Neslyn A. Morrison  c/o American University -Your strong persistence and dedication to your work has lead you to success where many have failed, whether you know it or not, C.J;  Always believe in yourself, as we believe in you.  There is no one better.

The Honorable Janice M. Clarke - Holding you with reverence every day that I awake, C.J.  We thank God for you.  Stay strong, and keep this going. 

 Diane Sutton - This is a strong, beautiful site - clearly the "only" one of its kind that is addressing a "very" real issue, online and off.  One love, Sister.  One Love.

QueenEsther Perry - I really enjoyed every bit of this website. It brought back great memories of my own childhood. You don't get to read stuff like this anymore. One Voice/ One Sound displays ambition very well. Anyone who visits this website would be in for a real, educational treat.  Just a good, moving, timeless and soulful experience.

Patricia Jones - Just found your web site.  Great Site!

Ora Hammond - I just found this site.  So good to see you doing what I think you do best.

Mary Moore - I wanted to tell you that we love your book, and also we want to let you know that you are in ours prayers.

Donna and Robert Elliott - Wonderful website! Stay strong, C.J!

Carole and Ellen Grace - Just a note to let you know how you continue to bless me and my family through your wonderful ministry; May God continue to bless you.

Daniel Carter - My family is enjoying your website.  We view it together every weekend.  Thank you for your work, Sister.

Beryl AdamsJust spent a happy hour on your website again. As always, I leave refreshed, invigorated and energized to go out and do more.

Chantelle Robertson - Superb site. Was added to my best sites.

Freeqwon Richardson - This site is awesome. I add this www. to my bookmarks. Great job.

Leslie Tompkins - You are offering such a gift to the world and have blown me away with your work!

Angie Tucker - The work you are doing is incredible.

Reginald Holman - Hello! I just found this website and would like to be involved.

Eric Brockington - My sister is Chief of Pediatrics at Emory University and I'll tell her about your site.

Marie Longchamp - My cousin was abused.  I will show her the website. It is very encouraging for all people of different ages.

Reverend Cecil O. Miller, III - Thank you so much for being committed to our children. Thank you especially for speaking out against the narrow-minded media of today.

Jasmine Murphy - Beautiful work. Incredible and touching. Thank you.

Kim Blackwell - Very good site. I will share it. Thank you!

Deacon LaVerne Smith - This is a best site I ever seen! Thanks so much! I like it!  Thank you for light you bring to the world!

Overseer Thomasine Dorsey (Atlanta, Georgia) - I thank God for you. You are a light to the world and a means to an end of all the evil that takes place. One step at a time we can fight every injustice. I will pray for this work and do whatever I can to spread the word. God Bless You, C.J.

Trescina Tolbert - Continue your outstanding work and God willing, attitudes will change as well.

Lucille Banks - Thank you so much for your work for the children. These precious lives deserve to be held in as much regard as the life of any other Human Being; and that is exactly what One Voice / One Sound is achieving.

Stephanie Taylor - I was led here after seeing the notice about your Cause in the D.C. Examiner Newspaper.  I think that it's beautiful what you are trying to accomplish.  Stay strong, and keep up the great work for the kids.

 Jason White (Warrenton, Virginia) * - I know I am just a 14 year old kid that doesn’t have a clue. I know I just stumbled on this while I was researching for a report. But I have to say that I am truly touched by this organization.  I am so very touched by this site.  I just wanted to thank you for this. It made my day. You are in my prayers.

Reverend Hezekiah Strong  (Kingston, Jamaica) - I must tell you that I was deeply touched with your site. Your work is wonderful. You and your works, if you allow us, will be the great inspiration and encouragement to a similar project that we started to do.  We would like to talk more with you, exchange ideas, and things like that.  It would be a great honor. Thank You very much for your advocacy for our African-American children.

Georgiana O. Davidson - Through all of this, you have remained motivated and inspired to do something extraordinary with your life. I know you will continue to be an inspiration to others.

 Maude Sykes - WOW!! This site is amazing. You are a gift from God, C.J. So blessed to have met you. Leila Brown-White talked about you all the time.

Marlene Hagan - Thank you for showcasing the positive! Your work is inspiring!

Juliet Weaver, R.N. -I just came across your website after seeing it referenced in the Washington D.C. Examiner Newspaper, after my son was born.  Thank you for doing all that you do, Ms. Brooks!

Augusta McLean - I realized that all these kids (and their parents) are warriors, and they are lucky to have you helping them in the fight against this Epidemic of Child Abuse.

Shirlene M. Alban - All I can say is “Great “work”. One of my old school pals turned me onto your site when I commented on your book hat he was reading. I wish you were around near me and my kids. God bless you and continue to bless your work. You are living God's plan for your life!

Henrietta V. Harney - Your site keeps growing and growing! May the Lord bless your ministry.

Jackson V. Haywood - I really like this website. The background is beautiful and there is so much information and different items to check out. You did and excellent job!

Alma B. Madison - I really needed this today.  I love it ...

 Robert V. Judson, Sr. - Great site!! God bless you!

Jackie Redwynne  - This site looks great! I will be sending a love offering for the book! Can't wait to read it!

Victor D. Lee  - Your site is wonderful, and we are glad to be guests.

Christine LeBeau - Very cool looking site! Keep up the good work!

 Stewart Hoban - I love the website. It looks amazing! You really are an inspiration to me.

Derwin Abston, II - God bless you and your ministry! Know that we love you!

Antoinette Dodd - God is doing such wonderful things through your ministry! I love your website and can't wait to get your book.

Tricia Hemphill - May God Bless you and your ministry.

Leon Bright, Sr. - Finally had time to really browse and enjoy your website. You did a great job on it!

Rosalia Ennis - Girl, you Rock!! You are blessed and highly favored!

Deacon James C. Ely - Praise God!!!! Your web site looks great. I will so continue to pray for you.

Wendell J. Campbell - Looking good, girl! God has shown His favor on you!

Kennth A. Childers - Great website,  and you can bet I will pass along your name.

J. Maxwell Bond - WOW! This is so Great! Love the colors of the site!!

Marilyn Thomas - Love your website. It's so easy to navigate and very pleasing to look at. Also, the songs playing are wonderful.

Pauline Devroaux -So proud of you and what you are doing in your ministry. God bless you as you continue on in doing what God has called and equipped you to.

L. Edward Frye - The songs on your website are beautiful! Your website is awesome!

Clarine Dempsey - Beautiful website from a beautiful heart!

Micheal Duletsky, Jr. - This is awesome! God Bless.

Mwata khara Ntambo - I love the website.  God is great! He is using you in every way. It is so exciting to witness!

Carl LaVan White - God bless you and your ministry.

 Benjamin A. Ward - Awesome!! God Bless you in everything you do!