Anonymous - I am praying for the multitudes to embrace this cause.

Robert Matthews - I feel for these children. My wife was a victim of child abuse from a family memeber, and she has nightmares.  We have to sleep with closet doors open, because that's where her abuser would hide until she fell asleep.

Stacy Matthews - To read this information hurts my heart.  I can't believe this stuff happens.  God Bless these helpless children.  My condolence to the the family of the Sikyala Children.

Carol Hall, R.N. - Blessings to you, C.J.!  I Just came by to visit the site after receiving an invitation a fax, here at the office.  Thank You so much!

Anonymous - I feel that child abuse is very wrong, and innocent Children should not be victims.  Therefore,  let us do all that we can by God's Grace to help the families and their vhildren to live a better life.  May God bless you,  C.J., - Stay encouraged protecting innocent lives that God has made.

Anonymous - Thank you so much for this. These children will never be forgotten. 

Hazel Foster – God Bless you!

 Patricia Fleetwood - I recognize you from the photo of a co-worker of mine who took a photo with you at your Booksigning.  This is an awesome vision, C.J..  I will be praying for you.   

 Yolanda Ballard - Blessings to you!

 Mark Baker - Stay encouraged.

 Minister W. Liddell - Your Website is outstanding, C.J!

Barbara  Lomgfellow - What awesome inspiring story you have!

Dr. Bryant R. Ali - May the blessings of the Lord continue to overflow your lives. I was truly blessed to read through this site. You are in our prayers.

 Stephanie Smith - I have truly been blessed and inspired here. May God continue to bless you and keep you is my prayer.

 Jeff Burle - I have been to this site many times and every time. I feel more blessed than the last to read it!

 Dr. Angela Williams - It was truly a blessing to receive the e-mail information about this website.   Thank you so much.  I have posted the link to it here on our Community Board in the Hospital.

 Marlene M. Sellars - I heard about your website through a sister in a chatroom  on the "Black Preaching Network"  that I go into often.  She was right - this site is fantastic.

Glen Evans – This is “real” Ministry!  C.J., if I ever knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was speaking through and using an individual, that individual is YOU.

 Virginia Williams - What a blessing to have met you at the Booksigning.  I was there with four of the women from the Center Ms. Brooks, and it was a lovely affair.  I remember the man - Wellington Wilder,  making the statement about having a check from your High School to buy books as well.  I am so sorry to hear and read that this was just a ploy to do evil towards this organization.  How sadistic! 

 Missionary M.  Edwards - May the Almighty and All Powerful God continue to bless you.

 Reverend Q. Mattison - I appreciate your inviting me to your website.

 Niela  J. Jarvis - I can't believe your ministry has grown like this in less than 5 years! It's doesn't take God long to do a "work" especially when He has vessels that are obedient.  

Elder Harrington - The link to your site was forwarded by a friend. I think it's an awesome thing what you all are doing.   May God richly bless you.   

Lydia Armella Hall - This is an awesome Site!

 Reverend L. Strowbridge - Keep up the great work.

Evangelist Dr. C.  McNamie - This site is absolutely beautiful.

Rev. Shirley Robinson - A Blessed Website.

Elder Lillian Benning - I am glad to hear about this web site.

Prophetess Bobbie Brown - Thank you Jesus,  for this site.

Elder Ethel Murray - Just reading about you C.J., blessed me.

Merlyn Gibson - I heard about your site from my daughter.  This site is a blessing. Continue to bless and be blessed.

Min. Margaret Floyd – I ran across this website at 4 a.m. one Monday morning, and shared it with several people.

V. "Pinky" Moore - To God be the glory.  Be blessed in all you do.

Julia Banks - I was blessed when I saw your website!

Gwen McLeod - I cannot remember if I signed this book before. Even if I did, it is worth it again!

Junta Allen - I came across this web-site awhile ago,  and briefly read it at first.  I am glad that I took the time to come back and finish it.  This is such a tribute to the children.  I love it.

Rev.  Katherine Voorhees - What an awesome site!

Rev.  Johntae Wells - You have a wonderful website, C.J., I'm proud of you!

Sis. Sonyette Gaskins - By me being on this website has helped me grow a little more then I was. I love you both.

Arlene Wayne – I just want to say that I love your website.   It's annointing.  You are an annointing.  Stay Blessed! I'm trying to grow up and like you.

LaWanda Hall – Wow! I just happen to come across your sight and was “Wowed!” "

Linda Gray - May God bless you both.  This is an awesome work that you all doing in the name of the Lord.

 Janine Anderson - Keep up the good work, C.J.!

Abby King - Your work is very inspiring.

Deborah Collingsworth - This is a great ministry.  Keeps the fire burning!

 Charlotte Stuart - This is an awesome site.

Eva Lord - I want to applaud this awesome Website!

 Evangelist Cheryl Carson - I am not sure how you obtained my email address, but glad you did!

 LeChanning Thompson - Great work here, C.J. 

Ruth  Eangeline Harry - I just saw the name of the organization,  and was drawn to it.  (Smile)

 Alice McClendon - This is an awesome web site.

 Oliver Lakota - Just to let you know that I think the website is great and I wish you all of the best for the future.

 Celestine Brown - I am glad to find you.
God bless you.

 Evangelist Traci Skinner - What a Mighty move of God!!!

 Glenna Thompson - My daughter heard about this website on the "Tom Joyner Morning Radio Show",  and showed it to me. We are all reading it.  Thank you for looking out for the children.  God Bless you, C.J.

 Kendirah Bennett - I think that what you are doing is wonderful and encourage you to continue, even with the evils that seem to be coming at you, my Sister.

 Joseph Washington, Sr. – I was just random surfing on the internet and noticed your link. This is really great!

Kevin Thompson, III - I've enjoyed visiting again!!

 Elder Olivia R. Smith - It is wonderful to see two sisters working together. 

George O. Hamilton - Any way I can support you,  please contact me.

Phillip Taylor - Thanks for being here for us!

 Minister Carolyn Blackwell - Great website!

Pastor Linda Harding - God bless you for the work you are doing.

Reginald Marshall - If there is anything that we can do, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Antoinette Balfour - I always love to see women working together.

 Prophetess Thomasina Dove - God bless you, my sisters!

Shari Anne Hampton - I was so blessed to come across your site and will pass it on.

Prophetess Olivia Neal – A Facebook member recently referred me to this site.  This is truly wonderful.

Addie Davis – I am really impressed!!

Angelina Walls - If I can accomplish half of what you have, then I know I will have fulfilled God's purpose for my life.  You are great.  I would love to meet you, C.J!

Deborah A. Jones - I was on the internet looking for a friend of mine in ministry whom I have lost contact with,  and your website came up. It seems very interesting.

 Rufus Jenkins - Wonderful and informative web site.

Mike Harris - May the Lord richly bless your Ministry, Ms. Brooks.

Janice Morrison - Very, very interesting website.

 Richard  El-Bey - Keep up the outstanding work, C.J.,  and thank you.

Ann Warren - Thank you for your words.

Tricia Hawkins - Thanks to my cousin Donna for turning me onto this site, I love positive messages. God Bless.

 Darleene Brown - A great and wonderful gift to the world. I really am glad that I have found this site. I will recommend it to several people.   

Kathy Roberts - This book, "I ... And When (A Disposable Child)"  and this site are truly a blessing and a gift. To the person that created it, May God Bless You Each and Every Day.

 Lisa Merrill - I came across this website, looking for something to lift my spirits.  Thank you so much for having this website to help people through difficult times in their lives.  I love the music. 

Anonymous - Your book, "I ... And When"  is an inspiration to me; it puts everything in a clear perspective. Gives me a better understanding on all of life's challenges. Thank you for sharing a glorious gift.

Daphne Smith - Thank you for this gift.  Today I was looking for some strength and came upon your site.  The words from your "Poem", "Options" have encouraged me greatly.

 Anonymous I would like to thank the author whose inspiration has motivated many by reading this website. God has answered my prayer through this website.

Sergio Gonzales - I cannot remember how I found your website but now no day passes without my visiting it.

Andrea Braithwaite (Trinidad) Thank you so much for this website that you've provided.  I'm currently trying to forget my past.  Your message here has truly blessed my heart.   

Michelle Davis (Camp Lejeune, North Carolina) - This website has really helped me. 

Christine Douglas - I came across your site while looking for something else on the internet.  I love your words, because they ring true in my heart. Coming across your site is answered prayer for me. Thank you. 

Valerie Gordon - I have never come across an author who puts things directly into concept. GOD has definitely done a good work in you. Your book will be held in my heart as a gift from one of Gods Angels. Thank you for changing my life within an hour’s time.   I look forward to the mental, spiritual, emotional, healing and change your book is going to offer.

 Anonymous - I am so happy to have found your website! It is all good and it all points to what I am in the midst of bringing into my life. Thank you so much!

 Cassie Lofton - I have read "I ... And When (A Disposable Child).  Thank you so much for sharing -  keep up the good work!

 Bea Cherrelle - Thank you for making this website so clear and easy to understand. Thank you.

Jacqueline Tompkins - The good LORD sent me to your website. You have put me on my journey.

Michael Hamilton - I haven't read your book yet. However I can honestly say that I will be my next purchase in the up and coming days. God bless you for your services, love and support.

 Ashley Ferrell - My family and I are going through hard times after the Abusive death of our little cousin,  and I've visited this website many times for wisdom and it has helped me very much. Thank you so much for this book.

Lori Franklin - Thank you very much for offering this book.  I realize that if we touched one life out there on the road, it was worth our efforts. It seems we were always in the right place to meet the people that needed to hear what we had to offer as far as recovery. Thank you for the book.  

Mildred Walker - I just discovered, or perhaps more accurately, I was led to your site yesterday. This site is literally a Godsend for me! I have been eagerly pouring over this site because it really speaks to me right where I am emotionally and spiritually!

Kimberly Anne Waters (North Carolina) - I sincerely thank you for allowing me to have this powerful book. May others share in the blessings of these powerful words! Thank you for being such a vessel for people like me! God's blessings to you!  THANK YOU!

Deborah Russell - I read your book, "I, and When ... (A Disposable Child).  It is a great comfort and beautifully put together. Very insightful,  and no matter what you read you always take something from it.  I found it to be empowering and thought provoking.