Like the rest of the world, for a number of months that began one month in 2008 and finally concluded during the week of July 2011, I was forced to endure the constant, never ending media updates on the life and times of a small, female Caucasian child that had been murdered and presumed missing during the year 2008 - a child that died at home, had her remains tossed into a "doubled" plastic bag to keep the odor in, with her mouth and nose taped shut with duct tape, had her body carried to its resting place in her mother's vehicle, and all of this tossed into the woods just a short distance from her home by the parents that created her.

They then lied to the Authorities about her being taken by a woman who didn’t even know her (Deforming "that" truly innocent woman’s' Character), and then lied about what happened to the child to the U.S. Justice System that was designed to protect her.

The final slap in the face was having the sole parent responsible for these actions against this child being acquitted in this case and even being given the "favor" of being released from the Prison through a "door away from the Media's Cameras".

While whatever happened to that child is neither here nor there where I come in, what really got to me is the Campaign that was launched in effect to create a "LAW" in the memory of that dead child – no doubt, like the laws created in memory of so many other Caucasian children that are already in effect that are being ignored when a those people take a notion to Abuse, Neglect, Molest, Rape and often Murder their defenseless children. 
The law being campaigned for insisted that a parent reports their child missing - whereas it is already the law to report when a child is missing or seriously injured. The world does not need to have another law re-created and named after a Caucasian Child just because her parents failed to follow rules created for all mankind, for reasons only known to them.

The AMBER Alert was created for a missing and murdered Caucasian child - like one has never been Missing and Murdered before. The law for this recently Murdered and Discarded Caucasian child would be nothing more than a “remix”, of the old Law and will be no more effective than the AMBER Alert for another parent who decides to hide the fact that their child dies at home for whatever reason, and chooses to stash the child’s' body elsewhere and then lie about it to all concerned ... unless that law provides for the parent to suffer the same fate as that child.

Furthermore, when a parent is responsible for the death, or is charged in any area of the case - be it the death of the child, or tampering with or with holding evidence about the death to the "Authorities", NOTHING should be done in that child’s' honor along the lines of naming a "Law" after it or anything else that would stand to effect the rest of the universe, when the parent did not care enough to honor the "living" child - Caucasian or otherwise, by simply taking care of and raising it - especially when they go to the trouble of "double-bagging" their dead child’s' body like groceries, blocking the possibility of her/him ever breathing again by duct-taping their face, and hiding the truth about what happened.

In my personal opinion, creating a "Law" in memory of a child whose parents were home at the time of the child' death and decided to hide that fact to the point of lying about it from moment one, would serve to do nothing but "reward" them for their actions. It is enough when the parents are never punished for the crime, are acquitted for the death of that child, and not punished substantially for what they did with the child’s' remains - but to turn around and re-mix some old protocol for the rest of the world to presumably follow, when they could not do it themselves, is a waste of a lot of things, including time and ink. If anything, we as African-Americans deserve to have in place, suitably named:


A  Law of Our Own


A Law that would keep those kinds of laws from being created, or at least stop them from being named after Caucasian or any other race of children who die at the hands of their parents or other relatives who "know" better.
For sure, enough memories of these stolen lives will be carried in the homes, on the mantles, in the photo books, in the wallets, on Face book Accounts, in Digital Frames, on T-Shirts, Banners Pins and surely in the minds of these culprits who commit these crimes (at least one would like to "think so", with so much of this going on.)   In short, why should we be forced to honor a child that her own parents didn't care enough to keep alive? 
Of course, this is my own opinion.