.  Thank you for all you do.


Zevlin Staten - You are a voice to the nation.


Thelma J. Jackson - The website is wonderful!


Min. Stephanie Smith - Truly your work is for real. May the living and true God continue to shape, mold and hold you in His hands.

Minister Ingrid Johnson - To God Be the Glory, for this great work. Thank you for speaking into my life, and my children’s’ lives.

Pat Carpenter - I will continue to pray your strength.

Van Williams c/o Sibley Memorial Hospital, Washington, D.C.  - I want to congratulate you on your wesite.   It certainly has been created with the spirit of excellence.  I'm confident that souls will be reached and God's children will be encouraged as they log on to your site. You are a blessing to the body of Christ and I'm elated to be able to call you friend. You are an anointed woman of God, and I believe you have not even scratched the surface of what God really has in store for you.  Please stay the humble woman that you are.  I love you lady!  

Beverly Wharton - I am very proud of this accomplishment and pray that you remain the vessel that God can use to continue to reach others.

Mrs. Catherine Chaltain - I am truly happy for you, C.J., and to see how God is blessing you and your ministry.  It is my prayer that you continue to allow him to use you to reach a dying world.

J. Nicholas - Congrats on the website. I love it!  I'm grateful to God for placing His hands upon you.


Deacon Norine Gentile You've blessed many lives, and encouraged the hearts of many more. We appreciate you.

Rev. Marne Levine - Words can not explain the blessing you have been to me. I praise God for putting people in my life that make an impact and change, and you C.J., have done that. Be blessed in all that you put your hands to do for the Lord and May the blessings of God run you down and overtake you.

Marie Lusk - Keep It Moving, C.J!

Roland Reynnolds - I have thoroughly enjoyed your website. 

Roshanna E. Love - You deserve every good and blessed thing that comes across your path. Stays encouraged and keep on slaying those giants!


Deacon Michael Hayes - I'm really happy for you and what God is doing through you!

Evelyn Coe - I am really excited about this website.


Janice Van Buren - This looks good and I really do like it. Keep up the good work, my Sister.


Renee De Biel - I pray that this website reaching far and wide to uttermost parts of the earth and will help many children in distress.


Anonymous - Child abuse comes from a lack of knowledge and realizing that being a parent is not an easy job. Parenting does not take two; however, when dealing with children or a child, there is power in numbers. Some parents are destroying self worth and esteem in their children. When parents humiliate their child it says so much about their character (the parent).  We are our child's first teacher and most influential person in their lives. If we install morals, value and respect, those seeds will bare fruit in years to come. Raising a child takes time and patience. Instead of grabbing an object to discipline, take your child's hand and explain to them about consequences.

Two adults have a child together and for what ever reason abandon the relationship and the child. We need to be open and honest about our situation and reach out for help when needed. We can not continue to parent children the way our parents did. Times have changed and it's time for our parenting to do the same. Get educated before; during and after you bring a child into this world. Be a parent that teaches not a parent who screams, beat or belittle your child. Raise them to be the man or woman God has called them to be and keep them in the safest place, His will.