Michelle Pitts - When a child is looking for love and recieves abuse instead,  it changes that child in ways unimaginable.  The child suffers from this abuse forever.  The mentality of an abused child is somewhat warped because the abusers are usually the ones that are supposed to love you.   So what then is love?  A child deserves to be loved and nurtured - after all they didnt ask to be here.   If a parent is at their wits end with a child,  they should make a call (family,  friend) for help instead of ultimately taking their frustrations out on the child. Take time out before handling an issue with the child, give your mind time to rationalize things.

Stephanie L. Davis - I wish you the best of success in getting the word out to others of how our young people are the future.  We should all treasure, teach, and love the next generation of leaders.  Merry Christmas and I wish you Peace in the years to come!

Sistah Rfuaw Diarra (Houston, Texas) c/o Laini Kuumba Ngoma Troupe Inc. - The children are our future We must put forth special efforts to end child abuse, starting within the homes of all children. I want to get your banner and place it on all my web pages. This is a great site,  and I will be back to support your efforts.

Nelly (March) Griffioen - I'm from the Netherlands and was abused myself at the age of 11 years old - so I know how it feels,  how much emotional damage you get from this,  and how many years with therapy it can take to work this out, when it's possible; because the consequences are horrible.  You loose your innocense and your trust.  It's difficult for a child to talk about this. I was lucky to work this out after many years of therapy and struggle,  and can now talk and write about this.  It's disgusting that men and even women do such things.  They are disgusting.

Ron Dean - Mankind need not DESTROY Life on Earth.

Michelle Willis - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you are doing. The One Voice / One Sound website is a wealth of information. Some more than I wanted to know. The effects of child abuse go so far beyond the actual act(s). The damage done spreads into every aspect of the victim's life.  My now ex-husband is one of those victims.  It hurts me to think that to this day he still seeks the approval of the person who hurt him so much.  I pray for my ex-husband and I pray for you and the work that you do. I'm a firm believer in the idea that no good deed goes unnoticed.  We hear you.  We see your work.  Our hearts and eyes have been and will remain open.

Vanessa Davis - Abuse of children can NOT be tolerated.

Richetta Blackmon - I wish you the best; I hope that you find peace and rest in all that you do. A woman’s’ work speaks for itself.  Be blessed sister!!

Rashida Hobbs - I believe this is a great cause to not only help the children that are going through abuse, but also parents and others in the community that may not be aware of such an increase in abuse, and to others to bring awareness them about child abuse - or if they are abusing a child themselves and may not know.  As a school teacher,  I witness several children being abused verbally and physically. The mental damage and toll that abuse causes is huge.   My students / our students are unable to concentrate on their studies, their self-esteem is often low, and their academic progress is often at a struggle. Thank you for taking your time to create a website in efforts for their to be some type of change.

Theo Miller - Supporting our children should be our number one priority.

Kyna Gaboriault - I live In British Columbia, Canada. I stopped by to let everyone know that my thoughts and heart go out to those children that need them.  I am sorry and ashamed at our people for allowing such a dramatic things to happen to the children.

Sharon Geter  (Charlotte, NC) - I am APPALLED each & every time I hear of a situation where a child is intentionally hurt and /or adused in any way!  What kind of mind thinks its ok to sexually abuse & kill a 6 year old? (Oh My God!)   My heart hurts everytime a child is hurt.  They are so innocent of the evils that lie in wait at the hands of some adults.   I will swear protection of any child I see,  kin or not.   No one is going to hurt a child around me, ever.   As God is my witness I will do all that I can to help any child anywhere live a happier, healthier life.  Please, we have to protect the children from predators.

Anonymous - Hi Ms. Brooks! I sent you a short comment over a week ago.  At that time, I hadn't gotten a good chance to look over your website because I was on my way to a class. I just want to say, God Bless you sista. Your attitude alone is working on my spirit. You have already done so much for me with that alone. I am working my guestbook comments to you and I am going through the motions doing it! *Whew* It is a very serious issue and very difficult to talk about which makes it that much more important to address. You will read my comments soon, but in the meantime, I just want to say to you thank you for caring enough to share love and kindness with a stranger. It's nice to know there are still a few good people in the world!

 Jarreau Diamond - I feel that child abuse results from lack of nurturing and love from the offender.  It needs to stop, and the only way to stop it is to be proactive.  It's amazing how many children are abused because their provider is just so tired.  It is so sad to hear of a story that details instances of child abuse.  I was raped as a young girl, and I know how it feels to be helpless and scared.  I know how it feels to carry that weight around all of your life.  We can all pray that the Lords angels stay protected.

Charlene Richardson - I am always saddened upon hearing of child abuse.  I actually stopped watching the news because of all the terrible things I hear and see done to children.  I couldn't take it anymore. Children are a gift from Almighty God.  There are women who would love to have children that cannot, and ones who can have them just don't take care of them properly.  I feel that if a person feels that they are not capable of caring for a child, why don't they give them up for adoption or put them in foster care?

 We have to be more protective of the little ones.  They cannot care for themselves nor did they ask to be here.  I am not a child abuse survivor.  I had loving parents that spared not the rod on me but never hurt me to the point of abuse.  I have a little one right now and I pray and ask God everyday to help me to be the mother he created me to be to my little one.  As a single mom, it gets tough sometimes, but because of God's grace and mercy I make it through and don't take things out on her physically or emotionally.  I don't spare the rod either.  God Bless.

Anonymous - Children are God's small but oh so precious gifts. It hurts my heart to see babies and children of both genders never get a chance to enjoy life. To see these children sodomized, raped, beaten beyond all recognition, or sold for prositution tears my heart apart.     Thank you for taking the time to make a difference. If there is anything I can do to spread the word please let me know.   God's Blessings.

Fabiola Sully - I don't have kids of my own. But if I did, I will never hurt or abuse them. I hear so many stories about abuse that it breaks my heart. I say that the kids were not asked to be bought into this word, so why make their life a nightmare, or not even show them that they are loved. I know there is no book on how to raise kids, but abusing and hurting kids doesn't make you parent of the year.  

One case that saddens me was one in my area where the mom drowned three of her kids in the tub. The father was trying to get custody and social workers didn't intervene enough to keep the kids alive. I hear about different cases of child abuse really and it's a scary thought.

LaWanda M. Flake - I support this!

Juanita “Bizzy Bee” Britton  (c/o  BZB International.com) – I am perplexed at the amount of Child Abuse incidents that are taking place in 2009.    I am even shocked that people would hurt a child, damage their future, and ruin their life.  Even with the sophisticated systems in place that will alarm the people in our community of the people that we should not be around, it still goes on. We have got to do more to protect our children.

 Francine Turner, Esq. - What I went through at the tender age of four could have easily traumatized me, however it has made me a natural warrior to protect my children and ANY child who may be in harm's way. What's even worse than the adult pedophiles is the fact that many of the people that tried to make moves on my children were little people - children!!! These children were acting out what they saw or what was possibly was done to them. They were the children at summer camp and the children in the neighborhood.

One little boy told my son to let him fondle him and rub up against him for a Popsicle. Within seconds my Mama Radar had kicked in so I went outside and immediately demanded the child to admit what he was doing. He started shouting "I'm not gay, I'm not gay!" That tells me that a male had been touching him. We went to the house and I tried to talk with his mom about what had happened. She opened the door partially and then cut me off mid-sentence. She told her son to come inside and she immediately started spanking him and she slammed the door. I stood on the grass with my mouth open...realizing that this was a hopeless cause and feeling extremely helpless. We learned that the child's Father was incarcerated and later a Police Officer told me that they were watching that same house (it was a crack house).

Child abuse is as disgusting to me as maggots developing in a trash can. I am an advocate for children and I spend my free time coaching and mentoring children to be empowered and to be confident and to love themselves. I also tell them that they can always call me if they need help and to make sure no one touches them, says anything inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.  We all have to be straight warriors for our children. They are our precious jewels and no one has the right to steal their innocence because of their warped desires.

Sometimes a child just needs an outlet, to help them make it until they are old enough to leave the home (as many cases are not reported because a family member is the abuser). I am starting a foundation that will go a step further than a community center. It will also serve as an emergency shelter to provide 24 hour care for any child in need of food, clothing, shelter and most importantly - someone who cares who want hurt them.  We should all do what we can to help a child, if for no other reason than the fact that we used to be one

Katrina Spigner - Awesome! May God bless the work you are doing!

Deborah Hudson - Wow!  This is just beautiful!

Shannell Holmes - Much love and respect to you!

Anonymous  -  C.J., I love your energy and your drive.  You are a special person!

Bray Tarver - Keep doing great things!  I love your attitude!  Much respect!

Wendy Tinsman - I meet Mel at a meeting today and she shared this Website with me.  It has left me in awe and Speechless ... as a I shake my head.

Anonymous - My GOD, My GOD!!! T hat's all I can say.  If you keep up this work, hopefully it will make a difference sooner than later.

Leslie Cogan - To the "Cowards" that abuse:  You don't have to abuse them.  Instead of abusing them let them go,  and get help for yourself.  In our state,  you can take a child to the police station or a hospital and leave them with no questions asked.  And to the corageous C.J. Brooks: I bow down to you, giving you all honor and respect, as a African American Woman who has been abused. I just don't know how you where able to comprise such a heart felt website. Keep up the good work and your goal will surely be meet.

Allison Hill - Mrs. Brooks you are awesome,  and my prayers are lifted to the victims and their surviving families.  My co-worker - Ms. Monroe,  is among the survivers. I thank her for sharing this site with our class today.

Willis Glenn - I am an abuse survivor. I live just outside of Philadelphia. I realize how abuse can affect a person's life and how important it is to have others there to lead you away from that situation. I was blessed to have a mother who cared - she pulled my brother, sisters and I away from a situation that could have ended tragically. I also realize that their are some who were not as lucky as we were. C.J., thank you for reminding me that it's not about me and if you need anything, let me know.

Glenda Humphrey - Every time I watch the news and hear of incidents of child abuse I begin to cry.  Though I live my life not to judge others and usually have to ask God's forgiveness because I feel like abusers should have a death sentence.  I've never been able to have children and I cringe when I hear of women who have abused their own beautiful babies.  I scream inside! 

I was abused in a babysitting situation because my mother had to stay in the hospital for weeks at a time.  I have blocked out all of it except for my skin crawling when I hear the song, "the thrill is gone" by BB King.  It played constantly on the jukebox at the house my brother and I were forced to stay until my mother got out of the hospital.  My brother told my cousin and she didn't do anything.  The man who did it died a painful death from cancer.  A justice in the end for the life he lived I guess.  Thank you for this website.

Barbara J. Shields Williams - I am a Child Abuse survivor.  For years I could not speak to my mother.  I didn't understand the beatings, the cursing or the drinking.  It took until I was in my thirties before I realized I was hurting myself more by holding unforgiveness. So I told her how I felt and forgave her.

I live in Detroit with 5 children of my own.  I work with youth, mainly those who no-one else will have anything to do with.  Since my children were young my home has been a safe heaven for any child who needed a place to lay their head.  My husband and I prayed with them, talked to them, fed and clothed many of them.  Many left the streets which they felt was the only place they had and many are dead from the streets.

Children are so special, and innocent.   Most people give up to soon.  A child that has been hurt and abused will not trust easily.  They are going to test you.  We as adults have to stand up to the test.  We have to be able to take the cursing, the temper tantrums, and we have to give unconditional love.

I have a daughter who abused her daughter. I am taking care of my granddaughter at this time.  I thank God that I was able to see what happening before it was got to the point that we could not help.  My daughter praises God that she received treatment, and is know an excellent mother to her other two daughters.  Abuse of any kind to a child should never happen.  But, we as a people are going to have to step up for our young.  We need to go back to being a village and looking out for our children. 

Charlee Green (St. Louis, MO) - I am against child abuse of any kind from neglect to sexual. I am against the many adults who enable child abuse. This includes mothers who do not screen people who come in close contact with their children, mothers who turn a blind eye even though they KNOW their child/ran are  being molested. The judges and juries who find it impossible to believe that predators can be "upstanding members of the community" and let them walk free. School and social authorities that fail to take the proper actions after a child reports abuse or show obvious signs of it. People who want money from you in order promote your cause. And, especially, I am against the Press that fails to make this cause a priority whenever called upon to get the word out.
Keep your faith, C.J. Your cause is a good one and God will open all doors for you. I know how much it must hurt when you have to "fight" in order to keep fighting. But God will fight the battles. Don't waste your precious passion. Keep your eyes on the prize, my friend. You will win the war!

Evelyn Simpson (Glassboro, New Jersey) - The thought of someone hurting a precious, vulnerable child just breaks my heart.  Anyone that deliberately does harm to a child in any form or fashion should go straight to jail.  Abuse creates a lifetime battle and no one should be sentenced to that.  It makes me sick when I hear of people hiding secrets of molestation and other forms of abuse. They are only boosting on negative behavior that will lead to more abuse. 

 Every child has the right to feel safe and secure. Every child deserves to be loved and nurtured. It saddened me to see so many on this website that suffered or lost their lives as a result of abuse. This took me far beyond the experiences that I have witnessed throughout my career.

I will definitely do my part and pass this on. To sum it all up, your Website states it all.   I am totally in agreement with Martin Luther King:  "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."  Therefore, we can not allow one incident to slip by us because the abuser will abuse again!

Gloria Wallach - I had to take a time out so before signing this book, because this is so dear to my heart.  I can relate because I was abused as a child by a family member.  My life has taken a winding road.

Because of my own troubled childhood, it hurts my heart for the way some children are hurt.  I hurt when they hurt, and the troubling thing is when you inform some parents of the abuse you notice,  they are blind to it ( they know, but they just don't want it known by others).

 I don't allow my own children around my family for fear that they will be harmed as I was and won't tell.  Of course I could have told my mother - she was there and she would have killed if she knew, but the mind of predator is like the mind of a child.  They know how children think, and they know what scares us,  and what shuts us up,  and if we don't have people to care for us as children we end up looking for love in all the wrong places or turning to the streets or drugs.

So I say God Bless you,  and I wish you could save each and every child in this world we live in because like I was, most children are afraid to talk, and want to tell but can't or won't , for fear of what may happen to them or for the most shame.  May peace come over every child tonight, and may God place a comforting protection Covent over each and every one of them.

It is said it takes a village to rise to a child that village should be protecting them as well from the evil and hurt that lurks in the midst of darkness.  As a people we still have a long way to go with reporting abuse of our precious ones.  The days of mind your own business are no more.  Although, I've gone through a lot in my life, I'm blessed because I'm still here and I haven't had the courage to speak out before, but I guess now is as good a time as any to step up and help save a life.  Thanks for the inspiration, for giving me vocals to my whispering voice.  God Bless You.

Anonymous - Our children, blessings and true gifts from God, but somehow people resort to abusing them.  It's a sad reality that doesn't have to be.  Our children are our future and what we nurture, will certainly grow. Abuse whether it's mental, physical or emotional has a lasting effect on a child's life and is wrong!  Children should never have to experience abuse of any kind. Hopefully, along the way someone will take that child under their wings and show them the wonderful blessing and gifts they truly are and love them unconditionally.  Our world, our country, would be much better if we just displayed more love and concern towards one another. You have a big heart.  We can all learn a lesson from you.

Wendy Franklin Muhammad - The general disregard that we have for our youth and children, in general, is astounding.  From the neglect and abuse they shoulder to the sub-standard education, we are assigning them to the permanent underclass of the world.  Something must be done, on every level.  We ALL must stop and help. Wishing you success in your endeavors of good.

Antoinette Hamilton - I had to write you back just to say "W-O-W"!!!  I have just now read everything on your site and can now say again, "W-O-W".   As much as I would like to buy your book and purchase it, I do not know if I can handle it right now C.J. - just reading your poem that you wrote when you were 10 years old just “snatched” my heart out from me!

Anonymous - Wow, Child Abuse: This is a very deep and wide subject.  How do I feel about child abuse? Well for one it hurts my heart to know that a child is being harmed, and I can use a lot of words to describe how I feel.  If we are to stop this madness against our children, we have to get our men in there rightful place.

Anonymous - May God bless you & your career.   May you have a very blessed & prosperous New Year in the Lord.

SFC Keith Collins - I reside in Prince George, VA I just wanted to leave a few words on the prevention of child abuse!  I think that we should not even be having this discussion!  Who would want to harm a helpless child, who hasn't even had a chance to grow, play and do the things we all were provided as a child?

 If it’s in your nature to harm a child, then you should be prepared to accept whatever punishment due to you and whatever it may be!!!  I believe that those who are doing this cowardly act unfortunately were subject to the same abuse as a child as well and we have to break the cycle and be forever vigilant for all of our children!  This is a most important cause to advocate and I am most proud of this forum to get the word out to all that can read or hear!  Keep up the great work and continue this very important initiative!!  God bless!

 Solina Lee - Shakur and Shayla Sikyala are my baby cousins. I am so thankful for them being added to the site. This is a beautiful site and I think it is wonderful that it is doing so much to spread the word these abused and murdered children. Everyday on the news you hear of some crime but it is never real for you until it happens to someone you know. I am so thankful that they are being acknowledged because the one thing that will keep their memories alive is knowledge and truth.