Sha'ron Knisely I got to review your work.  It is so heart rendering!   Now I know why you are so passionate about the children.  Stay encouraged!

Shawn I. Latula - Child Abuse is putting an innocent life of a child at danger. The child is to be loved, cared for, fed and nurtured.   A child shouldn’t be neglected or abandoned.  No child is a mistake if they are on this earth; they have purpose and a destiny to fulfill.

Sonya J. Bowser -  No one deserves to be violated in any way form or fashion especially children. I feel that all forms of abuse  need to be addressed more in our communities and that we need to offer more help and assistance to children who have been impacted from this horrible reality in all communities. It is time for us to speak out make our voices heard.

 Kala Butler - Child abuse is something that I try to protect my son from.  It is what keeps me from letting him go, but I have to let him go a enjoy life.  He will never know that this is my fear.

Desiree Scott - Wow!   This is really deep! 

Anonymous c/o Revel Security Services - I can tell you right now that Child Abuse is wrong.  Anyone can tell you that Child Abuse is wrong.  A child can tell you that Child Abuse is wrong.  It's just wrong, and should never happen to a child.

Denise Bethune - Always visiting your site when I get a chance.  Keep up the great work, and keep on catching all those fake, wanna be folks.

Tonya Jason - So sad, so many lost to soon.  My condolences to all the families that have lost a child  listed on this website, and even to the ones not listed here. I hope that one day you all will recieve justice, and just know you will be with your loved ones one day.

Somore Love (On When A Nut Cracks  / Founder's Ledger) - Your article on Tomiyo Williams was very informative.  Thank you for exposing Ms. Tomiyo Williams to the world. (Edited)

Pastor Margie Tolbert-Jordan - To God be the Glory.  My prayer goes out to One Voice / One Sound, for their desire and ambition to help STOP & PREVENT Child Abuse.  Let's support this cause to stop Child Abuse in America and abroad!
Charlene Vernon - This is a great way to get the word out. Much Respect.
Mr. Jesse Abernathy Filcaske, BSW Candidate / Oglala Lakota College / He Sapa Center - Rapid City, South Dakota - Thank you so very much for courageously and honorably assuming responsibility in the struggle to end child abuse--the children you are fighting for can not thank YOU enough!  Respectfully ...
.Coleda A. Jackson - I am here visiting your wonderful web site, as I often do, stopping this time to let you know that I too appreciate and am encouraged by your effort to share such a wealth of information with us.

Barbara Mallette - Thank you for helping to make this website and its information available. I have young children and I plan to bring them to this website and use it as a teaching tool.  May the Spirits continue to guide you for the good of the black race. Peace. 

Parthenia Williams - I would like to send love and respect to this site which I have known about for a while.

Mrs. Ellen Minter - The content on this website is very special and holds many truths to our struggle.

Louise Grimes - May the light of the Creator continue to bless you and this web site.

Mr. Jeffrey Chapman - Nice looking site. Keep up the good work. 

Mr. Brandon Culpepper - I honor the community aspect of this site where we can do a great deal of learning and sharing to continue to break the shackles that the enemy tries to impose on our children.   May we continue to move in the way and truth for the children.  May we continue to feel and live in the Love and Light!!!

 Reverend Donald C. Root - Our Ancestors are waiting and watching you, C.J.!  Keep going! 

Regina D. Belle - God bless you in work to shake the scales off the eyes of the communities.

Virginia Stiles - I have looked over your site and read a little and enjoyed myself.   I found a lot to read. I will be telling my friends what great things I found on your site. Thank you. And may God be with you always.

Beth Anderson - Great Place to be at 5:00 a.m.!  I'll be back. God bless.

Renee Blackwell - With all the negative reports about material on the net, it's refreshing to find sites like this that shed light on the darkness.

Johnathan Miller - May God bless you abundantly!

George Richmond, III  - Awesome site! May the Lord richly reward you as you continue to inspire. 

Patricia Patton - I've been here many times in the last few days, since I discovered you. What a blessing.  I want to thank you again for being here.

Markeius Stills - I praise and thank God for you and your ministry! Yours is the very best site I have found. You can be assured I'll be back many times.