Crystal Smothers, aka "Queen Nef"c/o The Black Network (Ning) - Welcome to the Black Network.  Many blessings on your child advocacy outreach.

Paul Newson - RIP to my babies and mother-in law, Dawn, Shayla, and Shakur.  A change is much needed and I dedicate my future to making that happen.  My condolences to all those who have lost loved ones, just make sure their deaths are not in vain. God Bless.

Bishop Altura Hudson - The growth of your ministry is a true testament to God's affirmation and confirmation. You continue to touch many lives. I now realize that it is not fame or popularity one needs for his/her ministry to grow. Rather it is results. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example.

 Diahanna Wright - I thank the Lord for connecting us through this website, and your book. Continue to allow the Father to use you where-ever He sends you.

Pastor Bertrell Warner Tyson - Let me say first that you are a woman that God has hand selected. I was in attendance at your book signing. My sister,  I say continue in the things of God. You have been called to the nations without a doubt. God bless you, C.J.

Madeyne Davis - Thank you for standing up for the children.

 Norma Jackson - Talk to your kids; let them know that even if they think they know someone NOT to let them inside the home under ANY circumstances, if you have to leave them at by themselves.  And try not to do this.

Candace Wheatle - I think this is a worthwhile cause. Keep up the pressure and the good work!

Deacon Jackie Banyon - Thank you for the work that you are doing on behalf of children everywhere.  Children are paying with a lifetime of emotional, mental and physical trauma and many times they pay with their very lives. The plight of the "little ones" has not escaped the eyes of God who cause his angels to always stand before our Father in heaven on their behalf. Our society has given itself over to the transgression of God's most precious treasures through child porn. The society uses children for their own morbid perversions, and the society that allows others to do so must remember that when they have done it to the least of these they have done it to Jesus himself.  You are in my prayers, C.J.!

Elder Mary Howard - May God protect and deliver all His precious children.

  Julia Morrison - Protect Children any way you possibly can.

 Fakhir Noble - Continue all the wonderful work on behalf of the children.

Anita Bass - God bless you for answering his call to be dedicated to a very important issue that has remained in the silence for far too long.

Minister Claudette Trench c/o Word of Life Christian Center /  Donaldson, Louisiana - God bless you my sister.  My heart goes out to the abused children.  I send up much prayer.  I pray that Gods' protection be upon  every child in the name of Jesus and that God would change the hearts and minds of man.  No weapon formed against the child shall prosper.    Thank You Father of Divine Favor!!!!!!!!

Minister Jean Tillman Parker c/o Transformation Ministries  /  Windsor Mill, Maryland - God Bless You.  My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was just 8 years old and I was raised by an abusive woman who'd been abused herself.  I have five children today and it has been a long road traveled to reach the place of healing and forgiveness.  I spent many years fighting not to be the person I was so afraid of.  But as a child,  I did the only thing I knew to do, when I was locked in that room.  I prayed, and build a personal relationship with God.  He was and still is my Mother and my Father. I did it,  and I have five beautiful healthy children.  We can win this battle.  I am praying that the hand of God rules and move you in the places that He needs you the most.  God Bless you,  and be strong - for the battle is not yours it is the Lords!

Minister Anita Britton Bras, c/o United Missionary Baptist Church / Toledo, Ohio - I have two beautiful little girls who were wanted and born in love.  However, On May 29, 2009 I gave birth to our only son whom we named Christian Joseph he was to be called, believe it or not, C.J.  Every time I see someone mistreating or not doing what is best for thier children,  my heart just aches. Women,  we need to realize that giving birth to children is not a "right" however it is a "gift".  No child born no matter what the circumstances is a GIFT. James 1:17 say "every good and perfect gift is from above". Women (and men) we need to realize that our children are gifts from God they are not our to handle any way we see fit. Yes we did have them but we need to bear in mine that we were only the vehicles to get them here. They were His from conception and are His until they return to Him. Women who are blessed to have many children please do not mistreat your gifts, don't take them for granted.  God chose us for the children we have and we must nurture, rear, and love the precious vessels He chose us to care for.

Vanessa Anne Gray c/o Masters' Touch & Without Walls, International / Orlando, Florida - I love the work you are doing for the abuse and neglected, Sister C.J. Brooks.  Your voice is loud and clear!  May God give you overwhelming support and bring other ministries to light that will help all the innocent yet brave little souls that cry for help.

Prophetess Carolyn Thomas c/o Open Door Community Outreach Center / Wilson, North Carolina - I hope this message finds you blessed and highly favored of the Lord.  Child Abuse now and never will be acceptable.  I commend you on spearheading such a mighty project as this.  May God bless you 100 fold in every area of your life and everything that you need/desire will he put before you.   I pray a special prayer of protection for all children all over the world that are in an abusive situation.  That their cries whether silent or out loud would be heard and intercepted immediately.  Lord heal their shattered hearts and bodies that they will be able to function as you have ordained them to.  Thank you for answering the prayers of the righteous.  Amen!

Anonymous - After much reading and much absorption of these horrible and heinous stories, I lack any understanding on how anyone could destroy the innocence of a child or anyone who has not harmed another is beyond words. The struggle and survival of the author is commendable and this is that "elephant in the room" that people do not want to talk about or hear about, but clearly exists. My prayers are with you in your preseverance and to the many who are survivors and to those that we do not know about  Yet, God be with you.

 Group Owner c/o  [email protected]  - (Edited): ...  Best of Luck to you.

Sam Carpenter - (Edited):   Hello C.J.  Thanks for the email,  and the awareness to Child Abuse.

Diane Wilson - I am blessed to see the connection and unity on your site.

Kim Lewis - I have really enjoyed viewing your website. May the Lord richly bless you for all your hard work. Awesome.

Sherita Johnson - God used you to do for my heart and my soul on this day, what will never be forgotten. I walk in a healed place for which I have never known at any time in my life. I thank God for sending you.  God has truly healed some wounds that I thought would always be there and I bless God for you. Please don't ever stop ministering the truth.

Karina Powell - May God bless and love you and protect you during life’s test.

Lisa Nelson - Please continue to do what God has called you to.


 Pastor Darin Clark - Let me say first that you are woman that God has hand selected. My sister I say you have been called to the nations without a doubt. God bless.

Beverly Nelson - Continue to touch the lives of God's people. God bless you.

Sean Smith – Awesome website.  I'm going to put it on my MySpace page so all my friends can see it. I'm so glad to see how the lord is moving in your life.

Sherlynne Lake - Your website is such a blessing. I come and look at it every day, and tell my friends.


Angela Johnson - God bless you and may His love and favor bless you richly.

Tami Williams - May GOD bless you.

Valera Pinkard - Your site is beautiful.

Elder Tonya Davis - Always allow God to use you and continue giving Him the glory. The Father is well pleased with you and what you are doing for Him. My prayers are with you as you carry out the Master's plan.

Sharon Mims - I Love Your site Much!


Hewlette Pearson, Washington, D.C. - The power and presence of God is evident in and on your life. Go forth! The nations await you.

Nicole Lynham - Praise God, keep doing what you do and God will continue to bless your works.

Audrey Cowart - May the Lord continue to bless you.

 Tiffany Myers - I am overflowing with joy as I go through your site. You are an inspiration to me! I love you, thank God for you and I'm so proud of you. You will always be in my prayers!


Pastor Gregory Gibson - I am so proud of you.


Deborah Hays - I really love your website.  Keep doing what the Lord has called you to do.

Jennifer Holly - WOW!  This site is awesome.

Tiffany Ham – Great site!

Sherry Wilson - I pray God will continue to bless you indeed, and enlarge your territory.

Elder Van D. Washington - Excellent website. God is taking you to an entire new level. God's hand is upon your life, and this website speaks of his works within you. Continue teaching, preaching and reaching through your website.

Tierra N. Holmstead - I am so happy that you can share the anointing that the Lord has placed on your life with the world. I truly thank God for you.   

 Kimberly Brown - "Stay encouraged."  


T. Crockett - This is a wonderful site.   Keep reaching and the best is yet you to come.

Ernestine Boswell - My prayers are with you C.J., as you launch out into the deep.

Evangelist Ernest Butler - May the Lord continue to bless you and enlarge your territory. May He also give you the desires of your heart. Your website is wonderful.


Danielle Fox c/o Terrell Jr. High School / Washington, D.C. - Wow C.J.! It's actually happening for you!  I'm so proud of you and I'm thankful to the Lord for allowing me to see your growth. You are a true testimony!

David Echols - I like your new webpage. 


Alfreda Lucas – “WOW” is all I can say! God has groomed you for the greatness that you are walking in. You are fine example of the book of Romans where is states "What shall we then say to these things, if God be for us, who can be against us."

Pastor Avery Kinney - You are a beautiful woman of God.  I am better because God placed you here. God bless you and your endeavors.

Kemba Clarke - I am excited for the all the great things that you are doing. Now the world gets the grand opportunity to experience all that you have to offer. I know that you are going to touch so many people through this site. No matter what happens keep being the awesome vessel God has created you to be! This is only the beginning! I am so excited for you!


Shana M.  Jay - I love your new site. May God continue to shower you with his riches blessings.