Nikki Strong - An awesome site and (unfortunately) well needed! The ramifications of child abuse are many including creating abusive traumatized adults.  Let's help break the cycle.
Joan Henry - My personal thought is that anyone who abuse a child is a COWARD, and should be punished to the higest level of punishment that is lawful. I would personally urge folks to report any reasonable suspicion of child abuse to their local Human Sevices office. All citizens have a responsibility to protect children. Children are our future, so it is of vital importance that we treat them right and bring them up in a way that would be benifical and productive to them, and would be pleasing to God . I urge parents to be very vigilant about their surroundings. I also think that more resources on chid abuse needs to be put out there.
Anonymous - Child abuse is a horrible thing to happen to any child. Unfortunately, there are some cultures and people who abuse and think it is just a normal thing, not even thinking about the effects it will have on the child.   I was abused physically and mentally as a child, and I dealt with a lot of anger from it through out my adult life.   I finally got counseling (Christian Counseling) to deal with my feelings. I have lot's of scars on my body from the abuse, but they healed.  However, my internal pain, my emotional state did not heal. I still cry sometimes when I think about it and when any person even shows sign of the same behavior towards me, I automatically withdraw into my shell.
Bruce George, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam - Let's protect our children at all cost!
Anonymous - Offering my support and encouragement to continue doing positive things in the community.
Empress LaBlaque - I've had a classroom where eleven of my nineteen AA children had one or both parents in jail. Six additional children lived with extended family members, who knew nothing about them.  Only two children had two parents,  and they broke up before the school session ended.   The home life of these children was nothing short of abusive. One little boy in particular, asked me to help him write a letter to his mother in jail. No one remembered his birthday because he was just another child in a crowded household. I've seen my share of sexually abused little Angels where the assaults were so severe they could not hold urine. They also suffered with extremely foul body odors due to untreated venereal diseases. The list is as long as my arm and yes, I do report these findings.

 Do I sleep at night? When I lay down, I pray that God will wrap these angels in his loving arms for protection. I buy clothes, I give my time, and I listen to these babies.  I hold their hands, look into their cloudy eyes and tell them they will be alright.

Patricia Alexander - I am a mother of five.   I believe that every child deserves to grow up without ever having to worry about being abused - not mentally,  physically or in any other way. They didn't ask to come here, and we as parents are supposed to make sure that they are okay.   So please ...  can every one think twice before ever abusing a child again?

Anonymous - My heart goes out to evey child or adult that has endured abuse. It takes a very resilent person to overcome abuse. You have overcome a great obstacle. Continue to look up and reach out to others. Someone is in need of your expertise to get them through their crisis. Stay Strong!

Anonymous - You have an awesome website. It's time that crimes against children receive the attention they deserves. I believe that there should be harsher penalties given to those who harm children. Your website is exactly what we need to put child abuse in the forefront. Thank you !!!

Anonymous - I myself was abused as a child.   At the time,  I had no one to go to but the Lord.  Now they have help all over the USA.  I am thankful.  There are too many that are getting away with it.  There are many victims that will not talk about it because they are ashamed.  God help the ones that stay in it for as long as i did.

Anonymous - Very informative and enlighting.  I will be sure and forward this information to those who can help spread the word on your organization and its benefits to our "forgotten" communities!

Anonymous  - Thank you for extending the invite to post something to your guestbook.  I think that addressing the issues surrounding child abuse in our communities is a long overdue service needed within our society.  Yes, there have been many attempts through organizations that have tried to assist with abuse in our communities but I say that it is not their responsibility it is ours. It is an issue that in order to be eliminated, we as black people must all do something to prevent, regardless of how much time and/or effort.  Something is better than nothing at all.   This is a horrific issue that has plagued our black family for decades spreading like wildfire every day, every second, every minute, every hour - until we have used it to burn our very own flesh and blood our children (the innocent souls).   We have learned so well from our white enemy so many negative acts that it has become a part of our culture to tear ourselves down, tear our children down, and for those of us who aren’t doing it in our own homes, we turn our heads and act as if it’s not going on around us for fear that everything we have slaved for will be taken from us.  “It’s not our problem,” or “Humph, that is truly a shame, I feel so sorry for that child,” … but what are we doing to raise up our neighboring black families?

We have to start uplifting our race, C.J., and  You have taken a major step by acting and requesting that everyone take part in the struggle to transcend our Black Nation from the modern day captivity that so many of us are unaware we are still in!  The slave mentality is so deep rooted in our subconscious minds that we elude this behavior within our very own immediate households.  Doing to our children what white slave masters have done to us for 400+ years and still are today…no one wants to hear this – But I owe it to my people to give it to you all raw and uncut.

Blaqshop - We appreciate your support for Blaqshop and commend you on your cause,  which we support as well.  We have reviewed your website and find it reputable and honorable to ALL Human Kind.  Again,  Blaqshop would like to extend thanks and gratitude for your interest in us.  Please link us to your website.
Cecelia (Cee-Cee) Washington - I think Child Abuse is shameful.  Children coming into this world should be loved and cared for, not abused or Murdered.  More needs to be done to help/find children in need and to educate. Even after the abuse more needs to be done to help the children physically and emotionally recover so that they can live happy,  productive lives and not continue the cycle of abuse unto their own children later on.  Abusing Adults have to try and recognize that they have a problem BEFORE they commit the act.  Only then, can Child Abuse be eliminated.  A child is innocent and undeserving of abuse.
Cynthia D. Eason - I am honored Lady Brooks,  to comment on the concern of child abuse in this country.  I try not to take it too personal because I could get real angry about it,  and lose focus of assisting with preventing child abuse.  Children are our future and we have an obligation to make sure that they are cared for, nutured, educated and loved. Go on sistah girl - you have my support, because it takes a village to raise a child.

Anthony S. Moorer, Publisher  c/o H-Heat Magazine - We support what you have going on.  This is am important issue, and we would love to feature what you are doing within the pages of H-Heat Magazine!

Naomi Hasan - Thank you so much for your love and dedication toward doing what you can and encouraging others to do what we can to keep children safe. I applaud your effort and will pass along your message so that others will know and contribute their words and actions to this wonderful cause. Our (ALL) children need us to keep them safe and I pray for the day when no child is abused and/or abandoned but Loved and cared for so the cycle will not continue. I pray God continues to grant you patience and motivation to do the good work that you are. The only way the ills of society will be a thing of the past is with collective cooperation and work.

Phyllis Y. Bolden - Child Abuse is one of the most notorious crimes being committed daily, hourly, by the minute and the second. Child Abuse affects everyone in their families, their immediate friends, and anyone close to the victim because of the emotions and behaviors associated with how the victim deals with it. Abusers are evil, troubled, demonized, and law-breakers and should be dealt with in an effective manner. Children do not ask to be born and when they are born they deserve to be nurtured, cared for and protected from all hurt, harm, and danger. When that right and privilige is violated through abuse it nullifies the purpose of their existence. Please continue to cry out for children, please help them to live safe, healthy lives until adulthood. God bless you.

Donna Doss-Spicer, Founder/CEO (REJOICE! Performing Arts Studio) -  There are MANY horrific crimes that take place throughout the world since the fall of man. In my opinion, child abuse of any sort is the worst. It is betrayal of someone who is suppose to nurture and protect you from harm. To have the one who is suppose to be your shield turn against you and cause you harm is mentally, emotionally, and physically traumatic for any child.   The child that has been abused repeatedly has no choice but to arm his mind against breaking by becoming calloused. Chances are, the very one(s) abusing him/her lived thru similar circumstances and "can no longer tell the right hand from the left.   Everything is right in their own sight." They have been blinded by the lies of satan and feel no remorse. How truly sad for the soul of the abuser, and the well being of the one under his/her charge.   We must pray aggressively for those abusing and being abused that God would reach down and take back what the enemy has stolen their souls.   Thank you for allowing me to post. 

Pastor W.F. Casey - I personally am against the endangerment of children through abuse.   Abusing children will bring the wrath of God. We need more people to step up in caring for their children. And we also need more people to speak out against abuse.

Vera and Henry Epps - We are ministers of God, Grandparents, Father and Mother, and we are also foster parents. We take in children into our home that are in the foster care system in Memphis, TN and we are strong advocates of children rights.   Children have the right to be free, happy and loved by loving parents. The African American community has been devasted by poverty, violence, and child abuse.   No child deserves to be abused for no reason!   We as a black community must rise up and protect our children from abuse and violence, and we must do it now!  Fathers have turned their backs on their children, and mothers have thrown their beautiful children away. Let's stop the madnness now! Lets start praying on a daily bases for the deliverence of our community and our children. No child deserve the pain that is being inflicted upon them. We at the Harvest Life Global network stand with One Voice / One Sound with prayer and love.

Prophetess Pamela Wilson - Glory to God!  This is the most blessed site for awareness of child abuse that I have ever seen.   When I browsed through the pages - especially the page "Why We Are" it touched me so to see that even through child abuse the victim may be afraid to talk or can't talk.  It is comforting to know that they still have a voice through an advocate, someone who loves and cares. There are so many forms of child abuse and so little willing hands to help. I personally know of a woman whom lost her son to child abuse. Her boyfriend beat her son who at the time was only 3 yrs old with a table leg and busted his heart and died. That memory will forever be in my mind, to know that a child as defenseless as he was, was not protected by those who loved him. That took a big part of me and it saddened me to know that the little boy who use to run through my home with a smile as big as the sun would not run again. So I take my hat off to this ministry for being that voice for the unspoke.  May God bless you!

Verlin Meade - Thank you for what you are doing.  Keep up the good work may God continue to bless you richly.  I truly believe that all children should be given the best of care.  I do not like to see children being abuse in no form at all.  Anyone found abusing a child in any way should be dealt with according to the law.  The children are our future and what will the world would be like if we do not take care of them.Thank you again God bless.  Let us pray for our children and the one's who are set over them.

Minister Evelyn Adewoye  c/o  Hurting Women Healing Ministries - I feel the pain of these precious little ones. I was once a child being threatened, abused and in fear. I have a heart for those that hurt, and are in pain, especially women and children - because the rate is the most highest for those being abused.  The majority of the times when you come from an abusive home, you grow up thinking abuse is o.k. or you become the abuser.     We need to stop this form of abuse.   The silence needs to be broken. Some of us don't break the silence because of fear for our lives, and because we cannot really trust that person we talk to, since some of them will go talk to our abuser instead of calling for professional help, or the law enforcement. This is when things get worse, and then it is too late.  

Thank God for keeping some of us to tell the story that have overcame the fear of man, but have put their trust in God.  Thank God for you sister, to speak out. Some of these Government Officials need to look more into situations, evaluate more, and check the background of the individuals, even in some of the foster homes, and these foster parents because some of them are worse than the abusers the children come from. They keep this so quiet, especially among our African-American Children. 

William A. Hartsfield  -  I feel that a child needs love,  not to be abused.  Many of oure youth are falling to street gangs looking for love and to be protected.

Shanta L. Hereford-Sullivan  c/o  Great Results Consulting - Thank you so much for your continued effort and progress you have made in so many lives. Your determination has inspired us and we will we do all that we can to support you on your journey to bring national attention and awareness to child abuse. We encourage you to tread heavy and create your own path. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Ronnie Burrage - This is a horrible epidemic.  Along with the amount of homeless children,  it is incredible. There is no need to abuse a child of any age.  We have to become stronger,  responsible human beings and teach one another that it is time to spread the Good word,  joy,  peace, knowledge and healing vibrations.  Children should not have to worry about food, being beaten, left behind, sold or hurt in any way shape or form. You have all my support with this issue ... and don't hesitate to call on me and my talents to contribute or help!

Elizabeth "Betty" Asche Douglas - Human rights begin at birth, and any kind of abuse is a violation of those rights. The abuse of a child is especially aggregious. Children should be seen, heard and lovingly nurtured if they are to have any chance of realizing their potential. Stopping child abuse will lead to a reduction in domestic abuse of all kinds, and may even see less sociopathic behavior in the human community at large.

Kendell Maliki - Child abuse in a problem on many levels.  Our world has not figured out that proper education on raising a child is important.  We have forgotten how important it is to look out for each other.  If we don't reach the parents, we will have to continue to "rescue" our children.

Dr. Faye - I am deeply touched by your willingness to share this space with those whose hearts are heavy for our children.  For more than 25 years, I have lived purposefully in reaching out to save our children.  If we don't bond and band together, God will hold us responsible. It is high time we stood as a united front to take our neighborhoods back, save our children and restore our families.   Child abuse destroys the fabric of a people. We have got to rise from our sleep and cry for our children!  I encourage everyone who is visiting this site to share with a child each week - time, a kind word, a meal, a warm coat, a back pack, a book, something to let them know you see and hear them.   Let them know you honor their birth;  Let's call it "Honor A Child".  Let's do it!

Stella Davis-Jones - Children are our future.  They are God's gift.  We must love them as we love God and we must keep them out of harms way.

Anonymous  (Tupperware Consultant) -You are doing an awesome job.  Keep up the good work,  and May God continue to bless and keep you always.

Kenneth A. Wilson - I feel that a first time conviction for Child abuse should be treated like a three time Felony conviction, and the Abuser should receive the toughest penalty that jurisdiction allows! Personally I don't think Child abusers can be rehabilitated.

Micheal Brown  - This is a great site! I love what you're doing.  We just need more people to care and less people to hurt our children.  I live in Orlando, Florida and things here are really crazy with men as well as women harming are children.  I am the father of 5 children and I don't know how I would react if something happened to any of mine, so I pray for everyone who has been thru Child Abuse, and everyone who has had child hurt.

Kalima Abdul-Quddus (Lewis) - What I have more of distaste for is abuse on children,  because anyone who does this is a bully.   An innocent child is so helpless in most cases that it is a very uneven battle.  Cowards attack those whom they are clearly out measured with.  That is it in a nutshell; however I will say that generally an abuser him/herself had at one time been abused. In which case they may too need to seek help. There are many resources in all cases.  I became wiser as I learned how to forgive my abuser based on the above stated facts alone. He too was miserable as a child and a black man and I was his outlet.

Jiivanii RedMarks  ( Jamaica) - As I read your post to submit a voice on this topic, it brought back an incident at my gate of five minutes ago and a post I made on FaceBook on global warming five minutes prior to the gate scene.   A care drove up to my gate; a child got out and shuts the door. A mother/woman got out of the car and began to shout embarrassingly at the child for slamming the door.  (That for me is Child abuse).  I did not hear the slammed door; however, I heard the loud offensive voice of the woman.

  If a mother is repeatedly loud and offensive to her child, that child's inert sense of intelligent and loving behavioral practice will be obliterated in a short time, replaced by loudness,  vulgarity and abusive practices towards his / her family,  friends and the wider society.  It is incumbent on Mothers to make sure that time spent with their children is one of wholesomeness, no matter their personal situation. The child is not responsible for the place they occupy in the mothers life, they did not ask to be there.  Mothers should live up to their responsibilities without complaint. Do not have more children than you can financially, emotionally, and personally afford. It is a SIN to have children one cannot support.  For me it is worse than murder and it is worse than abortion - as that child goes to school hungry, goes to work at six years old, sold into prostitution, sold as slave, becomes criminal, lacks self esteem and grow up to think that his mind is not his own; enabling an unconscious spirit flying in the wind like leaf dropped from the last tree left on Earth, doomed to decay without regeneration.

This is a very touchy and emotional subject for me; it is not easy writing without crying, for me, for my neighbor, for the stranger in the street, for the world and its weaknesses.   Child abuse does not exist in a vacuum. It is a compounded issue of societal misdeeds ignorance and moral decay.   A fifty year old man having sex with a young boy or girl is seen as normal in some society. The neighbors know, the Politicians know, the Business Associates know, the Churches know. The Mother and Father know. Yet nothing is done.  I would say that the society sees it as normal and acceptable behavior.   When will it end?

E.V.  Fleurima - I'm so glad to see your site helping the innocent children.

  Psalm One Fifty  (Edited) - Thank you for your message.   May God richly bless you! 

Le' Torsha Ham -  Imagine being a young child. Picture this - someone is mistreating you, and you are completely unable to retaliate in any way. Imagine what would be running through your mind;  all of the fear, hatred, and anxiety that would be running through your mind, body and soul.  Can you imagine being that defenseless?  Would it eat you up inside?  The United States government defines child abuse specifically as "any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation to any individual who has not attained the age of 18 years, or an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm to any individual. Child abuse is wrong; there is no ifs ands or buts about it!  Anyone who disrespects children and makes them feel lower than their self-worth deserves to be confined to prison for life and should also be tortured everyday that they are confined.

De'Anna Weeks - I am glad that you guys are trying to do something about child abuse. Child abuse comes in all shapes and forms; like women that take food out of their children’s mouths to buy a guy an Xbox 360 when she just met him, or a father that doesn't pay child support, etc.  My mom used to whip me with a long black leather belt when I was naked in the tub.  My grandmother made me pick roses off of our rose bush that was outside our house.  Sometimes she would take the thorns off sometimes she wouldn't.  What they did was Child Abuse, but back then it wasn't that much of reporting it then.  I have hit my sons when they were little, but I only hit them on their legs and back. I was scared to hit them anywhere else because they were both asthmatics.  Children have to be disciplined, because without it, it can only be Chaos. (Its child abuse when  you don't discipline them,  and your child ends up whopping your butt.)  And it’s harder as a single parent too.

Christian  Michelle - I wrote a true story about an abused boy - that boy is me, something that I don't disclose unless I am speaking before concerned people.  I am still invisible. What is it that blinds man to the horrors of child abuse? What more can I do? What suffering must they, the innocent and abused little ones endure, and how many more must die or be scarred for life before we as a human race realize that something must be done about this blight that rips and destroys those who would be the cures to cancer, those who would make it possible to end wars for all time, and those who would bring about peace and security to a world of uncaring and hopeless people?  If only they had not died. What more can I do?

Melody Russ - Thank you Very much!

Regina Webster - There is just something so inhumane about hurting an innocent defenseless child. I strongly feel that no matter what issues the adult is dealing with it is never okay or no excuse can ever justify harming children. Our children must be protected at all costs. If that means doing away with old laws and creating new laws to ensure our children's safety then we as productive citizens must be about the work of takiing care of this business today not tomorrow!

Christine Olufolaju - I am so happy there is a voice for protecting the children from child abuse. Children do not ask to be born - so therefore,  if we bring them here we have to treat them nice,  because we are the custodians of these children, and they are the future of the world. Thank you again for your efforts in saving the children from child abuse. I will definitely pass this message along.

Verdell S. Carter - C.J., Foremost I want to give honor and glory first to God because of all the GREAT things He has done, and secondly, for all the GREAT things is doing through you for abused children.  I am so glad that I read first, and responded later with my thanks, comments and appreciation for all that you have done and continuing to do for abused children.  As an advocate myself to rid child abuse, not only in this but country but in other countries such as Uganda, child abuse has not only impacted children in the U.S. but has become an issue globally around the world.   Now GOD wants to take this issue of child abuse to another level and He is in this battle - the war against child abuse.  This battle is not just our's but the Lord's.   However, God uses the anointed.   He has chosen such as yourself to fight,  to be that voice for the voiceless,  and give power to those that are powerless to fight for themselves or afraid to speak because they live in fear of the pain and experience each and everyday by children who are abused.

Your website gives much insight - but most of all, it gives knowledge, and speaks truth - the real truth spoken by someone who has first hand knowledge;  The facts and truth presented about child abuse is written from the heart of a child - but not just any child ... an abused child.  Your message is made clear about child abuse because it comes from your heart, where the best messages come when a person has experienced the hurt and the pain themselves.  I can tell God has now turned that pain into your passion and your purpose. You have a passionate fight for those you know can't fight for themselves because they are too weak or too afraid. Not only is your fight passionate, it's personal. You are sending a personal message to others about child abuse because it is personal fight to stop the abuse of children.    I know God has chosen you to give others the answer to the question you asked of Him so many times over and over, over for far too many years.  You know that this pain doesn't stop when the physical pain stops.  

C.J., you so passionately provide answers to help others understand child abuse,  because child abuse is a serious matter that others should be aware of.  Abusive situations need to be disclosed and appropriately addressed to a higher level of authority.   Continue to let your light shine into a child's dark world of abuse where others can see the real harm, the real hurt and damage - not only from the physical pain, but from the emotional pain experienced by children that is lasting over a lifetime.  Spoken from the heart, I would like to say it was my pleasure to become aware of the great work you are doing in the kingdom of GOD for abused children.   May God continue to bless you to be the voice spoken for the children that are voiceless,  may He give you the strength to give power to powerless children who are being abused every day, but most of all may His little light continue to shine upon you so you can brighten the lives of children in abusive situations.

Anonymous - Each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made by God. It is a hurting and pathetic soul that takes advantage and overpowers a child for any reason.  I praise God that the individuals that I have met are survivors -- God is truly good. Remembering that we are all sinners, we must pray for both the abusers and the abused.  May God open the eyes of abusers to realize how pathetic and inhumane child abuse really is.  God help the children - give them a peace of mind, heart, spirit and a safe, realistic way of escape--even allowing the Holy Spirit to change the hearts of abusers. Until Jesus returns, there will always be sin in the world - but God please protect the children.

R. Smith - The more I learn about the maltreatment of children the less I want to know.   My heart goes out to a victim of child of abuse. I pray that God heals every wound of those who have been affected by child maltreatment in any form or fashion.

Anonymous - I have never been physically abused as a child, but to me this is still horrible. Even verbal abuse is still just as bad. I know we all have experienced this kind of abuse. With physical abuse you not only hurt the body, but the heart and soul of a child. Children are a gift, a blessing to us. No child no matter what race should be treated this way. I remember as a child I had several friends who were being abused and I told my mom, at the time my mom was working at the sheriffs department. I was so glad to help my friends and happy to see them out of their situation. I still do use the connections that my mom has to try to help anyone in need.

Anonymous - November 12, 2009 - I am a relative of Andrea Williams-Avery.  It's hard going on without someone you love, but with God there is hope.   Today as I entered school, I noticed a lot of students crying.   I then found out that 17 year old Brandon Young was shot last Saturday in the back, but the doctors said he would make it.  

 He was transferred from Huron Hospital to the Cleveland Clinic where surgery where be performed. He passed this morning and it's very hard to for a lot of people. His brother was also shot (in the leg)  - I believe it was August when a 1 year old was killed by his father.  One of my friends used to watch after the child,  and it's just a very difficult situation.  I hate that children and even adults are killing one another.  Nothing ever gets solved by violence;   only pain and tears will come.   

 Richard Smallwood  - I think Child Abuse is an atrocity. I was subjected to physical abuse as a child, by my stepfather, so I know first hand that side of it.  Honestly for a number of years,  I have been in therapy about it under a liscened professional therapist who is also a minister and a retired nurse.  It has ministered to me and helped me like I could never explain. There IS hope!

Jocelyn Daley - I am a 61 year old grandmother with one adult son. For me, child abuse is one of the most despicable acts that can be put on a harmless child. I am shocked at the anger we now see in this world - and it is a viscious circle, going from parent to child and on and on. We should not bring children into this world if we don't want to take care of them. We should all be aware of contraception - if you are going to do the deed protect yourself from the outcome. In addition to this, I think there is a strong link with the toxins that are in our food causing excitoxcins in the brain and leading to other problems. I support your cause and will send your website on to others. Thank you for caring.

Anonymous - As an exercise specialist and former teacher, I would like to clearly state that abuse against children is not solely in the physical or mental form(s), but is also environmentally induced. Children of teen-aged parents, parents with social and mental complexes have to live the way their parents lived. I have witnessed parents who exhibited "jealousy" toward their own children! Calling all teachers, coaches, and school administrators to the carpet! The time is here! We must fight both legislatively and even act as surrogates to save our children! 

Michael Pitts – Keep up the Great work.  God has plans for everybody.  Its people like you and your organization that help make the world a better place to live in.  In our space and time, with the Grace of God, we can all make a difference. 

Leona Walker - I have personally never been touched by child abuse in my family or the people that I deal with. But after seeing the movie Precious and hearing that Tyler Perry was abused as a child I have become greatly concerned. I've also learned that child social services do not always step in when abuse is reported. A co-worker of mine reported that she tried to report her neighbor for child abuse and was more or less told to mind her own business. While I feel that a parent should be able to to discipline their child there is a line that should not be crossed when it comes to a child's welfare. We need for the laws that are already in place to be enforced. Save our children!

Mary Purdie -  I love what you're doing on this site. I was not abused as a child nor were my children however, I pray for those who are or were. Keep sending out these type of messages and maybe someone will get it.

Carlton Burgess, Burgess School of the Arts, Tampa, FL.
 - One of the greatest tragedies or our world today is the abuse of children whether it be physical or mental. It is a proven fact that most abusers were also abused as children creating a generational cycle. I believe this cycle can be broken with spiritual and emotional attention. There is a need for all of us to self evaluate and honestly seek assistance for those things detrimental to the health of ourselves and those who are in our care.

Anonymous - Child abuse is a significant problem in our communities. We must keep our eyes open and do our apart to protect the most vulnerable in our society.