Kimberly Webster - On behalf of the survivors and the angels who've gone home, I send you my love, prayers and hope that this vessel will be used to reach millions and increase awareness of the hurt and harm our children are enduring and that the perpetrators of these unspeakable acts will be brought to justice.  Peace, love and many blessings to you!

 * Kayla Cole, 11 years old - Thank You for putting my cousins - Shayla & Shakur on your website.  Mommy (Melodie) told me about your site,  and it makes me scared to be a kid to see how mean people are to kids.

 DaShonera E. Griffin - I pray for your continued strength as you do the will of God!  Be Blessed!

Michael Anthony  (Gospel 316 on Ning) - Greetings Ms. Brooks.  You have a great website.

E. Holmes - C.J. Brooks has been blessed with many gifts and has attained laudable academic credentials as Writer,  Artist and Activist.   “C.J.,” as she is affectionately known throughout the District of Columbia,  is gracious and consistent in her ability to use and multiply the talents she has been given to inspire, and motivate.  Specifically, I have known C.J. in a variety of capacities.  In every instance, she has given exemplary leadership and has earned the unequivocal trust and admiration of the people around her.  

  * Reverend Brenda  Maria Girton-Mitchell - Please explain your request for written support.

Kelley Green ( Minneapolis, Minnesota) - I applaud your dilegence, advocacy and care for the victims of child abuse. While I am not personally a victim of child abuse, I have lived with and been close to such victims and the effects are devestating well into their adult years.   What I've seen in victims who have gone untreated or not been heard is that the abuse has touched every ascpect of their lives. Spiritually, mentally, relationally and physically. Gone untreated and unaccounted for, individuals who are abused can also have a "victim" mentality, vs becoming survivors. This is not a burden that should be bared by them alone. We all should and must not sit on the sidelines and stay silent. Thank you for the work and dedication you give to this important crisis.  Best Regards.
Jahsalute Orshoot Bellard  (Silver Spring) - Thanks for posting my cousins Shayla and Shakur.  This is a wonderful thing You are doing.  My sister Mel was right, that this is an awesome site.
Charmane Q. Lawson - Your site has me in tears.  I had to hug my kids for a minute.  Shayla and Shakur and Aunt Dawn  are missed. We are at Melo's house for Thanksgiving,  looking at you alls pictures. 
Chris "Bear" Lee - This site is very touching.  Thanks for mentioning my ' lil cousins Shayla & Shakur.  We love you.
Melodie Monroe, RE:  "OPTIONS" -  You where brave at  age 10, and you seem even braver now. We all are faced with options,  and more people should exercise their options before they even get pregnant!!!!  God bless.
Teresa James - Thank You Ms. Brooks,  for honoring these young children that can no longer speak for themselves. Child Abuse needs to be looked into a lot more.  How do we place children in foster care for them to be killed by the very people we placed them with to protect them? 
Mrs. Karema Sutton - I believe in the struggle for our young people, and I want to do any and everything I can to help our young people in this struggle.
Roland James - Do we no longer have a compassion for life? Our children are dying like there is nothing to it. They are supposed to bury us, not the parents burying their babies, before they even experience life. Thanks for sharing this site with me.
Rev. T. Lynwood (DeKalb, Georgia) - This is Right On Point!
Christine Kanyane - I learned a lot from your website!
 Khiri Phelps (Fort Worth, Texas) - "One Voice / One Sound" is a greatly informative site that has confirmed my thoughts about Child Abuse.  I am a Community Educator and I feel as though I have learned some new "stuff" that I can pass on to my clients, family, and community. Thank you!

Bishop Yvonne Franklin (Colwood, British Columbia) - You are a truly amazing woman and I just want to commend you for taking a stand the way that you have,  because it inspires the entire human race to pursue justice no matter how dire the circumstances or consequences may be.  I cannot imagine having to life the life you have lived so far.  As I read your story and continue to visit your website, I continue to learn more about this Epidemic.

Lejeania O. Napier - Just wanted to say thank you for being there for every child that does not have a voice.

Dorothy Woodard (Roanoke, Virgnia) - I would just like to take the opportunity to say "Thank You", C.J.. You really have a GREAT attitude. You are an inspiration to me.   You speak of things in this world that others would only walk around or turn and run in the opposite direction. I wish that other people would look at this Epidemic in a different light. Your poem “Options” was well beyond your years.  The world is a better place now that you were in it.

Sharon Long, R.N. - Peace and blessings. Showing much respect to an amazing sista. Thank you for fighting for our children.

 A'Lelia King - I would like this  website to be translated in French & other languages.

Mrs. Joan Koroma (Arlington, Virginia) - I am so grateful that you are out there doing what you do.

LaDelle Williamson - I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the info.  You have a wonderful site.

Margaret Mackie  (Orlando, Florida) - I appreciate you, Ms. Brooks.   This is because of what you are putting out there and the work that you do.  My thanks and the thanks of our future generations is owed to you.   You have my Strength, Support & Blessings!

Anonymous - Greetings.   I am one of those children who survived someone eles sickness. I thank you for answering the call of your assignment.  My prayer is for both sides of this fence!!!!!

M. Holloway - I'm in support of educating, detecting and preventing child abuse (physical/mental/sexual), especially in the African American community.  Some biological children, adopted children and foster children are in harm's way everyday from parents/guardians who can't cope, don't know how to cope, are also abusing drugs, feel they have no way out or being vindictive to a spouse (baby mama or baby daddy).  Beatings, burns, broken bones, starvation, neglect and sometimes even death. 

Belinda Ashpole (Warrenton, North Carolina) - I really think this is an eye opener to me. I'm very amazed at what I've read here today. My aunt was explaining this to me then I decided to look it up.  I’m appalled. I think more young people well old to should get on here and read the Information that posted. I plan on looking more into things of this nature because info like this needs to be more wide spread.

Mayfield Baffour (Washington, D.C.) - I just happened to be surfing the web, and I was so elated to stumble upon this site! Finally there is a place, a forum, a community where our brothers and sisters can visit and find a wealth of information about the Child Abuse Epidemic.   I have an 11 year old son and a 10 year old daughter, and I have had them both visit the site with me. They both love it and they have so many questions about all of the information on your site.

Thelma B. Anthony (Silver Spring, Maryland) - What I love most is that for every question they have, if I don’t know the answer myself, I can find it somewhere on this site, and that has made for some very meaningful and informative family discussions. I thank you, I honor you, I encourage you, and I implore you, please keep doing what you are doing, for by educating one another about Child Abuse, we ensure that we will stop the vicious cycle. Peace and Blessings!!!

Jaqueline Bandelle ( Wheaton, Maryland) - I wanted to thank you for your website.

Aurora Falby  (Rockville, Maryland) - I am grateful and proud to say I am proud of whom I am. I do not touch alcohol or drugs for I know those do not belong in my world. My children are my universe.

* David Pulliam, Jr.,  Age 11  (Augusta, Georgia) - This is an eye opener to me. I  am very amazed at what I've read here today.  My aunt was explaining this to me then I decided to look it up.  I’m appalled. I think more young people well old to should get on here and read the  information that posted. I plan on looking more into things of this nature because information like this needs to be more wide spread.

Thomas  L. Sugarman, Sr.  (Conyngham, PA) - I just finished your autobiography,  I ... And When (A Disposable Child)."   It was a wonderfully easy, informative and enjoyable read. You demonstrated a personal resolve that I don't know that I  would ever have, especially having faced many unpleasant things in your life.  Yet, I do appreciate the genuiness conveyed and depicted in your personal story.  Thank you for sharing!

Carolyn Hines - This info really blows my mind.

Merle Andrews - Big up and Respect! - I applaud all of your efforts.

 Claudette Richards - This is a very knowledgeable site. I've learned a few things. Thanks.

Mrs. L'ynthia A. Rush  (Montogomery Village, Maryland) -  I find that the material you are presenting is painfully truthful. I intend to inform people about this web site. Hoping change will be made in unification.