Mrs. Verda Holman - C.J., I just wanted to stop in and say thank you so much, for the work that you are doing. I've decided to pass on whatever knowledge I know after visiting your wist to others. Most people don't go out and seek knowledge; they just hope it falls in their laps. So I put this link to your Website on my company's  Web Page, in hopes that it would fall into someone’s lap the way it has fallen into mine.  God Bless You, Sister.  One Love.

Jalen McLaurin - I feel that child abuse - whether emotional or physical, is a coward act of any parent, and should be corrected as soon as possible.  It's not fair for a child to be raised in that type of home. No matter how you look at it, it has a negative
impact on the Childs’ life long term.

Kaila Nechelle Yancey - I believe that for every child to feel successful, they need the love and support of a family unit.  No child deserves to be abused and talked down to.  Abuse of any sort to a child affects them mentally and physically.  It disables them from living out to their full potential,  because they have the remembrances of how their parents mistreated them. Every child deserves to be loved and cared for; this is why I am so against child abuse.

Vonzell Holman - Child abuse is for pitiful people, and anybody participating in that should be dealt with as soon as possible.
Evangelist Alexis Freeman - C.J., You are certainly soaring to higher heights. Stay on your journey on destiny's road. I encourage you to continue to be a blessing to the Body of Christ.  Love you much!

 Bishop Brenda Dorsey - Keep up the good work sis!

Reverend Hope McMillan - Well done, C.J., I am proud to know you and salute your achievements.

Reverend Sha’ree North - C.J., you epitomize the essence of a strong black woman; one who is talented, fun-loving, God-fearing, caring, sharing, friendly, blessed, strong and empowering.  You showed me that hard work pays off!

Denise Bethune, Editor-in-Chief  /  P.E.A.S. In Their Pods Magazine - Greetings CJ;  We would be honored to feature you in the February Issue of Peas Magazine.  It is so important that individuals / organizations are honored for work that is being done in the community.  Please consider my request.  The submission date is January 25, 2011 for the February Edition.  Thank you!! P.S. I have found a way to have the publication as a hard copy.

Walter Green - Justice and protection for our children!!!

 Dianna Hamilton - I'd love to be more involved with what you're doing. Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

Belleria Harvey - I like the information on your site.

Katrina Hawkins - I love this. Now that I'm connected to the site I am willing to do all I can to help.

Janice Griffith - I am glad to see that there is an organization interested in the welfare of "our" children as well as others. Children are gifts from God and should be treated as such. May God continue to bless you.

Bernadette Hill - Thank God for you.

Lynn Howard - This is a wonderful cause for the well-being of our children.

Sharon Hickson - Thank you for alerting us so that we may be aware of the dangers that our children face in this world single day.

William Hayes - I am very impressed - great work!

Audrey Agard - As a domestic violence advocate, I will definitely be passing this information along. Thank you.

Georgia Allen - This site is amazing and much needed. Thank you for creating it!!

Roberta Alston - This is a wonderful website.

Patrina Clark - What a great website.  Please keep us aware to what is happening to our children.

Rev. Berneice Brown-Walker - I think this website is very much needed, children are often seen not heard, bringing awareness on steps we can take to be safer, concerning our children is an awesome ministry unto the Lord, The Lord said in his word, Except you come like a child concerning the things of God, you cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Our children ARE our Future.  Let's form a united front against the enemy!! And take back our children!!! In the name of Jesus!! Amen I Love you sis!! Keep doing what you're doing. Because only what you do for God will last.

Deacon Joseph Wiley - Just checking out your site!

Winsome Winstead - Thank you for doing a great job.

Ditra Edwards - To me all of our children hold our futures in their hands, because they are our future. And without them we have nothing. If only more people could be like you, this world would be a greater place, because parents would be more leery of letting their children go out alone.

Jennifer Broadnax - I think that anyone who harms poor little innocent children, are nothing but low down worthless scum.

Sonia Gayle - I'm here and ready to support the Vision and the work of One Voice / One Sound.

Kenneth Ventour - Keep up the good work. God Bless You!

Michael Edmondson - Much love and support for all that you're doing to help ensure the safety and better futures for our children.

Norman Benjamin - I was just astonished by the number of children murdered - it’s really sad.

Ronald Samuels - You are doing such a great job! I absolutely love this! If there is anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask. You are a Godsend.  

Gwendolyn Addo - I am excited about the work and honor One Voice / One Sound brings to the abused and abandoned children.

 Wilma Broughton - I find this site very informative and find it is an asset. So many of us as young people really don’t know what signs to look for to stay safe. Thanks for being a big help and an open door.

 Earline Brock - Through you the voices of the children speak. We thank you for being their vessel!

 Nygel Brown - This is a much needed service! God bless you for caring for the children.

 Carla Cole - It is about time, black children seem to be a disposable commodity. They do matter.

 Auggie Chappelle - I think this is a much needed ministry!! Reaching out to help our abused children and educate parents so that maybe we can reduce the number of victims each year. God bless you!!!

 Reginald Casey, Jr. - This is an organization that needs more publicity. I never knew it existed. It is humbling to know there are people who care in this crazy world.

 Constance Catino - Please! What can I do to save our children? How can I help in this ministry?

 Connie Young - Bless you for helping the children. They need all the help they can get.

 Louise Chambers - God bless and thank you for letting me know about your site. I'll be in touch.

 Judith A. Graham - I think you are doing an excellent job.  Continue to make parents proud all over.

 Nadine Goins - We all must become voices for the voiceless.

Joyce Gilbert Whelms -  God bless you for what you are doing.

  Irene Whelan - I'm very emotional right now, just to see all these children gone. People are so heartless to hurt a defenseless child.

 Neicy Gilchrest, R.N. - I am trying to type through my tears. My sisters and brothers are gone.

 Ruby Greene - I just want to help out some kind away even if just word of mouth from here.

Daniel Gill, Sr. - This is a wonderful site for our children.  You are so right; we don't hear or see any reports on our children.  God bless you.

 Farrah Harden - I applaud your idea for saving our children. Someone has to look out for their best interests. Keep it going!

 Chester Hopkins - I am very proud to get involved with saving our children. Our children deserve to live and have a chance to grow up.

Renata Few - I would like to do what I can to help.

 Liasa Howard - I want to think you for making this site.

 Karima Lee - I will be in prayer for our children. 

 Blondell Lee - Very admirable cause. Thanks for sharing and bringing attention to the problem.

 Florence Elliott Lee - It is our duty to save the children. Thank you so much.

 Sandrine Lewis - This is a wonderful cause and I will be in contact to see how I can get more involved. Be blessed and encouraged.

 Percy King - I think all webmasters should put a link of your website on their own to help spread awareness and increase prayer and watchfulness.

 Michael T. Nicholas - If I can help in any other way please don't hesitate to ask.

 Sasha Morgan -Please keep up the wonderful work, as we need more organizations like this!!

 Marianne Noble - Thanks for being the voice for the missing African American children of the world!

 Leroy Morrison, Sr. - God Bless You in your efforts to rid the world of this demonic situation.

 Uzo Nwokyo - This is an outstanding website, and I think you guys are doing tremendous work making everyone aware of this alarming epidemic!

 Yvonne Morrison - My heart aches for these children and their loved ones.

 Sushonna Roberts, Esq. - I love what you are doing.

Rev. Abraham Morris - I must say I never knew of a site like this and so many children abused. 

Fakhir Nicholas - I’m sad for each and every parent who has lost a child. I’m a mother of three boys and they’re my world so again my heart goes to each parent, and may God continue to keep you strong.

 Lorne O'Neil - The more time I spend on your site reading, the happier I feel about clicking that link. Keep doing what you're doing.

 Samuel Hasker - It is people like you that make the world a better place. Thank you for all you do to bring hope and healing to families across the globe. You are indeed a woman of courage! May God continue to richly bless you.

Reverend Claudette Reynolds - God bless your efforts!   I would like permission to reprint “Options” on my other websites and also to send to pastors in this area.  I will send your web link to all of the young parents that I know. I realize there is no other way.

 Dante Rogers - I would like to also be a voice for our abused children, they are our angels.  Tell me what I can do, to help get the word out.

 Veronica Robinson - God bless people like you, for without you who would these angels have.

 Robert Massaquoi - Thank You for such a beautiful organization. God Bless You and may God keep you.

 Laura Richard, Esq. - We appreciate what you and your team are doing. We proudly display your Banner Ad on our website. Thank you, God Bless,

 Bobbie Gayle - Thank you for your efforts. This has put so much on my mind. I will certainly pass your website on to everyone I know.

 Mrs.Virginia Seabrooke - My heart is so heavy right now. How, why, who, would want to cause harm to our children. I am the mother of two beautiful girls and can't even begin to grasp the idea that they could be murdered. My heart filled with love goes out to all of those mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and communities who are suffering with the loss of their child.

 Christine Shepherd - I pray that you succeed in all of your endeavors to help the families and finding these children.

 Fitz Simmons - I want to say my prayers go out to every family of a child or children and every child that is abused.

 Diane Silvera - If I can tell someone everyday about the struggle to save our children and to help create an effective response from media and law enforcement, then we will be one step closer to getting universal help for families who feel that they are out there by themselves. Walk with Angels And GOD Bless.

 Marcus Singletary - This is a wonderful way to reach the masses of people, who care about children. I love it! Keep up the good work, God will bless you for it.